What kind of headphones do drummers use?

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what kind of headphones drummers useIf you are a drummer, you have to face challenges with a comparison of other members of a band. Because you are the person who is solely liable for tempo and you are expected to keep the flow with your band. And this will happen when you use perfect headphone for your drumming.

Basically drummers use some amazing headphones which are to some extent different from the ordinary headphones used by mass people.

Considering these things, we have recommended some types of headphones the drummer should use. Let’s have a look!

What features in headphones for drummers should have


It is a very common question that what size is perfect for drummers. The answer is simple and it is in-ears. It is useful as it gives a high level of noise weakening rather than the full-size model. But there are some full sizes headphones which are suitable for a drummer if you are uncomfortable with in-ears you can use full size for listeningto music not drumming.Full-size headphones have bad clamping force on the head which is very uncomfortable. On the other hand, in-ears headphones offer better sound quality and comfort than other models.

Sound preference

A headphone should have a balanced sound. People think that more bass sound means high sound quality. But this is not true. However, you should find a headphone with the specific sound signature. For instance, Shure in-ears have comfortable sound than Etymotic research.

Audio amplifier and source

If you plug your headphone in any device, it will add an inbuilt audio amplifier. This component is very important for any headphone. Before buying any headphone, you should consider the audio components from where you are hearing must be up to scratch. Usually, in-ear headphone offers very low impedance. However, you shouldn’t worry at all because your laptop or iPod will balance with all types of in-ear headphone that we will recommend for you.

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Here are some recommendations of headphones for drummers:

For the price<$100:

In-ears headphone: Shure SE102 is a better sound quality headphone that offers better isolation.

Etymotic MC5 is a balanced headphone which offers better sound attenuation.

For the price$100-200:

In-ear headphone: Etymotic HF5 is one of the best headphones for drumming with good sound quality. Shure SE215 is also a good headphone with good sound attenuation.

Full-size headphone:Shure SRH440 or 880 both models are good for drumming. SRH440 has a balanced sound than Shure880.

For the price $200-300:

In-ears headphone: For this price range Shure SE315 or 425 s better with drumming with better sound quality.

Full-size headphone:For full-size headphone Sennheiser HD 25 model offers a

good design that sits perfectly on the ear and not completely covers the ear.

For the price >$300:

In-ears headphone: Etymotic ER-4P has a good isolation and good sound quality. Shure SE535 offers a good configuration and higher level of sound attenuation.

Full-size headphone: Beyerdynamic DT250 has a decent level of isolation and it is neutral and good for drumming.

Why do drummers wear headphones?

Musical instruments are very loud and they create problems with the microphones, and it causes a hazardous problem for a drummer. The headphones are the perfect solution to this problem because they have protection such as:

  • The headphones give protection listening from their own musical instrument and other instruments of the stage. Maximum professional earphones are perfectly fit to a drummer as it provides noise isolation from outward noise.
  • It helps a drummer to listen clearly and comfortably according to their need. Continuous loud sound can have a harmful effect on a drummer if he doesn’t use proper headphone.
  • Headphones help a drummer to listen and understand own music according to their own performance. It also helps to go with the flow of music.
  • Moreover, headphones have another feature for a drummer controlling tempo and they also provide great protection to the ear.
  • Many drummers use headphones for general monitoring and many other purposes.
  • Drums are very much noisy. Without effective protection, a drummer might lose his hearing capacity or causes a big disease. So, it is essential to wear headphone ear protection and preventing severe ear diseases.
  • The headphone plays an amazing tune that helps the drummer keep flow with the rhythm.

Things to consider buying headphones for a drummer

Drums are quite loud naturally without an amplifier. Obviously, drummers are continuously exposed to a higher sound level which might cause hearing problems, many hearing disorder, and severe hearing loss. So, it is extremely recommended to wear headphone which is perfectly designed for a drummer to prevent these hearing problems.

Drummers should consider these following things properly to buy headphones:

Sound quality

According to the ear configuration, the sound must be clear, stimulating and energizing. Drummers must have the ability to hear all types of sounds of instruments as well as vocals. So, a drummer must select the best headphones. So, perfect drumming depends upon the best quality of the headphone because:

  • The quality of the sound is affected by thelength of the core. Remember higher quality headphones should have the perfect amount of bass.
  • A good headphone provides undistorted and optimum bass required for the drummer. Some of the headphones even have features to control base which is the prerequisite of a drummer.
  • A drummer must choose quality headphone which provides the optimum beat.
  • It is to be mentioned that a good headphone does not get intertwined.
  • So, a drummer must consider the things buying headphones that pass the great quality test.


Noise depends on many factors like the number of audiences, kinds of venue and reason for playing.

  • Ear headphones provide good noise isolation and improve sound quality compared to other earphones because the headphone fits better into the ear.
  • Removal of active noise does not perform well in favor of the drummers because they minimize constant noise.
  • A drummer requires an instrument to remove all the unimportant noise. In this case, headphones are the best choicea drummer has got to remove all the unnecessary noise.
  • Though headphones slightly decrease the unexpected noise of drums, it providesa cushion for safeguard.


  • If a headphone doesn’t fit well in your ear, certainly it will hurt your ear even if you wear this for a few hours.
  • So, a good configuration of headphone is much beneficial because it has padding system and it can perfectly fit for any user.
  • It has no mess of wires. To stop sound leakage and for better sound quality for better drumming, headphone must be comfortable and precise.
  • On the other hand, most of the headphones have headbands but it is painful.


Longevity is an important factor for purchasing headphone.

  • It Provides great services to the user and user don’t need to purchase headphone frequently.
  • Whether it is a big or small, durability matters. That is because of mainly two purposes- they are: it doesn’t need to buy frequently headphones because of strong durability.
  • Everybody hates to purchase headphone continuously and it is very annoying.
  • So, a drummer should spend the time effectively in practicing the music rather than frequent purchasing.
  • Secondly, a product’s cost highly dependent on products durability. Suppose, you purchase a pair of earphones, but if its durability is long, you will experience less cost.


In conclusion, we can vividly say that a proper headphone is a must for all types of professional drummers. We hope these awesome features of headphones for a perfect drumming would be great for a drummer to rock with the music. Good luck!

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