What Camera Does Jay Alvarrez Use? [with proof]

what camera does jay alvarrez useIt’s the world of social influencers– and that’s a big truth!

Over time, we’ve seen a number of youngsters to start from typical photos and vlogs, and then turn into social media influencers. Today’s post is all about the cameras used by Jay Alvarrez, an Instagram and Youtube influencer.


For his travelling vlogs and Instagram shots, he used a number of cameras. And here are the top three of them in our list. Let’s go through-


  1.  GoPro HERO4 Black Action Camera

  2.  Canon EOS 7D Mark II


Who Is Jay Alvarrez?

Jay is an Hawaiian-born American influencer who has an enormous influence over his traveling chores. He basically keeps on travelling to exotic locations, and participates in extreme sports like surfing, skydiving, skating etc. Apart from a youtuber, he is also a famous travel vlogger.

He has a massive 5.9M follower in Instagram, and another 1.2M subscribers in Youtube. Jay along with his girlfriend Alexis Ren, started shooting videos and pictures for Instagram. Eventually, due to his massive influence over the platform, he started modeling jobs for Calvin Klein, Express, Hyundai Tucson an so on.

From a former ad agency employee to highly influencing social media star- that’s how the journey of Jay had been.

 Jay Alvarrez Using Canon EOS 7D Mark II For shooting up his traveling journeys and extreme sports, Jay uses a number of cameras indeed. We’ve picked up three of his favorite models and broken down their details and specs. 

Let’s have a look-

First Choice: GoPro HERO4 Black Action Camera

If you’ve been a fan of Jay and other similar vloggers, there’s no chance that you’ve not heard of the camera’s named GoPro. In fact, GoPro had been vlogger’s and Youtuber’s favorite models since a few years now. And Jay seems to be no exception.

GoPro had come up with a number of upgrades of this few years old model from the same company. But the fact is, GoPro Hero4 would always be a flagship phone.

You can shoot at a resolution of 4K, and that’s also at a top-rated frame rate. The Ultra HD video resolutions will let you have closer and more deep experience of what you record and see.

Jay used to use this product when it would be a outdoor shots. Like Jay, most of the people carry this model to shot at outdoor or hangouts. It’s great with it’s ISO limits, so it can shoot pretty fine in low lights. At 4K data rate, the images might look a little soft, but that’s okay for a outdoor shooter.

With a number of upgrades and extensions, Go Pro Hero5 is there, in case you’re interested in a better version of Hero GoPro4.

Highlighted Features

  • 12 MP CMOS Type ½.3 cubes illuminated sensor.
  • Up to 3o frames per second shooting rate.
  • Built in Wi fi and Bluetooth support.
  • Protune feature with Superview extension.
  • Smart and manual control of the photos and videos.
  • Nigh time shooting facility, even in low light.


Second Choice: Canon EOS 7D Mark II

The Canon EOS 7D Mark II comes to the second choice of camera that Jay uses. The best part of this camera is the APS sensor sized dimension and yet a top-notch photo and video quality. Good job, Canon!

Under the Canon’s EOS series of products, the 7D was the earlier model of this gadget. But after 5 years of its launch, the company had brought up the 7D Mark II with several upgrades


The photo sensor had been kept to be CMS APS-C, but the megapixel had been improved into 20.2. When that combines up with a framing rate of 10.0 fps, that’s something you can dream for.

The ISO score is quite up to the par, the built in GPS receiver lets it to be vlogger’s favorite model. That can be another reasons why Jay had used it however.

Highlighted Features

  • 2 megapixel CMOS type sensor.
  • A continuous shooting at 130 fps.
  • An AF system which is highly customizable.
  • 100-16000 ISO range with expansion.
  • Built in GPS receiver.
  • Improvised custom control.
  • EOS scene detection system.
  • 3 inches LCD screen with bright view.
  • Dual memory card slot.

Bottom line

The cameras and shooting accessories used by Jay can simply put down into two categories- regular shooting, and extreme sports shooting. As he is a paid promoter of several brands, those promotional pictures are taken with professional gadgets. So we’ve not taken those into account.


Hopefully, the post had been helpful enough for you.