How to use Camcorder for Facebook Live [Complete Guide]

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How to use Camcorder for Facebook Live [Complete Guide]Using Facebook Had been quite of a trend the same past decade. But, for past few years using Facebook life has become the latest trend among youngsters. no matter it is just for social networking, hanging out, telecasting, or just sharing your life events- we use Facebook wife a lot.

In this article today, we will explain how to use camcorder for Facebook live and how to set up the whole process. As you know smartphones are the most convenient dear for going live on Facebook. But if you do it in a proper way, top Rated sports handycam can be also your live streaming to as well.

Let’s go through the instructions and figure out how-

What tools do you need

For setting up the entire process,  you need to have a few tools and kits in hands. Here is a list-

  1. A sports Camcorder with an HDMI or SDI output.
  2. An HDMI or SDI cable.
  3. A signal converter box.
  4. A laptop.
  5. A live streaming software on your laptop.
  6. A good internet connection.
  7. A Facebook account.

Once you are done with collecting all these items, let’s proceed to the steps-

Steps on How to Use Camcorder for Facebook Live

A few simple and actionable steps are what you need to go through for starting to stream live on Facebook with your camcorder.

Step 1: Connect You Camcorder

The first task is to get a proper connection between the signal converter box and the digital camera. To make that connection, you a use an HDMI cord or an SDI cord. Both of these cords have their own compatibility of devices.

Step 2: Confirm the Signal Transfer

Right after you are done with the connection, it’s time to confirm whether the signal transfer is going on properly or not. Shoot a few videos and check that from your computer screen. Follow the instructions right on the manual of the camera and the signal converter as well.

Step 3: Get Connected on Facebook

As you’re done with the hardware part, it’s time to connect to your Facebook account. No matter it’s your profile or a page, the features work in the same way.

You have to provide a server key and a Live stream key to start live casting on facebook. To be more specific, that are the requirements of live streaming software.

Step 4: Conform Again, and Start

Make sure that the signals from your camera are properly sent to Facebook. Once you’re done, you’re ready to go live.

Some tips to make your experience better

Over time, you will understand the key factors that determine the quality of live streaming on Facebook. But for now, here are some tips from our side-

  1. Try to use a cable connection with the internet router instead of wireless/Wi-fi connections.
  2. Test each part of your setup before you start going live.
  3. Make sure that the video you are recording, are properly matched with any kind of devices. The usual devices that your viewers will be using our- laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc.
  4. Make sure that you have a backup for every equipment you’re using for live streaming. Especially when you are shooting outdoors.

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Bottom Line

Streaming live on Facebook is done best with mobile devices. But if you’re in need of professional streaming, there are no other competitors of a camcorder. Hopefully, these steps were well enough to kickstart your streaming event.

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