What Headset Does Lachlan Use? [ Lachlan’s Gaming Setup]

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What Headset Does Lachlan UsePursuing both of the careers of gaming and streaming(Youtubing) had become quite a trend. Specially to the 90’s kids. And when we narrow down our search into Fortnite starts on youtube, Lachlan would be in the very first list of gamers.

Currently living in Brisbane, Lachlan’s joined the gaming-streaming industry back in 2013. He had a total of 3.3k+ videos uploaded on youtube to date. This proactive gamer had got an amazing collection of gadgets through which he performs and streams.


In today’s post, we’ll leave all other gadgets and focus on what headset does Lachlan use for instance. If you’re interested enough, stick till the very end while we explain the headphone this gamer uses.

Who is Lachlan?

Lachlan(Lachlan Ross Power) is a Youtuber gamer playing mostly Minecraft. This 26 years old gaming enthusiast had also scored significant scratches in some other games such as Pixelmon, How to Minecraft and Pokemon go.

Both Lachlan and his brother Mitchell Loser are Minecraft YouTubers. But his brother used to maintain Lachlan’s Pixelmon server “Pokeballers”. Although the server is now shut down.

Back in 2016, he was solely focused on streaming his Pokemon Go vlogs. But in mid-2017, he had shifted his radar from Pokemon Go to Fortnite. At this moment, all he uploads is his daily Fortnite videos.

Lachlan Uses HyperX Cloud Alpha S

The Fortnite Gamer’s first choice of headphone happens to be the HyperX Cloud Alpha S. It’s the ‘for now’ version of the Cloud Alpha series from the brand of HyperX.

As per the brand’s PR notification, they’re about to launch the prequel model ‘HyperX Cloud Alpha’ for the Cloud9 eSports organization. But for now, the HyperX Cloud Alpha S is all we’ve got to play with so far.

Headset Specs

Want to have a quick glimpse at what’s in there? Here goes the specs of HyperX Cloud Alpha S-

  • Headset Impedance: 65 Ohms
  • Driver Type: 50mm Neodymium Magnets, Custom Dynamic
  • Design Type: Closed hack, Circumaural
  • Frequency Response Range: 13-27,000 Hz
  • Mic Type: Electret Condenser Microphone
  • Mic Direction: Bi-directional
  • Noise Cancellation: Yes(Bi-directional)
  • Software Requirement: None
  • Connectivity: USB Type-A or 3.5mm audio jack
  • Product Weight: 310g without the mic, 321g with mic
  • Cord Length: 1 meter

Got the basics? Let’s hit the details down below-

Product Overview

Before going into the details ‘tech’ stuff, let’s describe the outlook and design for you. The Alpha S comes in a solely black design with a blue accent here and there. The blue ear forks pop in an aluminium form, containing the branding(logo) of HyperX. Inside the cups, you get the comfortable and soft foam. For gamers who get heated during long hours of gaming sessions, this will be a blissful feature.

It weighs about 310g(.68 lbs) with the mic, which is significantly lighter than many of the similar picks for gamers. And the 1m long cable is decent enough for indoor gaming or stuff.

We highly appreciate the way HyperX had taken the liberty of designing this headset without going over the top. Plus, they have been able to keep the bulkiness under tolerable limits.

Enough of the design. Let’s talk about the audio performance at this point.

As you have noticed in the specs list, the HyperX Cloud Alpha S uses a 50mm Neodynamic driver. On top of that, it enriches your gaming experience with two additional features- Virtual surround and game/chat balance.

The dynamic driver sports a good bass, blended with a different tuning by HyperX for better audio. One problem that many dynamic drivers face is the distortion at high volumes. Nu as long as the Cloud Alpha comes with the dual-chamber design. One of them is for bass and another one is for highs. Together, it’s supposed to fight the distortion.

As HyperX claims about the custom-tuned 7.1 surround sound, we got a number of proofs behind that from real gamer’s reviews. The digital signal processing beneath the sound card can boost up the overall gaming audio to an extent. It amplifies the audio where no details can escape from your sight or mind. And that’s important for gaming, isn’t it?

There are a number of customization scopes in this headphone. Although most gaming headsets come with such customizations. But we believe that this model from HyperX had been able to scratch the limit.

And how is that?

Well, there is a 3-level bass adjustment feature that’s been implemented with easy-to-slide sliders. No matter if you want the maximum bass or no at all- you’ve got ‘em both.

Another aspect of the control is about the game and chat audio balance. Based on your priorities of which one you can focus on, there are controls to raise or lower volume for both game and chat. Cool, right?

Remember how we’ve listed the weights of the headphone both with and without the mic? Well, the 3.5mm jack can be attached or detached based on your priorities. And the mic itself is noise canceling. So, if you’re going to chat or record streams, you’re backed with a high quality, crystal, and crispy audio.

As a verdict, we can see every reason why Lachlan had decided this headset out of a hundred others in the market. Although the price is not so beginner-friendly. But that’s none of a big deal when you’re about to pursue the best gaming experience as a serious gamer.

Highlighted Features 

  • Comfortable design with comfy earcups.
  • HyperX 7.1. surround sound with customization scopes.
  • Sliders to adjust bass.
  • Chat-game audio mix control.
  • Durable aluminum made frame.
  • Detachable 3.5mm noise-canceling mic.

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Final Thoughts

So far we’ve followed the 3.3k+ videos of Lachlan on Youtube. We’ve seen him hardly use anything but the HyperX Cloud Alpha S. So, we bet it’s the most favorite and comfy model for him. In case you’re a fan of Lachlan- the gamer, you can try this headphone as well.

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