Where to learn Artificial intelligence: Best Places to Learn to Ai

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Where to learn Artificial intelligenceArtificial intelligence is a fundamental part of computer & science that highlights the design of machines that perform and give a reaction like human beings. These intelligent machines are programmed in such a way that they think and act like a human. The perfect feature of artificial intelligence is its capacity to justify and take effort that they have the best opportunities of reaching a particular goal.

Now we will discuss why Artificial intelligence is very significant in our modern life and where to learn Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a subset of computer science that focuses to make the intelligent machine. It is developing day by day and has become an important part of the modern industry. The activities associated with computers and artificial intelligence are designed to

  • Speech identification.
  • Complex problem solving and planning.
  • Knowledge and perception
  • Capacity to modify and movement of objects.


Where to learn artificial intelligence

There are various ways where you can learn artificial intelligence. It is not so difficult a task. But it needs much patience and sincerity. At first, you must learn a computer programming language. There are many programming languages where you might begin with. But the best language is python because its properties are suitable for machine learning system.

Some good courses where you can learn python


Introduction to bot

The Bot is an important illustration of a weak artificial intelligence that can automatically do your tasks on behalf of you. The initial automating program was chatbot which was known as a bot. You require artificial intelligence and machine learning for a chatbot. Search engines use web crawlers. Google is an ideal example of an advance and ultramodern bot.

You need to learn some things before you begin your programming bot to learn artificial intelligence.

  • w3schools.com: This course can help you observe and learn HTML and help you to build bot.
  • regexr.com: This site can assist you to compute the information to feed bot by targeting or cleaning up the portion according to a logical problem.
  • Python-request.org: this course is very important because you will ultimately study with the system APIS.

Building up your initial bot

We need to begin learning to create a bot in python language in the given instructions in a simple way

Building up a bot with python language

You might even begin with APIS and its tools which offer the capacity to make user application. This can help you to build something without too many worries. You can apply some APIS for building up a python bot

There are some lists of bot problems to practice more and try to solve these problems before accepting your dare. You can try to solve problems in hacker earth online judge which can be very helpful for learning artificial intelligence.

If you have understood the whole programming and have sufficient practice, then you should learn machine learning algorithm. In this Python language, you should begin learning with SCIPY, NLTK, PYBRAIN and many other libraries that can be useful for implementing machine learning algorithm. You also need to learn advanced mathematics.

Building up projects

You can build projects on artificial intelligence for researching and studying. This artificial intelligence project helps to develop skill, research, and study.

There are many sites where you can find many topics on artificial intelligence project suggestions.

To learn artificial intelligence properly, you need to work on projects.

Numerical analyze

To learn artificial intelligence, you can also use open library software for computing numerical calculations. There is software known as Tensor flow used for computation. It is a good software which can calculate computation by using APIS.

Learning Java

You need to learn java for artificial intelligence. There are many applications of java in machine learning. There is an open learning artificial platform where there are many artificial tools to learn artificial intelligence. There is a platform called H2O to learn artificial intelligence.

Why Artificial intelligence is good

Artificial intelligence has many benefits in our modern life. It has many implementations in our life. Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science. By using intelligence, the machine has sense, it can learn and perform like a human. It can increase human abilities and prevent dangerous works. The revolution of artificial intelligence began in 1950. There is a good number of artificial intelligence activities that developing people’s lifestyles and brings a positive effect in our world.

There are some applications artificial intelligence.

Farming organization:

  • In farming technology, artificial intelligence is widely used especially in food production industries.The population is increasing day by day in our world. So, it is very challenging to the growing population.
  • In America, a new has been used which is known as farming management application to help farmers to use technology. This helps farmers monitoring fields and proper uses of soil to calculate their irregular growth.
  • By using field analyzer, the farmers can easily compare their profit.

Cancer Diagnosis

  • Artificial intelligence helps to accelerate the cancer diagnosis treatment systems. Cancer is a dangerous diagnosis and in America, about 1.6 million people were suffering from cancer in 2015.
  • By working with the health industry in 2020 Intel is aimed to make one-day treatment for cancer which means to go to the doctor, to get a diagnosis and receive a cancer treatment in 24 hours.
  • By using high technological computing process, artificial intelligence helps to compare molecular tests with a huge database system. If the tests are matched, then the experts can research for patient’s cancer treatment plan.

Job facilities

  • Artificial intelligence helps to increase the job facilities. It develops the job market.
  • Robotics is a part of artificial intelligence which reduces the costs and minimizes the time to production. Thus, it improves the unemployment problems.

Increases efficiency

  • Artificial intelligence is increasing our working efficiency in many working sectors. It is creating good possibilities for a new
  • Many things humans cannot do properly but the machine This helps to reduce the difficulties and produce better results.

Changing our lifestyle

  • Artificial intelligent help to change our lifestyles. It improves our working conditions.
  • For an example receiving and responding email and data entrance are done by artificial intelligent assistants.
  • There is another application like a smart house where everything is done by intelligent machines like- temperature control, security purpose, alarm system etc.


  • Artificial increases the automation systems. It is capable of doing tasks that needed human labor.
  • The main benefits of artificial intelligence are in a business that reduces the operational time and brings better output.

Advantages of multiple financial sector and industries

  • Artificial intelligence has benefits on social, personal and professional life.
  • It is used in face identification, digital investigation, and correctness in recognizing patterns.

How Artificial intelligence will change the future

Obviously, Artificial intelligence can change our future. Artificial intelligence has been developing day by day. This is useful because of the efficiency of the working principle. It is mainly used in Robotics and machine learning. There are many challenges and opportunities in a commercial organization for-

  • Artificial intelligence can improve the organization systems and increases creativity.
  • Artificial intelligence is constantly applied in food industries like manufacturing and production sectors. Artificial intelligence has major two applications: to minimize the operational costs and time and to produce a greater output.
  • Government organization uses for security purposes. They use the artificial intelligence they have various technological sectors that can be used to bring development to our modern life.
  • Artificial intelligence has brought development in health service. This modern technology is helping doctors for operation and surgeries. It helps in cancer treatment system and medical diagnosis systems. So, artificial intelligence improves the medical system and saving many people’s lives.
  • Artificial intelligence is used in commercial and business organization. If you look for an item online, you can find many suggestions according to your browsing history. These abilities to hold information, analyze data and apply the information for further use. This is done by an intelligent system which is an important part of artificial intelligence.
  • Artificial intelligence is widely applied in transport systems. Creating routes and controls the traffic properly, Artificial intelligence is used.
  • Artificial intelligence is applied in navigation systems which are controlled by an intelligence system. It also has application in traffic control, transportation etc.
  • In fraud detection, Artificial intelligence is widely used.


That was all about Artificial intelligence and its learning resources. Artificial intelligence has effective benefits compared to human brain which is beyond imagination. Hope this information can be helpful for your future learning and motivates you to learn more about Artificial intelligence.

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