What Headset Does Myth Use? Myth Fortnite Settings 2021

Ali KabbanWhat Headset Does Myth Use or Also known as TSM_Myth is a very skilled gamer. He is a famous YouTuber and a fast-growing player.

If you know about him well then you would be aware of the fact that he is a skilled Fortnite Battle Royale player and the captain of Team Solo Mid (TSM).

So, if you are a fan of Fortnite or Myth then it is natural that you would follow his game settings and every single thing he uses for playing the game. One of the most common questions that is heard by everyone is what headset does Myth use. Maybe the same question is in your mind too.

In this article, we will mainly talk about the headset or headphone used by famous Fortnite player Myth. The headset which is being used by Myth is Logitech G433 DTS 7.1. If you are excited to know every feature of that headset, follow this article and we hope you will get all the answers to your questions.

Myth uses Logitech G5433 Wireless Gaming Headset – DTS 7.1

For playing Fortnite you need a great pair of gaming headset. While purchasing a headset the most important feature that you will consider is the audio quality. Logitech G433 delivers standard wireless audio performance with DTS Headphone: X 7.1 to your gaming gear.

One of its interesting features is that it helps to recreate a gaming environment and the audio effects which the game developers intended you to hear. Isn’t it amazing? It provides with noise-canceling microphone for getting a clear chat.

With the modern manufacturing techniques, this is made durable and lightweight headset and you can wear it for hours comfortably and it will not disturb your head and ear. Without any complication in digital audio transmission, you can get up to 15 meters easily.

It offers you a long battery life. Yes, that’s right. On a single charge, you can use up to 15 hours.

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Many features that most of the people look for in headsets are exactly what you will get in Logitech G433. This stunning headset comes with removal boom mic which has a micro pop filter to cancel noises and delivers clear chat and communication. And in case you don’t want to use it you can remove it from the headset. In addition, you are allowed to customize the sound the way you want.

Without any doubt, Logitech G433 is one of the latest headsets for games in the market and Myth ended up with choosing the best headset for himself. To know what kind of headset does TSM_Myth let’s take a closer look at the specifications and features of Logitech G433.


  1. Discover the best audio quality

Get the best and incredible digital audio transmission with DTS headphone that you have never heard on other gaming headsets before. With the help of latest technologies it is designed to get a strong connection even in a noisy environment.

  1. Designed for gaming performance

Logitech G433 DTS 7.1 is mainly built on the basis of gaming which makes light-weight as well as durable. The materials in the ear cup prevent from sweating. It provides a huge soundstage for gaming.

  1. Long battery life and Wireless gaming headset

This wonderful headset used by Myth comes with 15 hour rechargeable battery life. With one single charge, you can continue your gaming session without any worry. It features digital audio transmission over 2.4 GHz and it offers you with high fidelity audio sound with up to 15 meters.

  1. Amazing tune control

For fine-tune, settings the Logitech gaming software offers you to control your sound according to your game and you can set equalizer and side tone if you want. With the help of ear cup, it helps you to adjust or manage your audio settings on per game basis.

Product Specification

  • Incredible audio performance with DTS Headphone: X 7.1
  • Pro G divers with wireless audio up to 15-meter range
  • Replaceable and rechargeable battery with 15-hour long battery life
  • Reduces environmental noises with the help of boom mic
  • Item dimension is 2.68 x 1.69 x 4.88 in

Now you know a lot about what kind of headset does Myth use and it’s amazing features. This kind of headsets like Logitech G433 DTS is very comfortable and amazing for a gaming session. In this guide, we will talk about more three products which are alternative to Logitech G433 DTS 7.1.

Similar Product

1. Product Name: ASTRO Gaming A40 TR gaming headset

1. ASTRO Gaming A40 TR gaming headset

The ASTRO Gaming A40 TR is a premier gaming headphone which is mainly designed for the professional gamer. It is highly sensitive and minimizes background noises and so you can hear everything clearly and loudly. It is light-weight, highly adjustable and comfortable which is perfect for marathon gaming session.

For loud environment, you can adapt it easily and you can transform A40 TRinto a noise isolating headset by using a Mod kit. It features synthetic leather ear cushion, sealed speaker and a voice isolating microphone. It allows the user to exchange headband and ear cups for a better suit. This model has sufficient padding which makes more comfortable.

When it comes to audio quality it comes with an incredible sound quality. You can use it not only for gaming but also for music, movies it will always give you a standard performance. Vocals are very much clear which is very impressive. So what are you waiting for? Grab this headset as it’s performance is relatively good as Logitech G533.

2. SteelSeriesArctis 5 RGB illuminated Gaming Headset

SteelSeriesArctis 5 RGB illuminated Gaming Headset

This model is widely recognized because of its mic in gaming. The clear cast microphone offers high-quality voice clearness along with background noise cancellation. For PC gaming it is designed exclusively with dual zone RGB. It provides you with the standard audio quality for your battle station.

SteelSeriesArctis 5 offers some breathtaking advantages for gaming purpose. It produces ultra-distortion audio and so you can hear every detail. You will definitely get yourself into the game as the audio will create such an environment around you.

It comes with high-quality S1 speaker driver as well as DTS Headphone: X v2.0 surround sound. This headset helps to balance game and also audio chat with a USB chat mix dial. For gaming session you can take this model into consideration.

3. ROCCAT Khan AIMO – 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset


If you are searching for a similar headset which provides similar specifications like Logitech G533 DTS 7.1 then you can go for ROCCAT Khan AIMO. It will allow the user with some outstanding features. It comes with 7.1 high-resolution audio with rich highs. Your teammates can hear you with clarity with the help of real-voice mic.

The sound and audio quality of ROCCAT Khan AIMO is exquisite and excellent. It is one of the most comfortable headsets you will ever find. The air cups are sealed tightly and the user will have enough space to move their head easily. So get this product and we can assure that it will provide you with amazing service.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question: How to connect the headset to the PC?

Answer: First plug the USB cable in the 3.0 USB port of your computer and then connect the HDMI headset of your headset to the HDMI port of the PC.

Question: How to use headset’s microphone to Windows 10?

Answer: Just plug the green color phone jack to the audio out and pink color microphone jack to the audio in port.

Question: What is a good headset for gaming?

Answer: for gaming purpose recently Logitech G433 with DTS 7.1 and ASTRO Gaming A40 TR is more popular and exclusive in the market.

Question: What should be done if the headset is not functioning with the PC?

Answer: Update the audio driver if the device is not functioning properly with your PC.

Question: Does the Logitech G433 have noise cancelation?

Answer: Yes it features noise cancelation with the help of micro pop filter.


If you are a great fan of Fortnite or TSM_Myth then you should know about all the accessories he is using for playing. You need to know what headset does TSM Myth use and also what kind of gaming gear he is using.

No matter in which platform you are playing, you need a good pair of headsets. Hopefully, you will get enough information in this guide if you want to purchase a good pair of headset. Enjoy your game with a great pair of headset.