What Equipment do you need for a Gaming YouTube Channel? – A complete analysis

What Equipment do you need for a Gaming YouTube Channel?Are you on the way to be a passionate gamer and want to show the world they way you play?

If positive, then I know you’re thinking of creating a YouTube channel and show the world the magic of your keyboards. But before you head in, one crucial question to check- what equipment do you need for a gaming youtube channel? Do you own all these?

Well, YouTube remains now at peak as a video sharing site. It is top favorite now to all video content creators not only for its popularity but also its revenue sharing methods. Is has materialized the dream of thousands video content creator to be a millionaire and even a billionaire!

I know you also cherish such a dream to be a famous youtuber and get huge revenue. If you have an utmost dedication to be a famous youtuber, a gaming youtube channel can the best weapon to materialized your dream as it has a great prospect in youtube industry.

Throw out your all worrisome and be determined to start you’re your gaming channel from this very now because in this article you will find all details information needed to start a gaming youtube channel. So let’s start a great learning journey!

Gaming YouTube Channel

Youtube gaming channel is an offshoot youtube channel. It mainly features on-demand as well as live video game content. Youtube gaming channels look totally different than others plain old youtube channels. In this channel, a youtuber puts a stream game-related videos with an all-black interface.


YouTube Gaming Channel has gained much popularity yet among the young generation. Because they find awesome enjoyment in playing it. Generally, the gamer are people of 13 to 35 years old. At present, you will find a video game console in four houses out of five. How fascinating the gaming is to them!

Most of the students of pre-school and high school like to get them engaged them in gaming. They spend 13 years in gaming on average.

The above-mentioned information is, I think, to make you understand that why a gaming youtube channel should be your ultimate goal.

Why Should You Start Gaming YouTube Channel ?

So, having great prospects, the techno entrepreneurs are moving towards creating an innovative YouTube gaming channel. As a result, the numbers of gaming channels are increasing day by day. You will find a lot of gaming YouTube channels. They publish the video about playing games daily. These videos are getting receive millions of views and eventually, the channel owners are being richer!

So why not you? Start work and make your dream true. But a question may arise in your mind and that is how you can make gaming videos as you have no knowledge about coding. Just forget it and keep strength in your mind that you can. Believe me, this gaming channel is nothing but an easy task. So give up all hesitations, take immediate steps and start your work to build up a world famous gaming YouTube channel!

But keep in mind that likes all others creative sectors; it has some exclusive tricks which you obviously find in this writing. I’ve revealed in details that what equipment do you need to start a gaming youtube channel, including software which I have mentioned later.

What Equipment do you need for a Gaming YouTube Channel?

I know there can be listed a whole lot of items and gadgets that are required for a gamer-cum-youtuber. But before anything else, what most of the ensures that they have the best quality gaming console.

So, so start with the equipment list, here are our best recommendations of gaming console for a gaming YouTube channel-

1. Xbox One S 500GB Console

This beast of gaming console is an awesome all-in-one controller that I’ve seen. It’s a 500 GB console that allows full download of battlefield 1. Also, a set of perks like 1-month EA access, 4K capable HDMI cable, Xbox wireless controller, Xbox live gold trial for 15 days and many more. No matter it’s about the color, sound, hardware or the performance, there is no scope that your viewers will leave unsatisfied.
You can just explore more of its features yourself over here.

2. PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console

We wanted not to suggest more than one gaming console in this section, bet the set of features and performance that we’ve found in PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console, pampered us to pick this one too.
Gamers who has a love for the appealing designs in their consoles, will definitely fall in love if this PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console. In fact, when it comes to internet gaming, this is seemed to be the best.
The hardware is consisted of 500 GB PS$ system, DualShock 4 wireless controller, a 4:A bluray disc and a unique social share button.
Explore other perks of this console with just a click!

Other equipment you need for a gaming YouTube Channel

Gaming is very rising industry now, especially on youtube. As it will ensure your huge liquid cash, so, I think, you should be more serious about it.
In a gaming YouTube channels, the most important thing is to know that exactly what equipment you need to start it. Here I have brought up all the necessary equipment you need to make a gaming channel on youtube.

The equipment can be categorized into two major headed mentioning:

1. Hardware
2. Software

1. Hardware:

1. Microphone: Best Microphone for Youtube Gaming

It is truly difficult to connect with your viewers if you don’t use any microphone in your video. A microphone can surely increase the amount of subscribers. No subscribers want to hear a cheap, annoying sound. So, make sure that you have put a decent amount in purchasing a good micro phone. You can find a good quality microphone in every digital store as well as famous online shop like Amazon.

2. Webcam: best webcam for gaming

Your subscribers will surely want to see your face as people love to see favorite YouTubers face. So, I recommend you to have a webcam at the time of making your gaming video. It will help you to be connected with your viewers. People don’t want to see a screen consisting only game play. They like to see YouTubers reaction.

3. PC: best pc for gaming and streaming

Now After having two basic elements for making your gaming video, you may turn now to the 3 basic steps of gaming video. These are gaming, recording, and editing. To complete these steps, basically, gaming and recording, you need a good PC. You have to have the following elements in your pc to make a good gaming video:

4. RAM: best budget ram for gaming

You need a RAM of minimum 16 GB so that you can run the game as well as record at the same time.

5. GPU (Graphics Card): best gaming graphics card

No one wants to see a video runs on Low Graphics. So you need a high-quality Graphics Card on your PC.

6. Storage Device:

But don’t forget about to have a have good storage device on your pc as you have store your numbers of videos in it which contain huge data.

7. Console:

If you have a high budget in your gaming video making, then you may consider having a gaming console. Otherwise, wise PC is enough for a starter gaming video maker. Because recording material of console is very expensive. It is too difficult to set up even. Moreover, you have to buy a capture card for console gaming. You also have to have an HD TV.

2. Software:

Now let’s talk about the software you need for a gaming YouTube channel. To make gaming video you need basically two major software:

I. Video Editing Software
II. Photo Editing Software

As a starter, you may also use some free Screen Recorder. You may use movie maker software which will hopefully serve your primary purposes.

1. Video Editing Software:

As video editing software, I will strongly recommend you Sony Vegas pro. But be careful about virus attack. You can download also application Audacity to record and edit your voice separately. You may consider also Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects for your gaming video.

2. Photo Editing Software:

For photo editing, my only choice is Adobe Photoshop. You can either buy it or download its free version form internet. You should use Photoshop because it can entice your thumbnails which will, no doubt, attract your viewers more.

Final Verdict

After all, I think you have a clear concept regarding what equipment do you need to start a gaming youtube channel. My only intention of this article is to make you understand that to make a gaming YouTube channel is not a complex task at all what you may think before. But let me confess one thing that the brand names I have mentioned here regarding equipment are my personal preference. You may analyze the markets to make your own choice.


Actually, gaming YouTube channel is a million dollar market place. You Just have to grips the market trends and use your creativity. But don’t go through any cheap equipment just to save some cash. It may lose your viewers for ever if your video is not in up to the mark. we hope you like our article on “youtube gaming starter kit” if you like it please share it with your friends

Happy youtubing!