What Microphone Does Drake Use in 2021? [Drake’s Mic]

What Microphone Does Drake UseDrake is one of America’s most popular rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor. Over his massive success, he owns several billboard records for more than 1 countries.

One of the brightest recognition’s of Drake is, he is the world’s highest certified digital single artists. For many of his collaboration with popular artists and his own records as well, Drake is one of the most influential artists in the industry.

The massive fanbase of Drake has always some sort of curiosity on what kind of gadgets and gears does he use. And we have taken up the role the secret breaker today.

Go through the whole post, where we had been talked about the microphone does Drake use. Keep reading-

Who Is Drake?

Drake is the middle name of Aubrey Drake Graham, the famous Canadian musician. He started to be recognized as an actor from the teen drama series Degrassi: The next generation back in the early 2000s. From there to 2019, it had been quite a noteworthy career for the musical.

The debut solo album of Drake had a name of Thank Me Later, and the debuted album got into the Billboard 2000 chart. And eventually, the song got its place of #1 on the same billboard.

Eventually, the fourth album of the musical broke several charts. The name of the album is Views and the album stood at the billboard 200 for 13 weeks. That was quite a record that nobody could break in 10 years. The song named One Dance topped several country’s top charts and that’s for quite some weeks.

Over the massive success of the Canadian musician, Drake had founded his own music label called the OVO sound. In this partnership, he collaborated with his longtime sponsor 40.


Apart from his musical career, Drake has also some identities as a songwriter, actor, entrepreneur, producer and so on. Currently, the singer is of 32, and he is still on his way to achieving massive success as music producer and collaborator.

The Mic Drake Uses Neumann TLM 103

If you are up to music recording instruments, Neumann should be recognized as one of the biggest names in the game. And as Draje already tells us, the Neumann TLM 103 stands to be one of the biggest flagships of the brand. And that’s no accident at all.

The first thing that you should know about this microphone is, it’s of a high-end type of model, and the price goes quite high for that. So, if you are seeking for something within a tight budget, this headphone might not bring a smile on your face.


But in case you are a professional musician and want to own something that Drake owns by himself, keep reading.

The diaphragm of this mic is 26mm in dimension, which means that it is able to catch even the finest kind of sound you would make. But make sure that the acoustic condition of the surroundings is quite fine to proceed. Otherwise, the microphone will end up capturing unexpected sounds.


The clarity and dynamics of the sound that Neumann TLM 103 produces are excellent! It has the ability to deduce unexpected noises, which we will be talking about later. But for now, remember that if you try to compare it with a 100 dollar microphone, you can see the real differences.


A good thing about the Neumann TLM 103 mic is, it can capture even the slightest of inflections that low priced models can hardly do. On that note, you should be aware of any speed defects, which can be also vulnerable for you.

The frequency response capacity of this model is quite high. All you need to do is make sure that’s okay with the types of music you do. This microphone has a complaint to produce a slight accentuation while it’s about the high-end pitches. But this fact is not that much crucial for many of the users. Apart from the high end, the other sound ranges are quite fine to be covered by this model.


A great selling point of this model is the large diaphragm, which is of Cardioid type. And that had been quite a unique identity for this model. Because of having a large diaphragm, not an even a tiny bit of sound is missed by this model.

Talking about capturing the low-level noise, there comes a low noise range of 7 dB-A. If you can maintain the required supply voltage, the overall performance of this model will be so good to go.


The mounting this model won’t be hard work at all. Because this model comes with a shock mounting system along with it. So installing this mic won’t be a hard task at all.

Comparing to all the specs and features, we found the Neumann TLM 103 a pretty fine model for professional music. In case you’re interested, you can join Drake too!


Highlighted Features

  • Quite a large diaphragm for maximum coverage.
  • Comes with a swiveling mount for easy adjustment.
  • A shockmount is sold properly, which ensures professional grade recording.
  • Comes in a gorgeous Satin Nickel and matte black color.
  • Contains a wooden jeweler’s box in the package.
  • A standard microphone for studio and home recording.


Bottom line

So, guys, this was the discussion about the microphone that Drake uses, and it’s broken down analysis. Although the price might lead you into some hesitation, when you see drake using this microphone for his professional recordings, it’s completely worth it.


Hopefully, you’ve liked the discussion.