When were camcorders invented? Details Here

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When were camcorders inventedCamcorders have become almost like a day-to-day video recording tool nowadays. But have you ever wondered about how the first camcorder looks like? And what was the entire journey of the evolution of camcorders?

In this post today, we are going to give you a hands-on discussion about when were camcorders invented, and how was the exact journey till 2020. Stay with us until you finish reading the whole post.

When Was Camcorder Invented

Commercial grade camcorders were first released by the brand Sony, and they were called Betacam system by then. The year in which it was invented is 1983.

The components of that camcorder was consisted of are- a single Camera Recorder unit, combined with a cable between the camera and the sound recorder. To record videos, Betacam used to use tape cassette in an incompatible recording format.

Back then, camcorders were only used to telecast news and live events.

Early Days of Camcorders

In the very early days of video recording, cameraman used to use an electrical tube to convert light into electrical impulses. Cameras were required to have constant attention even during the shoot.

Until the invention of Portapak, the concept of handheld video recording was not there. Professional cameraman used to shoot on 16mm film. In 1967, Sony brought up the first Portapak, which was the first portable video recording system so far.

In the early seventies, video editors started to work with time code, and the video editing quality started to improve a lot. After the release of Betacam and BetaMovie, things started to get better and better from 1983.

In 1984, Kodak announced a new camcorder model which used to use a full-size VHS cassette. The capacity was 3 hours, and that was quite revolutionary back then.

Full-size super VHS camcorders, where released in 1987. In competition with S-VHS from Kodak, Sony released their next hi-tech camcorder with the name of Hi8.

Evolution of Handheld Camcorder

So far, no Digital Technology was introduced in the video recording industry. The first camcorder that was lucky enough to adopt the technology was called Sony D1. It was able to record uncompressed data and took a large amount of bandwidth for that.

In 1992, a brand named Ampex launch the first digital video recording format with a data compression ability. The name was DCT. Right after that, in the year 1995, leading brands like Sony Panasonic, JVC, and some other video camera producers introduced DV(DV recorder). That was quite a revolutionary step for that time.

When technology stepped into the 21st century, camcorders started to use DVD media as recording memory. However, those cameras used to have DVD compatibility, but there was lack of format.

2000 was the year when we entered into the age of high definition videos. such kind of formats only was limited to professional camcorders. The first affordable and consumer level camcorder was called HDV. And that was invented jointly by Sony, Canon, JVC, and Sharp.

In 2003, Sony brought up XDCAM, which was the first tapeless video format sofa. Eventually, Panasonic followed the footprints of Sony, and introduce solid-state Memory Cards as the recording medium.

Starting from 2006, inexpensive, high definition, and tapeless video recording format started to get introduced in the market. Those Cameras were called AVCHD and Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Hitachi, and JVC where combinedly behind that.

Starting from there, it was the story of the 3D video, 4K Ultra HD video and smart camcorders like action cam and so on.

Bottom Line

It was certainly quite of a journey if you have a look behind and from where camcorders were invented to where we are right now. Technology is going to be better and smarter for sure.

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