What Headphone does Ali a use for his Gaming videos ? [2021 Updated]

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Ali-AWhat Headphones does ali a use whose actual name is Alastair Aiken is a famous British artist who produces different sort of game related videos. His original alias was Matroix but he is mostly known as Ali-A for his related works.

Among all of his gadgets, headphones are one of the most important ones. So the question arises what headphone does ali a use?

Among various gaming headphones, Ali-A chooses the Turtle Beach – Ear Force Elite 800X headset. Some district features made him choose this one.

The specifications, features and the other aspects of this headset are going to be described in this content.

Ali A Using Turtle Beach – Ear Force Elite 800X Premium Fully Wireless Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach – Ear Force Elite 800X PremiumFeatures and Benefits

Upgraded sound mode

The distinct sound enhancing mode takes this headphone to the next level. The feature combines some techniques and enables the improved and enhanced sound mode along with the present. The preset again offers a lot of exciting features. It enhances the preferred games, movies, and songs for which the headphone is taken to a different level.

Chat Boost

While playing a game, communicating with the other fellow gamers or friend is always considered to be a good thing. This headphone offers just the right thing for us. This feature is called dynamic chat box. By this feature, the device is not only used for playing games but also for chatting with the friends at the same time.

Automatic noise controlling

No matter how efficiently the headphone works, there have to be some limitations to them. This headphone provides the facility of automatic and active noise controller. This process controls the sound and cancels out the noises as well. Thus noise-free sound is provided to the user which makes the headphone even more efficient and increases its utility a lot.

Charging facility

These type of headphones do need to get charged and most of the time charging them seems kind of a burden. The Turtle Beach – Ear Force Elite 800X Premium has a unique feature of its own. It charges whenever the headphone is idle. In many situations, the time and energy get wasted for this idleness. If the time of the headphone being idle is utilized properly, then a decent amount of time and energy can be saved.You can also check our article on most popular youtube gaming microphone.


The Turtle Beach – Ear Force Elite 800X is a unique edition with many eye-catching features. As Ali-A makes gaming YouTube videos, a quality headphone with such features is incomprehensible.

This headset provides him all that he needs from a headphone for making a quality video and that is why, whenever the question arises, what headphone does ali a use? The answer makes quite the sensation.

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