What Microphone Does Markiplier Use? Gaming Setup

Mark Edward FischbachWhat Microphone Does Markiplier Use or known as Markiplier is a world famous YouTuber. He made thousands of vlogs on various topic and many inspirational. With one of the most popular channels on You Tube he earned a lot of name and fame. He has made 17 million subscribers making comedies, gaming commentaries and other exciting stuff.

You are wondering what the Markiplier gaming setup and camera situation were all about. So if you are YouTube Vlogger or makes videos or a great fan of Markiplier then you must be eagerly waiting to know every feature of the microphone that Markiplier uses for making his own videos.

We will give a review of three more products which is similar to Markiplier’s microphone. If you are really interested to know about Markiplier’s microphone then simply follow this article and you will get to know everything of Markiplier’s microphone.

So This is the Markipliers Microphone You are looking for

Product Name: Shure KSM44A

Product Overview:

Shure KSM44A

It’s natural that many of you are very much interested to know what headphone or what kind of computer or microphone does Markiplier use. Here we have explained about Markiplier’s microphone. The Shure KSM44A is a premium condenser microphone with different polar pattern option. For professional studio and stage performance, this microphone is considered as the best.

Different type of applications like Voice-solo, voice-over, background or broadcasting can be done easily and comfortably with high quality audio quality. Microphone placement and its environment greatly affect the sound quality. The three switches on the front of the microphone make the polar response pattern and with this the sensitivity of the microphone is changed depending on the sounds coming from a different angle. You can adjust the low-frequency sound with the help of a three position switch.

It offers great flexibility in different recording condition. This microphone is designed mainly for professionals and studio recording. It helps to decrease harmonic and intermodulation distortion. It features gold Mylar diaphragm for achieving great transient response and a preamplifier for its transparency. To protect the cartridge from misuse it is designed with durable zinc die cast housing.

Shure KSM44 comes with the best performance with a 48 Vdc supply and less than 11 Vdc its performance slightly decreases. Both sound and build quality are incredible and in case of inputting the audio to your computer you will need an audio interface.

As we are discussing what microphone does Markiplier use, so let’s take a closer look at the features and specifications and understand why Markiplier ended up choosing this fantastic model.


  1. Discover the best sound quality

There have been many reviews on the sound and audio quality of the Shure KSM44. It is been reported as one of the best microphones which gives crystal clear sound for recording. It contains a switchable 15 dB pad for controlling extreme high sound pressure levels.

  1. Designed for studio recording

This is mainly designed for professional and studio recording or stage performance. For playing different instruments you can adjust the microphone according to your wish with the help of three switches. With multi-pattern condenser, it comes with fantastic recording flexibility. For producing amazing accurate voice and instruments it offers with full range frequency.

  1. Strong durability

Shure KSM44 is externally biased and with premium electronic elements it is gold plated with internal and external connectors. To protect from accidental drop it is made with zinc die-cast housing.

  1. More expensive

The price of this product is slightly higher than other microphones. Though it’s expensive with its stunning feature it will be satisfied enough. It is easy to use and very much comfortable.

Product Specification

  • Prethos Advanced Preamplifier Technology
  • Switchable three positions low-frequency filter
  • Dual 1 inch, ultra-thin, externally biased and 24k gold layered
  • Highly consistent polar patterns
  • Item weighs is 6.61 pound
  • Below 17Hz it removes mechanical vibration by the subsonic filter
  • Maximum flexibility for a wide variety of recording application

We hope you know a lot about what kind of microphone does Markiplier use. As mentioned above this product may be over budget for you. So for you we have reviewed some more products which provide similar features like Shure KSM44.

Similar Product :

1. Audio-Technica AT2020

Audio-Technica AT2020

This is one of the best products which come with a stunning sound quality. Actually, it’s a versatile product because of the high sound pressure and level and amazing dynamic range. For home studio, it is most suitable microphone. The Cardioid polar pattern helps to reduce the noise of the environment. This product is very comfortable to use in low operating noise.
You will get amazed by the features and specifications provided by this Audio-Technica AT2020. Let’s talk about some more outstanding features. AT2020 is different from other mics due to its stringent quality and consistency. It is extremely solid and the cast metal is thick. A hard wire mesh protects the capsule. So it is very durable and weighs only 12.1 oz. One of its disadvantages is that it contains no switches for pads. Despite its low cost, this stunning microphone offers a very mature and high quality sounds both on vocal and instrument.

Alternative Product 1:

2. Sennheiser MD 421

Another outstanding product which is very versatile and it comes with clear sound production. In this modern world, it is known as one of the best known microphones. In different recording condition and broadcasting application,this microphone can easily cope up with its excellent sound quality.
The Sennheiser MD 421 microphone is designed to handle loud sound sources. With the help of five position bass roll-off switch it can capture high volume sound and different instruments. For rock, metal or rap it works really great. But sometimes it does not match a particular vocal style.
Many experts recommend this product as one of the best microphones and users get really impressed with this mic. You will feel comfortable using this product and we assure you that this product will not satisfy you. Are you excited about this product? So grab this product quickly and enjoy the services provided by this model.

Alternative Product 2:

3. Audix D6 Microphone

You can choose this product as it will provide you with too many outstanding features and for solid kick drum sound this microphone is perfect. Both for low and high frequency this product fares very well. Drum is one of the hardest instruments to record but this microphone can tackle the sound quality easily. Let’s take a closer look what more features they provide us.
The weight is light, comfortable and compact. It has the ability to handle sound pressure up to 144 dB.The D6 can be used asstage, studio and broadcasting applications. This is ideal for kick drum, bass cab and floor toms. It offers transient response with the help of very low mass diaphragm.
This stunning microphone d6 features some legendary VLM technology that has made the D series more incredible. So if you want a good microphone for you then this product must be in your preference list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is microphone polar patten?
Answer: There are three parts of a polar pattern. Part 1 is omnidirectional and part 2 is directional and part 3 is bidirectional.
Question:What is proximity effect in microphone?
Answer:When the microphone is located near the sound source the low frequency exaggeration sound in a directional microphone is called the proximity effect. It has a great influence on the frequency and it’s very effective.
Question:What is the phantom power of Shure KSM44A?
Answer: The phantom power is of 48 Vdc +/- 4 Vdc.
Question:Which factor should be considered most while purchasing a microphone?
Answer: To get the sound that you want is your main goal and to achieve that sensitivity is the main feature that you must consider. Sensitivity is the total output for a certain input.
Question: What is the frequency response of Shure KSM44A?
Answer:Frequency response of Shure KSM44A is 20-20,000Hz which is really amazing.

As you are a great fan of Markiplier or you a vlogger then it is obvious that you will want to know the instruments and accessories used by him. In this article, we have talked about Shure KSM44A which is being used by Markiplier.
Now we hope that you got the answer of what microphone does Markilier use. We can assure you that you will get any information regarding microphones which gives the best high-quality sound and you will remain satisfied after using this product.