What headset does CDNThe3rd use? [Updated]

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What headset does CDNThe3rd useThere are many popular streamers online who didn’t actually take this career as a serious work. But after so many successful adaptations, this concept had changed drastically. And one of the men behind such changes is none other than CDNThe3rd, the streamer we’d be talking about today.

However, after taking some quick victories in H1Z1: King of Hill, and Fortnite, the game, things started to be quite serious for him. He equipped himself with top notch hardware and took his streaming actions into a different level.

However, we’ll have a peep into his gearbox, and check out what headset does CDNThe3rd uses and why-

Who Is CDNThe3rd?

The real name of CDNThe3rd(the channel) is Caesar Noriega, who is a famous American streamer. The event that took him on top of popularity is his win in the deathmatch of H1Z1: King of Hill. Apart from that significant event, he has a significantly high winning rate in the game of Fornite Battle Royale.

The trivia of this streamer is, he can comply with a number of gameplay footage. Currently, he has gained a subscriber base of over 1.7 million, which is quite significant for a streamer.


Apart from his own streams, his association with Dr. Disrespect is quite famous around this genre of game streaming. They are both well known for H1Z1: The King of the Hill.

CDNThe3rd uses Sennheiser HD 700 Headphones

For a live game streamer like CDNthe3rd, having a top notch hardware is a must. Specially, when you are playing a real-time multi-player like Fortnite, you can’t let a bit drop from your performance.

Therefore, Caeser doesn’t compromise with his gears, and we have been able to fetch out his gear list. But as we are focused on the headset he uses, here you go-

First Choice: Sennheiser HD 700 Headphones

One of the biggest selling points of this Sennheiser HD 700 is, it weighs like almost nothing on your head. Although it has a weight of 272 grams in total, but that’s so tiny compared to other similar models.

The HD 700 is a state of art headphone in terms of comfort and soothe. There is a microfiber cover on the earpads, which will ensure top-notch airflow and prevent sweating while you’re wearing this up.

The style and aesthetics of the headphone are quite up to the mark, although this is something that a professional gamer would hardly crave for. But still, it’s quite a good point to be satisfied about this product.


Now, let’s move forward from the design to the acoustic performance. The first thing to come on the podium is the acoustic chamber. The chamber of this model is quite tightly put. And that results in a smooth, noise-free sound experience.


To give the audio chamber a touch of stiffness, there is a mesh grill made of stainless steel. Due to that, the appearance will be completely cosmetic. However, there is a tiny drawback of this steel meshed layer as well. If you handle this device quite roughly, the steel mesh may dent a bit.

The movement and degree of rotational freedom are quite up to the mark, we have to say. There are sets of vertical and lateral pivots, which ensures a top notch movement without any hassle. It will adjust any kind of ear sizes, no matter you’re a man or woman, a kid or an adult.

While wearing this headphone on, you won’t be completely isolated from the noise of surrounding. Now, you can take this as an advantage or as a distance if you want. And people from nearby will also hear this headphone to play music.


Now, the point is, we’re talking about a headphone that CDNThe3rd uses. So of course, it would be a perfect pick for indoor activities like gaming, listening to music, etc. So, the noise propagation factor should be quite overlooked by most of the users out there.

Highlighted Features

  • Flat range of frequency response with high sound pressure level.
  • 150 ohms of nominal impedance.
  • Nicely tuned and highly efficient sound drive.
  • Comes with the optimized and ventilated magnet system.
  • A minimal harmonic distortion.
  • Smooth and fine pivoting system.
  • Open back ear cups with meshed stainless steel net.
  • A top notch and cutting edge design.
  • Minimal air turbulence.


Some Other Facts to Know About CDNThe3rd

  • CDVThe3rd has resided at New Jersey, America.
  • His estimated net worth has been evaluated as over $200000.
  • At the early days of his game streaming work life, he used to be addicted to DayZ and Killer Instinct games. As he grew with his popularity, he started trying out newer games, which took him eventually into H1Z1.
  • He started taking the act of online video gaming streaming as a profession when he earned a cash reward of $10000 by winning a competition.
  • In twitter, Caeser has a follower base of over 336K people. And on Instagram, he owns a follower base of 10.1K. These numbers had been gone higher by now, we guess.
  • Caeser is a married man, married with his longtime girlfriend Christina Noreiga. Their wedding ceremony took place back in 2015.


Bottom line

As the early influencers of the streaming game genre, some names like Pewdiepie might come at the top. But it’s true that CDNThe3rd is one of those gamers who’d taken it into the next level.


Getting back to our topic, Caeser actually uses a top-notch headset, and we’re sure that you’ve known the detailed feature of this headset by now.


Talk to you soon another day with broken down discussion another streamer/Youtuber’s gadget mystery.

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