What Mouse Does Daequan Use? Fortnite settings 2021

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What Mouse Does Daequan UseAre you a fan of Daequan fortnite content? Well, nobody would get surprised if you say that you are. This American fortnite gamer and YouTube artist knows just the way to grab anyone’s attention with his style and personality. The Daequan fortnite settings include several gears in which the mouse plays a very important role.

From a big fat bunch of gaming mouses, Daequan chooses his specific mouse which he thinks the best-suited one for himself.

We are here to let you have a nice brief on what mouse does Daequan use and also explore the other alternative options you can have

From this large amount of choices, it might have been a tricky job to find the perfect one for himself. However, things would be a whole lot easier to understand if you go through the entire content and study all the features and specifications of the product.

Daequan uses Logitech G600

Logitech G600

If you are curious to know what mouse does tsm daequan use then take a good look at the features and the specifications of Logitech G600 and hopefully you’ll get to know the reasons for him to choose this one over anything else.

The Logitech G600 which is an essential part of the daequan fortnite settings is an exquisite edition mouse with exciting and intriguing features. The large set of buttons adds a new dimension to the model as it offers customizable specific features to accompany the button set.

The compatibility is a big issue for a good quality gaming mouse. And this version gives you the maximum compatibility. The mouse is applicable with any sort of device and operating system.

The device is pretty easy to configure and it is quite user-friendly. The lighting colors along with the other customizations done quite easily with certain steps. The thumb panel is one of those steps.

As the mouse is used for gaming purpose mainly, the design and the shape is a very important aspect. The mouse is designed in such a way that it is very comfortable to use and it generates a minimum amount of friction so that you can enjoy the best gaming experience.

The other aspects like the correctness or the precision are also the major reasons behind choosing this version. The movements are so precise that the cursor movement doesn’t leave any loose ends. It is smooth and accurate.

The mouse is wired and thus it is considered to be a better and easier version to work with. The laser tracker is another attracting feature for this product. The high-quality gaming lasers are fast, convenient and durable. With proper usage, this G600 can turn out to be a very good option for any gamer.


Customized lighting and laser

The G600 version has a unique design that incorporates this exciting feature of customized lighting and laser. This feature will provide many advantages for you.

For example, let us assume that you are in such a place where you cannot afford to give much attention in looking at your keypad. In these situations, the lighting and laser help you to distinguish between the keys even without looking at them.

A large variety of buttons

There is a large number of buttons available for you in this mouse. You can easily use them according to your necessity as these are quite well organized.

Among these buttons, there are three main or primary buttons accompanied by 12 buttons which are for thumb related actions. On top of that, there is also a scroll and a switching button for you.

Convenient design and shape

The shape of the mouse is designed in such a way that it suits your hand perfectly. The buttons are also durable with a good finishing that keeps the balance and the grip.

User-friendly customization

You can also change the settings according to your choice and customize your mouse features by downloading specific software.

Thus you can access all the information and specifications by your computer.

  • Product Specification
  • Weight (total): 133 g
  • Cord weight: 15 g
  • Acceleration (maximum): 25G1
  • Speed (maximum): 4.06 MPs
  • Image resolution: up to 8200 dpi
  • Image processing speed: 11.25 mpps
  • Sleeping mode: Disabled
  • Friction coefficient (Dynamic): .09 micron
  • Friction coefficient (static): .14 micron

Similar Product

1. Redragon M901

The Redragon M901 is a fine edition gaming mouse with high-quality sensors and features. If you are looking for a good quality mouse with comfortable shape and design then this might be a good option for you.

The mouse offers you a great comfort with its ergonomic design which ensures smooth movements and precision. The model is also famous for its user-friendly personalization.

With its large set of buttons and high-quality motion detector, it is perfect for long duration gaming sessions. You will surely be amazed by its high-quality speed control and motion detection.

The mouse is a wired one and works with almost all sort of PC.  Analyzing what type of mouse does daequan use, this can be considered to be a fine alternative.

2. SteelSeries Sensei 310

Looking for a gaming mouse with attractive splitting trigger button feature? Well, the SteelSeries 310 may be just the right thing for you. According to what kind of mouse does daequan use, this model stands for a very good alternative option.

The mouse is fully compact with exciting features. Whether it’s about lighting or the design or even the weight, the SteelSeries 310 is unique and efficient at the same time.

The configuration is quite easy and the construction is designed in such a way that it delivers a maximum amount of comfort.

The most attractive feature of this series is the split triggering buttons which include almost fifty million switches for mechanical clicks.

3. UtechSmart Venus 16400

The UtechSmart 16400 is a balanced designed mouse with a durable design and high-quality features. You can enjoy the luxuries of high definition laser sensor with this version.

A lot of additional features are added in this unique edition. The balance between the weights is maintained carefully so that precision can be acquired. As the weight is well balanced, high performance is ensured.

The laser sensor is compatible with almost all the versions and all the operating systems. With easy steps, changes can be made and the configurations can be made.

The limited edition optimized set of buttons is the one of the main attraction of this mouse. The set includes 19 buttons with optimum lighting and durability.


Question: What is the approximate length of the cord?

Answer: The cord is approximately 2 meters or 6.5 feet long.

Question: How can the distance of the track be lifted or lowered in the mouse that Daequan uses?

Answer: The Daequan mouse settings can be adjusted by changing the settings by going to the application.

Question: Is the mouse compatible with both Windows 10 and Mac?

Answer: Yes, it is compatible with both of them.

Question: Can I play MMO games on my ps4 via this mouse?

Answer: Yes, it works on ps4 while playing MMO games.

Question: Is the size of the mouse too large and inconvenient to use?

Answer: No, the size is just fine for almost all sort of users.

Question: While playing games do the design interrupts the shooting?

Answer: Not really. As a shooter, the mouse can be considered to be an average one.

Question: Is the version that Daequan uses wireless?

Answer: No, the Daequan mouse of version G600 does not include the wireless feature. However, G602 has wireless feature.

Question: Does this mouse have any guarantee?

Answer: The G600 has a guarantee of three years.

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There are tons of options and verities in this field of electronic gadgets and it turns out to be a very tuff decision to choose the perfect one. The personality and style of Daequan create such an impression that you will want to know even more about him and his choices of gadgets.

The content basically implies on this certain aspect by which you will get to know daequan mouse and as a result, you will eventually build up a better concept about his fortnite gaming career.

However, there are still a large amount of options to choose from. Some of the alternate products that he might have used are also explained here later on.

You can always compare these products and get a better idea about them and also try to find the reason why he chose that.

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