Which Sony camcorder is the best? Sony 4k camcorder review

which sony camcorder is bestCamcorders always offer a better video and audio quality. Especially, the HD camcorders provide more video options and give large internal storage. The built-in microphones of different models are far better than phones and digital camera. So for enjoying high-resolution videos and recordings, you should buy a good camcorder which will serve your purpose perfectly.

In this modern and creative world, for purchasing the best Sony camcorder you should have a clear knowledge of latest features and product specification of the various models of Sony camcorders. Even the professionals also take time and carefully select which model they will buy.

High resolution and optical zoom range, low lightconditions, best video quality, audio input are mainly the features you will be looking for when you are purchasing a camcorder.

But the list of preferences varies from person to person. While looking over a wide range of Sony camcorder, in order to help you with your decision we have reviewed different models of Sony camcorder in this article. So go through this article and select the best Sony camcorder for you.

Some of the Best Sony Camcorders/sony 4k camcorder review

1. Sony HDR-CX240/B Camcorder

Sony HDR-CX240/B Camcorder review

This model of Sony is easy to use. The sound and video quality are really excellent. If you choose the crappy option in the menu then the camera will take the picture only when you will smile. The wide angle capability of this camera is average. So if you want an amazing picture and video quality try it out.


Product Specification

1. 1920×1080 full HD and 60p with high quality 9.2MP

2. Gives 29.8 mm wide-angle Carl Zeiss Lens

3. It has dual video recording and full range focus area

4. It uses a micro SD card

5. Get more close with 27x optical zoom plus and 54x Clear Image digital zoom

6. Sony’s face detection operation can automatically distinguish between adult and children and can easily detect up to eight individual faces


2. Sony FDR-AX700 4K HDR Camcorder

Product Overview

This is one of the latest models of Sony. This shoots at ultra HD with a very high resolution. One of advantage of this camera is its small size and weight and it is easy to carry. One of its amazing features is the manual function of this camera which is excellent.


Product Specification

1. 4K resolution with (3840×2160) and full HD

2. It has filter diameter of 62 mm

3. The most outstanding feature is steady shot

4. It has CMOS optical sensor technology

5. Lens type is ZEISSVarioSonnar T*

6. Microphone is built-in Stereo microphone

7. High-speed 120 fps recording


3. FDR-AX53 4Kultra HD

Sony fdr ax 53 review

Another amazing model of Sony is FDR-AX53 ultra HD which has four times better video and picture quality than HD cameras. 4K time-lapse works great. During night or in complete darkness infrared light is used to capture images. Let’s check what more they can offer you.


Product Specification

1. It has 4K (3840×2160) with ultra HD

2. The optical zoom range is 20x and 40x clear zoom image zoom

3. Lens type is 26.8mm ZEISS Vario Sonnar T*

4. Microphone is built-in Zoom microphone

5. Sensor type is back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor

6. 16.6 megapixels for still images

7. High-speed 120 fps recording


4. FDR-AX40 4K ultra HD Camcorder review

sony FDR-AX40 4K ultra HD Camcorder

Product Overview

This amazing model has many friendly features like high-speed recording, optical steady shot, excellent video quality, full range focus and 4K time-lapse capture. Face detection, intelligent auto, smile shutter are also included in this camera. You can find more details in the product specification. check out this sony vs panasonic article


Product Specification

1. 4K (3840×2160) with ultra HD

2. Lens type is 26.8mm ZEISS Vario Sonnar T*

3. 16.6 megapixels for still images

4. The optical zoom range is 20x and 40x clear zoom image zoom

5. Internal flash memory is 64GB

6. Microphone is built-in Zoom microphone

7. Recording format for still images is JPEG


5. Sony HDR-PJ675 Camcorder review

sony HDR-PJ675 Camcorder review

Product Overview

This latest model has some amazing features. It makes images more clear and steady due to its intelligent active mode. One of its best features is its image stabilization works great. For more details you can read the below features.


Product Specification

1. It has resolution 1920×1080

2. Sensor type is back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor

3. Lens type of this model is wide angle G lens

4. Optical sensor resolution is 9.2 megapixels

5. An Advanced feature is 5.1 channel built-in zoom microphone

6. 30x optical zoom range but it can be extended up to 60x using clear image zoom

7. This model has face detector and smile shutter

8. Internal flash memory is 32GB


6. Sony FDR-AX1E 4K Camcorder reviewSony FDR-AX1E 4K Camcorder


You will get 4k recording and the resolution is four times more than HD. Picture and sound quality is better than other models. This camera has two external XLR terminals for a better sound quality. So capture every moment of your life with it.


Product Specification

1. It’s video resolution is 3840×2160

2. Sensor type is 1/2.3 type back-illuminated Exmor RCMOS sensor

3. Built-in stereo microphone and dual pro XLR jacks

4. Lens type is GTM lens

5. 20x optical zoom range

6. Other features are face detection, image stabilization, smile shutter and intelligent auto

7. It contains XQD memory card for storage


7. Sony HDR-PJ440 HD Camcorder review


Product Overview

Built-in projector, smile shutter, optical steady shot, multi camera control, live streaming, dual video recording, picture effect are the amazing features present in this camera. Let us see the below specification to know more about this model.


Product Specification

1. Full HD video with 1080p and 9.2 megapixels for still images

2. An Amazing feature of this model is built-in projector

3. Dual video recording and dual record mode

4. Lens type is ZEISS Vario Tessar

5. 30x optical zoom range and can be extended up to 60x

6. Internal media contain 8GB flash memory

7. Built-in zoom microphone

8. Other features include smile shutter, intelligent auto and face detection


8. Sony HDR-CX405 HD

Sony HDR-CX405

This model of Sony has a very good video and picture quality. It has built-in USB cable and dual memory card. Recording two movies at the same time is another considering feature of this camera. The size and weight is less compared to other camera bodies.


Product Specification

1. 1080p with full HD and 9.2 megapixels for still images

2. Sensor type is back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor

3. Lens type is ZEISS Vario Tessar

4. 30x optical zoom range and 60x for clear image zoom for closer vision

5. Another feature is Optical steady shot image stabilization

6. Built-in zoom microphone




Buying a camcorder can be confusing and complicated. So you should consider different features of various models and then make your final decision to buy a Sony camcorder that is suitable for you and will meet your demand.

So to make the right choice, compare the features of different models of Sony camcorder described in this article and have the best one for you. Capture every moment of your life.