What Camcorder should I buy for filmmaking? The Definitive Guide

What Camcorder should I buy for filmmakingAre you planning on buying a suitable camcorder for your own filmmaking project? You’re in the right way then. To become a filmmaker, what equipment you need first, is a perfect camcorder. And you must have enough operating skills on that what directly controls what scenes you are showing to your viewers & how the images are presented to them.

Now you need to choose a camcorder according to the kind of film you’re making & while choosing, never forget your allotted budget what actually you can’t exceed.

Below we have explained a detail guideline about what camcorder to choose for filmmaking. Let’s see!

Camcorders to choose according to your type of film:

  • For creative filmmaking, you can go for a DSLR if you can afford.
  • For outdoor activities and telecasting sports, an action camera or OSMO camera can be suitable.
  • For traveling or domestic use, you need to choose a handy cameralike elementary camcorders.
  • For events or news, try to manage a pro camcorder.

Camcorders to choose according to your appointed budget:

When you have a good amount of budget, go straight for a cinema camera. But if you haven’t an easy-going budget, a camcorder with simple specification can be congenial.

Types of camcorders:

Here you can pick between different types of camcorders knowing about their opportunities and obstacles.

DSLR or mirrorless camcorders:

These have features like interchanging lenses and can be used in lower brightness. This product is popular for professionals because of having better features than similarly priced camcorders.

You can go for DSLRs like Canon EOS T5i/700D or mirrorless camcorders like Panasonic GH4 as a lot of filmmakers have good reviews over them.

Prosumer camcorders:

These have inbuilt zoom lenses along with headphone sockets. They are faster than DSLRs to use, easier too.  But the problem is with their quite tiny sensors for which they can’t manage to perform well when brightness is lower. That also makes difficulties when one wants to get ingenious with superficial focus.

You can choose to presume camcorders with bigger sensors like Sony AX700 or Canon GX10. You can also shoot high definition videos using them.

Professional camcorders:

These are suitable for corporate shooting like news, events as they have proper manual controls. They also have functional audio inputs and as well as outputs. Video formats easier to synthesize can be recorded by these camcorders like Sony PWX90, Canon XF400 where they are judged better than DSLRs or other camcorders.

Cinema camcorders:

These are high-quality camcorders which take transposable lenses. They have large sensors that allow you to get originativelow focus effects and can record like professional camcorders. These features along with better image quality have made their price higher than others so that you can only afford them when you have enough assessed budget.


If you choose to go for handy camcorders, then you have other options. Let’s have another look at the discussions below:

Consumer camcorders:

These are the most reasonable as ahandy camcorder. You can easily carry them as they are small in size. Despite having lower image quality, they are user-friendly and useful for the beginners.

One special feature of them is an HDMI output what allows them to connect to an HDTV.

Action camcorders:

These can be mounted on bikes, cars, helmets, or your body or even animals. Most of them are without screens. They are little in size, tough to operate and a bit expensive. So, most of the filmmakers don’t want to use them as their main gear. Only go for them when you want a more compact model than the full-sized one.

OSMO camcorders:

This is a unique camcorder combined with a stabilizer suitable for outdoor shooting and events and most importantly for mobile journalism.

Compact still camcorders:

You can shoot HD videos perfectly using them. They are popular for their convenience for travel and domestic uses. They have inbuilt zoom lenses, though the quality of the videos isn’t as satisfactory as DSLRs. Camcorders like Sony RX100 can give you the best experience from this category.

Things to consider while buying a camcorder

Never forget to check the following terms in the manual:

  • Comfort of use
  • Controls and features
  • Lens& LCD
  • Sound and recording formats
  • Lighting
  • Image stabilization
  • Sensor size
  • Recording ordination
  • Battery

Some of the best camcorder brands

  • Sony
  • Canon
  • GoPro
  • Vivitar
  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • JVC

Offering a huge range of models across all the formats, Sony is dominating the current marketof camcorders.


Now you know what camcorder is worthful according to your requirements. Go buy the perfect one for you and grab the chance to live many lifetimes by making your own films.