What Camera Does Emma Chamberlain Use: Will it Work for You?

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what camera Emma Chamberlain useMany of you know Emma Chamberlain, the 2018 Streamy award winner from 2018. Many of you like her content because of the way she presents herself in front of the camera.

Speaking of camera’s many of you want to know what camera does Emma Chamberlain use?

But, before we begin, we would like to congratulate you on coming to the right place. Hopefully, you will get all your answers.

Here, we won’t just be talking about the camera Emma uses. In fact, we will take you in for a ride and dive into the details. We want to give you all the information you can so that one day you can make your dream come true.

You know what we’re talking about.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started. You already know what you’ll be getting. So, grab a cup of coffee and read through!

Emma Chamberlain: A Simple Introduction

Emma Chamberlain is an American Youtuber with a current subscriber count of around 9-million. She currently has 235 videos uploaded to YouTube, all of which have been viewed over a billion times.

Emma makes an impression in front of her audience by being as original as she can. And she tries to use the best possible camera she can get her hands on.

If you look at the 9-million subscriber count she has on Instagram, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Although she is currently in the neighborhood of 243 in the Social Blade Entertainment ranking, she would eventually get to a position where you may want to see her.

And if you want to see yourself in the footsteps of such an entertainment idol, then you may want to have some idea about what camera she uses.

Emma Chamberlain Uses Canon Power Shot G7X MARK II

Emma Chamberlain is attached to the Canon PowerShot G7X MARK II.

We did observe a lot of influencers go with this option. Well, there are a couple of really good reasons for it.

For now, all you need to know is this:

It’s a decent camera system with all the right features at your disposal. It’s not overly hefty. As a matter of fact, the weight balance is on point with other high-end options out there.

Also, we love the crisp image quality you get with the G7X. More on that in a bit.

For now, we would like to draw your attention to the featured specifications. Later on, we will discuss the things we like and don’t like.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Featured Specifications

  • Sensor type: 20.1-megpixel 1.0-inch CMOS sensor (aspect ratio 3:2)
  • Effective pixel count: 20.1 (approximately)
  • Standard Video: Full HD at 60-frames/second.
  • Standard Recording Time: 30-minutes with a file size of 32-35 Mbps.
  • Focal length: 35mm film equivalent:24-100mm.
  • Zoom: Optical zoom-4.2x, digital zoom-4.0x.
  • Regular focusing range: 2-inch to infinity/40cm to infinity
  • Autofocus system: TTL Autofocus and manual focus.
  • LCD Display: 3.0-inch TFT color LCD with biaxial tilt. 1.04-million dots along with a 100% coverage.
  • Aperture: F1.8-F2.8
  • Shutter Speed: 1-1/2000-second in auto mode, 15-1/2000 (in all shooting modes).
  • Sensitivity: ISO 125-6400.
  • Exposure Control: Manual, Program Shift, Safety Shift, AE Lock.
  • Built-in flash: Automatic, Slow-synchronization, On/Off.
  • Self-timer: 2/10/custom-seconds.
  • Connectivity: Wifi and NFC
  • Storage support: SD/SDXC/SDHC and UHS-I memory cards.
  • File Format: Camera File System (DCF) Compliant. DPOF 1.0 compatible.
  • File Compression Mode: JPEG, RAW, MP4(MPEG-4 AVC/H.264).
  • Micro USB and Stereo Audio Output connectivity.
  • Supports NB-13L battery pack with a charging time of 5-hours.
  • Playback time: 5-hours.
  • Shooting capacity: 260-265 shots.
  • Weight: 319-grams with the lens attached.

Things We Appreciate about the Canon Power Shot G7X MARK II

You already know what camera does Emma Chamberlain use. You just had a walk-through of some of the key features of the camera of choice for Emma Chamberlain.

In order to clear things up, we are taking the specs a step further to give you a better idea about what features we like. The following few points will highlight the few things we find appealing about this camera.

Superior Image Processing

You have a really capable 20.1-megapixel CMOS sensor that gets the job done.

