What Microphone Does Captainsparklez Use? [Updated]

What Microphone Does Captainsparklez UseCaptainsparklez had been a muck talked-about Youtube influencer. He is not interested in games only, but also in supercars and music. By owning 5 active YouTube channels over Youtube, he had been managed to earn 10 million subscribers by now.


In today’s post, we’ll intrude into Captainsparklez’s gear list, and check out what microphone does he uses, how about its features and specs. On top of that, we’ll end up with a few bonus points to know about this interesting personality-

Who Is Captainsparklez?

Captainsparklez, namely Jordan Maron is an American Youtube influencer, and he owns one of the biggest channels in youtube. So far, his channel(Captainsparklez) comes to be the 319th most subscribed channel on youtube. And he has over ten million subscribers by now.

Jordan was dropped out from the University of California after switching his majors several times. And in 2011, he fully turned into YouTube and started making videos.

Jordan is particularly known for a number of reasons, and car enthusiasm is one of them. Being a notable car enthusiast, he owns a number of sports cars and luxury cars. After a few years of such incidents, he was chosen by Ford motor company as one of the few persons who get to purchase a Ford GT car in 2017.

Jordan started his mobile gaming company named XREAL, with a number of co-founders, and the company earned notable popularity through its 2015 release Fortress Fury. And they are on their way to make more of such games.

His net worth from his Youtube channel is $5 million. On top of that, he owns a house in the Hollywood Hills which has a price of $4.5 million. And the other significant thing he owns is the Ford GT Supercar. The car has a net worth of $149995.

For the songs, discography and video streamings, Jordan(Captainsparklez) uses Audio-Technica AT2020. Let’s have a look at the detailed specs of this headphone below-

Captainsparklez using:  Audio-Technica AT2020

The first choice of microphone is Audio-Technica AT2020, as long as the gear list of Captainsparklez is concerned. We have seen many of the online game streamers over youtube and twitch.tv to stick to this microphone. And we will reveal why-

When it comes to studio-grade microphones, it’s hard to meet both of the ends of price and quality. But Audio-Technica AT2020 seems to turn the impossible into the realm. For either home projects or professional recordings, this will be a perfect gear.


One of the great selling points of this microphone is its sound source isolation. Due to the cardioid polar pattern design, it can reduce sounds from sides and rear. So, all you will get into it is your own voice or the instrumental sound.

To install the device is quite easy. There is a threaded stand mount that will let you place anywhere you want it to place. And due to the presence of a pivoting mouse, moving its direction towards the subject would be so easy.

They call it the unmatched versatility when it comes to the question of the compatibility of this microphone. It can be equipped with any operating system, music system and so on.

Lastly, it’s the frequency response that we would like to highlight on. Due to the custom engineered low mass diaphragm, this model is quite able to catch up any sound from high to low pitch. In the case of studio recordings, this quite impactful of a feature.

Highlighted Features

  • The model features a studio condenser microphone technology.
  • A great fit for both home and studio uses for games, music, and streaming.
  • Wide dynamic range for optimal performance.
  • The high SPL handling deduces the entrance of low pitch and high end sounds.
  • Low mass diaphragm which is custom engineered specially.
  • The transient response is quite impressive.
  • Less pickup of sound from the rear side and the sides.
  • Cardioid polar design to ensure less directional sound input.
  • 3 pin integral output connector provided.
  • XLRM type fast and strong connector type.
  • Comes with a black speckle on the mic, giving it an awesome finish color.
  • Quite budget friendly compared to other gaming microphones.

Some Other Facts to Know About Captainsparklez

  • Captainsparklez is majorly known for his prank videos, Minecraft parodies, and supercar videos.
  • He initially started graduating in Chemical Engineering, and later moved on into Computer Science Engineering.
  • His first channel was based on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The channel had an interesting name of ProsDontTalkShit.
  • Later on, he thought to rename his channel to something more family-friendly. And that’s when he came up with the new name- Captainsparklez.
  • Nowadays, most of his uploads are related to supercars. He owns 7 channels and 2 of them are almost dead by now.
  • The YouTuber has a passion for creating music as well. He has songs like ‘Moonbeam’, ‘Midnight Drive’, ‘Turn It Up Feat’ etc.
  • His enrollment with Ford Motors had taken his net worth and popularity into newer dimensions.

Bottom line

If you’re a follower or subscriber of any of Captainsparklez’s works, this post should have been quite informative for you. Hopefully, you’ve loved learning about the microphone Captainsparklez uses, the kind of activities he is up to, and a few more interesting facts about his professional and personal life.


See you with the next breakdown of influencer’s gear list!