What Headset Does Imaqtpie Use? [Updated]

We have talked about gamers and streamers who had taken What Headset Does Imaqtpie Useplaying League of Legends as a serious profession. And today’s post going to talk about another such streamer, named as Imaqtpie as his alias.

The person behind this LoL identity is Michale Santana, a 27 years American who lives in California right now.

Santana had gone through a number of ups and downs in his career along with his team. We will talk about that in details, and also learn about the headset that Imaqtpie uses.


Let’s take a few minutes to go through the whole post-


Who Is Imaqtpie?


Imaqtpie is the nickname of Michael Santana in the popular online game- League of Legends. Formerly, he was in a team named team Dignitas, but after 2014, he took a streaming career as his full-time profession. Right now, he has over 2 million followers over the online streaming platform Twitch.tv. With such a massive number of followers, he is one of the biggest LoL players of the current time. From streaming career solely, he is reported to earn about $2M per year.

His League of Legends career had been quite interesting so far. Initially, Imaqtpie did not want to play competitive LoL game. But when he was first asked by Scarra to join his team, he joined Team Rock Solid. Later on, in the National ESL Premier League, he was picked up by the team Dignitas.

Until October of 2014, Imaqtpie worked as a Mid Laner for the team. But currently, he is with the role of Bot Laner.

Imaqtpie Uses Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition Over-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser HD 598

The classic Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition Over-Ear Headphones comes with a distinctive design. The oval-shaped earcups, the hard plastic made build quality and the overall minimalistic- profile, you will like every bit of it. It will give you a promise of durability for the running months and many more months to come.


This and the other sibling models of this headphone are of open ear type design. So it means that it is only protected by the grille on the ear cups. So, you can hear pretty much everything that goes on around you. In case your preferences are different, this feature may not be likable for you. But let us tell you that, many people, even gamers are likely to have this feature in their headphone.

Unlike many top-notch headphone models, this doesn’t come with a swiveling earcup. But don’t’ think that it can’t swivel at all. There is a certain and limited degree of rotation in this model, and that’s for ensuring a comfortable adjustment for the user.


The place where your head will meet the headbands, you will see it to have comfortable padding on it. So, you can wear this headphone for long hours without any complicacy. The earcups are also tight enough not to fall off from its place. So, you can have a walk or quick run on the treadmill wearing this headphone.

The connecting input jack is of 2.5mm in size, which is the new trend in the cases of headphones. But the plug that enters into the source device is of 3.5mm type. So, you can use it with almost every kind of convenient devices.

Now let’s come to the most important factor- the sound quality. We’re sure that there are some utter surprises waiting for you in this section.


The first thing that you have to decide is- how much your source device can put into the headphone? Usually, we got the 50 Ohm impedance level for the usual device. With that taken for granted, the sound performance is quite good for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Lastly, there are two given options to chose from- the black design and the grey design. Based on your personal choice and the appearance of your other gaming equipment, you can choose the ri8ght one.

However, being all these features explained here is something that we thought should be overcome in the next versions. And it’s the fact that Sennheiser had printed their brand name in the headphone. No matter it’s the over the headband, the earcups and so on. Well, branding is good. But we think it’s quite over the bar.

Highlighted Features

  • 50 Ohm of impedance, perfect for mobile devices and gaming systems as well.
  • Audiophile-rated over the ear design with open back.
  • The headphone won’t isolate you from the surroundings.
  • Leather made pads for the ears with a luxurious cover made of velour.
  • Comes with comfortable padding for the headband section.
  • Dual cable options of 3 metres and 1.2 metres.
  • Compatible with every kind of devices that produce music.


Some Other Facts to Know About Imaqtpie

  • The origin of Santana’s name came from his mother calling him cute. He used to play a lot of video games in his school days. And that’s where he caught up with a love for online games.
  • Scarra is the person who brought him into professional streaming and competitive LoL gameplay.
  • In the year of 2012, his team won the 1st place in the LoLPro.com competition.
  • After several ups and down, Imaqtpie came over again with a glorious return in 2013.
  • In 2014, the team of him did not qualify to play in the playoff rounds. In the summer split, the team stood 6th. He addressed the reason as his teammates ‘lack of seeking fun in the game’.
  • Apart from Twitch.tv, his Youtube channel has over 1.7 million subscribers. And so far, he has earned over 518 million views.
  • In July of 2018, the man had a surprise wedding with his girlfriend, Lisha Wei. They are currently living in California.


Bottom line

The world of online game streaming is a bumpy ride, specially when you take it as a serious career. Despite some ups and downs, he had been able to overcome it completely. And in case you’re interested in the headphone that Santana uses, this intent of yours should be taken care of by now.