How to Use iPad as Monitor for Camcorder(Complete Guide)

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How to Use iPad as Monitor for CamcorderUsing camcorders for a live shooting is fun. But sometimes, we are in need of a larger display than what we get as a viewfinder in camcorders. For security monitoring, sports recording or similar purpose, a larger display is all we crave for.

The good news is, there are ways now a days that can turn your iPads into the display unit for camcorders. And that’s what we are in need right now. And in this article, we are going to show you the exact steps that will let you do this wonder.

Follow the step-by-step guide below and start acting accordingly-

What You Need for The Process

For the process we’re going to talk about, you need to have these items in hands-

  1. FEBON iCapture grabber card 
  2. An iPad.
  3. A camcorder(we took Sony camcorder for this case).
  4. A Power bank of minimum 20,000 mAh.
  5. 1 USB 3.0 cable.
  6. 1 Micro USB cable.
  7. Apple iPad charging cable.
  8. USB 2 port power adapter 5V.
  9. Camera bracket.
  10. Lighting to USB camera convert.

Once you have the items in hands, let’s proceed to the process-

5 Tips on How to Use iPad as Monitor for Camcorder

Step 1: Connect Ports with the iCapture Grabber Card

Take the iCapture grabber card and connect the power bank to it. With another cable, connect the grabber card with USB 2 port power adapter.

Step 2: Power Up the USB 2 Port Power Adapter

Now, it’s time to power up the USB 2 port power adapter and connect it with the iCapture grabber card. Do that with USB 3.0 and mini USB cable.

Once done, connect the cable with the iPad. The connection should work fine so far.

Step 3: Connect the Camcorder with The Camcorder

Now it’s time to connect the grabber card with the camcorder you have in hand. This can be done with the default cable that you were given with the camcorder. In the grabber card, the port is located in the opposite direction of the other ports.

Step 4: Install Medialink Live at Your iPad

Now, it’s time to install the app through which you would view the camcorder records with. There are many applications in the apple store. The app we are using now is called MediaLink Live

After installing and activating the MediaLink Live app, you have to turn on the camcorder. The camcorder view should be come up on your iPad through the app.

Turn on the camera and check whether this is happening or not

Step 5: Put The Whole Setup in A Tripod

As you are done with the process of setting up, place the whole setup ion the tripod you’ll be using. You may need a camera bracket to do that. Which is available with a few bucks.

Sometimes, you may not be in need of placing the whole setup on a tripod. You can set it accordingly then.

After setting it up on the stand, do some random checks whether the whole system works fine or not. You may see some lags between the actions you are taking on the camcorder, and the view you are getting on the iPad.

If some lag takes place, we recommend you to pick good quality wires.

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Some Tips for the Whole Process

  • Use top-notch wiring.
  • Make sure the USB hub and the 2 USB port is compatible with the iPad.
  • Ensure a sturdy and shake-proof positioning of the hardware on the tripod.

Bottom Line

We are at the end of our guide on how to use iPad as a monitor for camcorder. However, this is not a wireless way of viewing your camcorder view at iPad. If you need a wireless connection, we would come back with another guide at some other day.

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