What Camcorder Has Night vision? (Full List)

What Camcorder Has Night visionWhen night time comes and the sparkling moonlight befalls on us it pours some peacefulness upon us all and we feel relaxed. Still, many of us want to enjoy the night’s beautiful aura by capturing its beautiful scenery and even recording it.

But, is it possible when sometimes it is pitch black out there?

It is. The camcorders with the night vision feature will make you feel comfortable with your vision and you can easily capture eerie yet iconic pictures that you can share with your friends or you can just keep them at home.

Before we check out the list of the best night vision featured camcorders, let us quickly go through the basic components of camcorders.

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Components of a Camcorder:

So, let us check the components of the camcorder:

  1. Lens: This camcorder optics has not one but many controls. It can regulate exposure, exposure intensity, maintains motion portrayals the way you want, controls focal length, the angle of view, and can increase signal strength in low light conditions as well.
  2. Imager: It produces an image and also generates a graphic output of extremely high quality.
  3. Recorder: It records video and also its recorder controlling section allows the user to review the recorded video footage.

Now, it’s time to check out the list of the best camcorder with night vision. So, let’s get started.

List of camcorders with night vision:

  1. Weton 3.0: Camcorder with IR Night Vision.
  2. Ansee Night Vision Camcorder: Infrared Camcorder 1080P Resolution
  3. Linnse Camcorder: Video Camera Night Vision Pause Function Full.
  4. Besteker Camcorder: 1080P Camcorders IR Night Vision Full HD.
  5. Baize Camcorder: Digital Camcorder with IR Night Vision HD.
  6. Weiliante: Digital Camcorder with IR Night Vision.
  7. Onshowy Camera Camcorder: Remote control infrared night vision featured.
  8. Seree Camcorder: 4K 48MP WI-FI Control Digital Camera.

Now, let us go through the detail description about these camcorders.

  1. Weton 3.0

This HD Digital Video Camcorder features 24.0 megapixels that give out clear images. This camcorder is easy to carry and is perfect for recording your special moments. Its special feature is the infrared night vision that will give out pictures of good quality even at night.  The camcorder is also equipped with 2 rechargeable lithium batteries. When the batteries are fully charged, you can take pictures or film videos for a long time. Moreover, this camcorder supports standard tripod and got a storage system up to 32GB.

  1. Ansee Night Vision Camcorder

This night vision functioned digital video camcorder comes with multi-features. Not only this camera supports LED light but it also supports wireless connectivity. You can also connect your mobile with this camcorder and share your photos and videos. The camcorder can reflect or block infrared wavelengths. They are used to prevent unwanted heating of the camcorder. You can take photos or shoot videos in the dark night with the camcorder in high resolution. More of its amazing function include self-timer, face detector, etc. I personally recommend it

3 .Linnse camcorder

This camcorder is perfect for those who like ghost hunting or who earn for some adventures during the dark night. This camcorder supports night vision function and has two pieces of IR lights on top of its lens. You can also click black and white photos or film videos. This camcorder also has a Pause function. It means you can record your videos in the same file. You do not have to restart a new video at all. Through a USB cord, you can also transfer your footage in your PC as well. This multi-tasking camcorder has been designed to capture your smiley face automatically with its Smile Capture Function. So smile, please!

  1. Besteker Camcorder

This camcorder is highly recommended to the beginners. Apart from its IR night vision function, the thing that I like most about this camcorder is its noise-canceling microphones. These microphones ensure crystal clear audio without any kind of extra background noise.

  1. Baize Camcorder

This beautiful looking camcorder comes with IR night vision function that can capture good photos and shoot videos in black and white. It is also equipped with Pause function where you can pause your video while recording. This camcorder comes with 3.7v rechargeable battery, so you do not have to worry at all about your camcorder running out of battery in the middle of recording videos. Moreover, this camcorder supports smile capture, face capture, beauty face functions.

  1. Weiliante Digital Camcorder

This camcorder is portable and lightweight. This will be an excellent choice for those who love both indoor and outdoor activities. Equipped with IR night vision, its advanced technology ensures high picture quality. It also has an internal microphone and speaker.

  1. Onshowy Camera Camcorder

This IR Night vision featured camcorder has got the nightscapes function. That means you can take any kinds of photos of night time. This mini camcorder can link with your computer to download photos, videos, and TV output as well. The DVCE certified camcorder is recommended for the amateurs who earn to capture the scenarios of night time. The camcorder also supports multi-language menu.

  1. Seree Camcorder

Last but not the least, this 4K-Ultra HD camcorder has four times the resolutions of Full HD. Can you just believe that? Not only this but it’s also equipped with self-timer with different timer settings. Its loop recording and motion detection function will make it more exciting for you to record your video. The night vision function of this camcorder is perfect for the ghost hunters out there.


All the camcorders listed above are my personal favorite. Their resolution and unique functions will give you every reason to go for some nature hunting during the night time. I hope this list helps you to choose the camcorder that you desire. Wish you a happy shooting!