How to Use Camcorder as Security Camera? Explained

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How to Use Camcorder as Security CameraUsing cameras that are solely built for security purposes are expensive. Sometimes, they come with even complexities in use as well. You can build up a cheaper and less complex alternative using your camcorder. And that’s why we will be talking about in this article.

What Do You Need?

For using a camcorder as a security camera, you need to equip a motion sensor or software with it. Also, you need other hardware and supports like-

Based on the required feature in the camcorder setup you want, there are a few variations. The most general versions of them are ‘Camcorder with USB Streaming’. You can also enable motion detection feature in the setup.

However, we would like to keep this discussion simple, and talking about the steps of USB streaming camcorder setup only.

What’s the Challenge in The Whole Process

Before stepping into the method of converting your camcorder into the security camera, let’s discuss the major problems.

First of all, when your device is in camera mood, it automatically turns off after a few minutes. So, you have to keep it recording the video to keep it turned off for long periods.

But the problem is, with the default SD card or storage, it’s not possible to hold that much high sized video.

Solution: A quick and effective solution is to keep the tape door open. And connect the camera with a computer through a USB cable. So that, the recording process never gets out of storage space.

In the rest of this article, we’ve explained this exact process. Let’s start going through the steps-

Steps of Setting Up A Camcorder into A USB Streaming Security Camera

Some brands like Sony lets the user enable USB streaming throughout the camcorder. If your brand allows you to do so, go through the following steps-

Step 1: Take out the SD card or memory card from its compartment and turn the camera on.

Step 2: Navigate through the menu to find the option called ‘USB Streaming”

Step 3: Install the USB driver of the camera into your computer. And connect the USB cable with the camera and the computer.

Step 4: Now, launch the video capturing software and locate the video source to the camcorder. The camera should be recognized and accepted as the video source.

Step 5: As security cameras aren’t supposed to capture ultra-high resolution video, you should lower down the resolution to 10-15 frames per second. This will also help to save up space in the hard disk of your computer.

However, this step is an optional one.

Step 6: Deciding the Format and Start Recording

As you know, a camcorder is able to record in many formats like WMV, AVI and MP4. Chose the format you want to shot in, and click on record.

Your camcorder had fully been turned into a security camera. Now you can place it anywhere in your office or home or get the surveillance video anytime.

If You Want To Enable Motion Detection

Motion detection had been the latest addon feature whenever it comes to a security camera. In this regard, you may also be interested in enabling it on your camcorder.

In order do that, you need to access the onscreen menu of the camcorder. If your brand provides motion detection feature along with the recording, you’ll have the option visible in the menu.

In order to enable the motion detection feature, it’s better to choose a smaller resolution.

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