What is Camera Dynamic Range? Experts Opinion

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Almost every photographer has to experiment with subjects on a bright and sunny day. But when you do so, there is a good chance of missing out details behind shadows or highlights.What is Camera Dynamic Range

And such kind of problems don’t take place due to improper exposure or so. In most of the cases, the real reason is lack of dynamic range in your camera.

Now, the question is- what is a dynamic range and when to use that?

Well, this is the topic of our today’s discussion and we’ll be taking you through every detail of it.

What Is The Dynamic Range of A Camera

A dynamic range of a camera is the measurement of the range of light intensities lying from the highlights to the shadows.

When you are working under low light, the dynamic range is quite narrow, as the difference between the darkest and lightest color is not much.

When you’re working on bright and sunny daylight, this range is high enough and sometimes falls out of the range of the camera.

What Uses It Is for?

The dynamic range of a camera is of two uses for any kind of landscape photography. Here they are-

  1. Firstly, it helps to relate to the scene that you are capturing.
  2. Secondly, it helps with the attributes of the camera’s image sensor.

How Can You Understand The Camera Dynamic Range

The next question is, how can you know that the camera dynamic range is not able to capture the entire subject?

Well, you can have a look at the camera’s histogram on the screen and check whether the highlights are out of your camera’s range or not.

How to Deal with Dynamic Range Problem with Your Camera

If you’ve not been able to capture super highlights or super dark lights altogether, you might have issues with the dynamic range of your camera.

But worry not, there had been technologies to work that out.

In recent years, digital cameras had improved a lot so that the sensors have improved to capture both bright and dark parts of a subject. We mean, these are not only able to capture the brightest “or” darkest portion of the scene, but also both of the brightest and darkest portion of it.

So, cameras nowadays are not only improved in sense of lighting conditions but also the capacity of the sensor.

Some Good Camera Models with High Dynamic Range

In 2019, you can find many models in the market with a good camera dynamic range. As an example, there are Nikon D810, Canon 5D Mark IV etc.

Some of these models are so advanced in action that with an image taken through one of these cameras, you can process it to reveal even the darkest of the lights.

Let’s take an example for instance.

When you’re out to shot a sunrise, your camera is exposed to highlights in order to get a clean and clear picture of the rich colors. With an ordinary camera, the ground will be left completely dark in this case.

But take a camera like Nikon 750 into consideration. It can capture way more data than any ordinary camera and the result will be magnificent.

The dynamic range of such lenses are so high that it can capture both bright colors from the sky and dark colors from the ground.

Result? A huge amount of detailing and information in one single picture.

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