What Mouse Does Stewie2k Use for Gaming? [Answered]

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The game series of Counter-Strike had been globally celebrated action shooting game since their early launches. Despite a few similarities with other shooting games like Assassins Creed or Call of Duty, this game had a few unique viewpoints.

And Stewie2k is one of the members of Team Liquid- the top-rated CS: Global Offensive team in the world. His real name is Jacky or Jake, and he is one of the biggest CS: Global Offensive players in North America.

In today’s post, we have picked up the topic of the gaming mouse that Stewie2k uses. For a game like CS, choosing the best quality mouse is a crucial fact. And if you’ve been following Stewie2k, you should definitely be interested in this concern.

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Who Is Stewie2k?


Stewie2k is the alias of famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Kacky Jake. He is just 21 years old, and he is from the USA. Comparing to his age and his experience of this globally famous shooting game, he has bagged some serious successes.

Currently, he is playing for Team Liquid, which is one of the leading teams in the game. He started with CS: GO back in 2014 and now, he is known as one of the best players in North America.

Before his massive success in this game, he joined Cloud9 back in 2016. But unfortunately, this decision of him was highly offended by critics and audience. But within 2 years, he became one of the major players in the game.

After having a Major title in the game, he decided to switch into SK gaming. This team was under the leadership of famous Brazilian gamer FalleN, and he replaced Taco in the game.

After a few months of his activity, he was signed by MIBR with a number of other players in the SK gaming team. However, after a few more months, he joined the team of Team Liquid, which was his North American origin.

Stewie2k Uses BenQ Zowie ZA13 Ambidextrous Gaming

BenQ Zowie ZA13

As you can already see in the title, Stewie2k uses BenQ Zowie ZA13 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse as his gaming gear. And we are going to break down the features of this mouse for the following few minutes. Keep reading.

The best thing about this gaming mouse is its high profile design and full of gamer-friendly specs. No matter you are left handed or right handed, this most will be a good fit for you. ZA series itself has a reputation for designing comfortable mouses. And he ZA13 is probably the best portfolio of this series.

It comes with a better design for the palm grip type users. And the ability to control it in a better way makes it even more perfect. There are different sizes available, in case you are looking for a customized version for your palm only.

For intense gameplay like the counter strike game series, you need to hold your fingertips right onto the whole mouse, and need to operate the control. Keeping that in mind ZA13 is designed with a cluttered out bulky design. The mouse is quite lightweight and low footprint as well. Therefore, you will have a 100% control over your gameplay.

The 3310 optical gaming sensor is the heart of this device. And it lets you play within 400 dpi, 800 dpi, 1600 dpi, and 3200 dpi. Based on your other hardware and gaming mood support, you can always choose the right settings anyway.

To eliminate double switch presses, there is consistent tactile feedback provided with this mouse. This will definitely boost up your gaming performance. And the sleek design will be just like a cherry on top of ice cream.

To install this mouse, you don’t have to go through any hard process. There is no driver installation required in this device. So, we can call in just a plug and play device.

The responsiveness of this mouse is another plus point. Dor some games like Counter-Strike, this comes to be one of the biggest factors to consider. As we have told you, the 3310 optical gaming sensor is a dedicated thing for that purpose. So, you can definitely grab some crucial advantage on the battlefield.

The mouse has a label of ‘for eSports players’ with it. So, the type of games that the company produces, can be best played with BenQ Zowie ZA13 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse in hands.

Comparing to all those specs and facilities, the price seems incredibly low. In fact, most of the gaming mouses cost more than that. Sometimes, the price comes to be a serious issue for people who want to game within a budget.


So, no matter you’re a professional gamer like Stewie2K or not, the BenQ Zowie ZA13 Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse will be a great pick for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Created with 3310 gaming sensor inside.
  • The dpi can be chosen from a range of 400-3200 dpi.
  • Quite responsive and accurate in gameplay.
  • High profile design with comfort both right and left-handed people.
  • A number of sizes to choose from.
  • Consistent tactile feedback to eliminate the essence of double pressing.
  • No drives required, completely plug and play.

Some Other Facts to Know About Stewie2k

  • The real name of Stewie2k is Jacky, but he is majorly called Jake.
  • He got the idea of his aias Stewie2k from one of the Family Guy characters.
  • He has a backstory of FACEIT London Major.
  • He has won 8 finals so far, mostly from his current team Team Liquid.
  • Despite his age, he is one of the biggest young CS sensations across North America.


Bottom line

Summary line? Stewie2k is always using the Zoqie ZA13 model from the inventory of BenQ. In case you are interested in being as good as Stewie2k is in the game of CS: Global Offensive, picking up this mouse can be a good choice.

Interested in what other gadgets and systems Stewie2k use to play? Soo, we’ll come up with more posts on this concern. Till then, good luck and goodbye!

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