You will be dealing with top-notch images with sharp details. Although the pixel count isn’t the greatest in the world, it still makes a lot of sense for a novice user.

All in all, there’s really nothing major to complain about the image quality as a whole.

DIGIC 7 Image Processing for Vibrant Outputs

The DIGIC 7 image processing continues the story of vibrant image outputs. We can guarantee your happiness once you get to see the vibrant colors popping on the screen.

You can further make edits to these awesome images with Canon’s proprietary software, which increases the overall functionality by a good deal.

Highly Functional LCD touch Display

The 3-inch LCD display offers a plethora of features to the user. The touch interface is fairly intuitive and comparable to other potent brands out there. All in all, you will not disappointed with the interface.

Solid Connectivity Options

Sharing your creative videography is only a few touches away. The seamless wireless connectivity will make sure you get your work out in the world.

Time-Lapse Movie Creation

The time-lapse feature is a key selling point of the G7X MARK II. Once you get a feel for it, you will see why Emma prefers it so much.

Other than that, you have the usual functionality features that you’d expect from the G7X. The compatibility is decent. Also, the performance is solid as well.

If you think of it as a complete thing, then we believe you’ll have your complete answer to the question of what camera does Emma Chamberlain use.

Things that could be Better about the Canon Power Shot G7X MARK II

The Sony PowerShot G7X MARK II does seem to be the perfect camera. But there are a few things we don’t appreciate about the G7X.

Battery Power isn’t sufficient

The PowerShot G7X is a powerhouse, no doubt about that. But there’s no meaning in calling it a powerhouse if it can’t sustain it.

If the vendors somehow found a way to offer a better battery pack, it would be a complete game-changer.

The Bokeh Effect isn’t Accurate for Close-up shots

The Bokeh effect is spot on if you’re at a distance. But close shots often blur out the necessary details. This may be treated as a minor issue.

The Touch Focus Feels Buggy

The touch functionality is, by far, one of the best we have seen. Still, the one small caveat is the touch focusing. If you go on to focus, you will find it to be a bit cumbersome.

Although we are seeing this as an issue, we believe the practice will make the user more comfortable about it.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will you be getting in the package?

Ans.: Alongside the camera, you will be getting a battery pack, a charger, and a wrist strap.

Q: Will it hold out in the rain?

Ans.: There’s no such rating that would solidify any claims of being water-resistant. However, light (very light!) splashes shouldn’t do much harm to the G7X.

Q: How can I control it remotely?

Ans.: You could download the smartphone app and use the bluetooth features. It’s pretty much like controlling the G7X with a remote!

Q: How long does the battery last?

Ans.: Based on your use case, you could probably get to around 30 to 45-minutes (this metric is for light use of course).

Q: Does it need a lens cap?

Ans.:  No. The lens cap is internal. Once you finish shooting and turn it down, you will see the lens retract and the cap comes over it.

Some Interesting Facts about Emma Chamberlain

  • 18-year old Emma is obsessed with coffee. So, she started a coffee brand called Chamberlain Coffee.
  • Emma Chamberlain loves curly hair. It is one of the reasons why she has a crush on Timothée Chalamet.
  • She is a hardcore fan of the Jonas Brothers.
  • Emma started out as a DIY content creator. She does admit not having any special skills to put to the test at that time.
  • She started her career as the ‘DIY Girl’.
  • She is a member of the Sister Squad that came together in 2018.
  • She and her family had financial struggles back when she was young.
  • She is a vegetarian and doesn’t like to be known as an influencer.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve made it this far, then we would like to commend you on your extraordinary patience. You truly have a gift!

But you wouldn’t be able to be like your idol if you didn’t have that in you. So, we believe you’re one of those blessed human beings.

The last piece of advice we can offer is the fact that you may want to gather some more intel. Ask your fellow creators or friends what do they think about the G7X?

They should be in agreement about the performance. Otherwise, why would we spend so much time on revealing what camera does Emma Chamberlain use?


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