Top 5 Best Condenser Mic Under 100 Dollars in 2021

From beginner to professional level, band vocals to solo vocals, guitarists to pianists, a condenser mic is indeed an essential tool for performance. And again, you will need quality mics for doing podcasts to game streaming, for an interview recording to heavy performing musical bands.

A condenser mic has become an inevitable part of the home recordist to studio mixers. You will get to know about the best condenser mic under 100 with a complete buying guideline. 

Condenser Mic- What and Why?

Condenser microphone, also known as capacitor microphones are widely used in studios and professional sound recording. It’s called a ‘Condenser’ microphone because of it’s capacity of producing very highquality audio tracks with the help of the capacitor inside.

However, you may already know why condenser microphones are so much popular among professional voice artists and professionals. Here are what we think of it

  • It used a capacitor system with vibrated voltage that works in the audio file’s sensitiveness. Result? More detailed and high-quality audio.
  • No matter it’s I telephone transmission or professional recording system, condenser microphones works great.
  • Based on the requirements of sound methods, two types of condenser microphones are available.

Buyers Guide

Before heading in the reviews, we would like to discuss about the buying factors of purchasing a condenser microphone under 100. As we are limited within a tight budget, it’s a must that we ensure a balanced price-quality ratio and don’t get fooled by any random product in the market.

However, here is our buying guideline-

  • Chose the Type of Microphone
    As we were mentioning a while ago, there are two types of condenser microphone available in the market- Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, and Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone. The difference is about the size of the diaphragm.In action, these two types create much difference. As example, large diaphragm one produces warmer audio tones as it can pass greeted sound frequencies through the 1 inch’s diameter. The smaller type is meanwhile, a quicker responder as there are decreased space to pass the audio waves. As result, you will get a less warm, but more detailed audio experience.
  • Read the Frequency Chart
    Frequency chart is the set of information that tells you about the situation that a particular microphone will work best. To be specific, you have to learn how to read the frequency chart. You can get it available at the manufacturer’s site or over the internet.Let me give an example of how to read the frequency chart of a condenser microphone. The horizontal numbers represent frequencies (which is from 20 Hz to 20k Hz), and the vertical line numbers represents the relevant decibels.
  • Understand the Polar pattern
    Polar pattern is the last important technical aspect that you need to consider before deciding about a microphone. Usually, it represents what the microphone will do while it rejects sound waves from the rear and side. The types of polar patterns are- Cardioid (Supercardioid and HyperCardioid), Omnidirectional, Figure 8 and Multiple pattern.

Here is the Review of Top 5 Best Condenser Mic under 100 dollars

1. MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone Review

Product OverviewMXL Mics 770 review

This ergonomic microphone comes with different advanced features to provide you a superior sound recording facility. As a matter of fact, this amazing condenser microphone offers quite a higher service to price ratio. There is a FET preamp of high-quality that offers a balanced recording. Through that, you will get the utmost facility for having clear as well as quality output for any sound. Not to mention, this incredible facility is valid for a rather wide dynamic range which will improvise the output for sure. Therefore, this cardioid mic is highly suitable for newbie musicians as well as seasoned professionals.

Featuring a solid bass, this microphone enables higher accuracy as well as precision even for live performance. The upfront high-end is also another useful feature that attracts the attention musicians and professional singers. Along with gold-sputtered diaphragm, the outlook becomes quite nice and pleasant for regular users. Although the diaphragm is quite small, this multipurpose mic offers a variety of uses for recorders. You will get warmer and cleaner sound through the top. As the top comes with extra clarity, it provides the superior quality sound recording.


1. Comes with 22 mm of the capsule along with 6 microns of gold sputtered diaphragm.

2. Provides quick frequency response having a wider range from 30 Hz up to 20 kHz.

3. Offers cardioid polar pattern with 15mV/Pa sensitivity and 150 ohms of impedance.

4. Delivers signal to noise ratio (S/N) of 74 dB and pass filter of 6 dB/octave at 150 Hz.

5. Lightweight construction for moderate microphone with quality metal finishing.

6. Requires 48V phantom power along with optimum SPL of 0.5% THD of 137 dB.


1. Frequent and intense usage may result in producing some back noise.

2. Comes with smaller diaphragm than other common microphones.



2. Behringer Single Diaphragm Condenser Microphone B-1 Review

Product OverviewBehringer B-1 review

This B-1 condenser mic not only comes at an affordable price but also provides the best possible quality for recorded sound. The capsule of this ergonomic one has a size of 1” which is highly suitable for most people to handle. In fact, the moderate and user-friendly size allows you to capture sound with the furthest realism along with utmost sensitivity. Including an additional pronounced boost, this one boasts a rather wide range for frequency response which lies in between 20 Hz up to 20kHz. There is also a 10db switchable attenuator which encourages the mic to capture signals of high volume without the slightest distortion.

Through outstanding construction, you can go for the studio as well as live applications without any difficulty. Featuring a low-cutting filter, the best USB condenser mic under 100 enables you to exterminate different infrasonics that occurs due to turbulence and floor rumble. Moreover, you will get heavy-duty suspension mount along with windscreen which improvises the sound quality for sure. The entire frame comes with nickel-plating brass body to withstand all sorts of rigors of later night recording or performing marathons. Having pressure gradient transducer, you can go for recording with optimum accuracy and precision. Along with the aluminum constructed, foam-padded carrying case, you can travel with this mic with safe storage with suitable style.


1. Provides unsurpassed sound quality with dual diaphragm mic with gold sputtering.

2. Offers source separation and feedback rejection through cardioid pick-up pattern.

3. Features transducer having pressure gradient and built-in shock mounted capsule.

4. Delivers highest possible signal integration with included 3 pin XLR connector.

5. Comes with superior durability for components with satin nickel-plated construction.

6. Prevents distortion through FET input without ultimate low-noise transformation.


1. Provided rubber band over the shock mount will get loosen due to heavy usage.

2. The frequency response of the mic may get reduced for careless and intense conduction.


3. Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone , Black Review

Product OverviewAudio-Technica AT2020 review

This incredible, as well as stylish microphone from Audio-Technica, is indeed a quality product from head to toe. The combination of outstanding appearance with plenty of useful features leads to a great designation for vocals and common instrument. Not to mention, you can go for superior quality sound recording both at professional and project appliances in studios. The suitably sized capsule enables the mic to get the best possible sound recording without ambiance. As a matter of fact, the low-mass capsule provides a favorable condition to enlarge accuracy and precision. Apart from that, the mic comes with additional pivoting and threaded stand mount to attain appropriate positioning for the singer.

Along with side-address diaphragm, you will get the chance to eliminate unnecessary background sounds that may reduce the recording quality. And again, this good condenser mic under 100 comes with an effective cardioid polar pattern which enhances the frequency response. It also contributes to the elimination of distortion and turbulence which may occur due to surrounding noise. Therefore, you can even separate different signals coming from various sources. A linear, as well as wide range of frequency response of 20 Hz to 20kHz, encourages the sound flexibility without the slightest damage to sound accuracy.


1. Comes with greater price to performance ratio with standard side-address technology.

2. Offers superior versatility through higher SPL handling and wider dynamic range.

3. Custom diaphragm of low mass provides extended frequency and transient response.

4. Provides improvised isolation for specific sound reducing the influence of others.

5. Prevents sound recording from rear and sides using built-in cardioid polar pattern.

6. Features adapter and pivoting, threaded stands with a soft pouch for protection.


1. This condenser mic comes with no XLR connection or cable.

2. There is no facility for the audio interface as it doesn’t have any preamp.


4. MXL 990 Condenser Microphone with Shockmount Review

Product OverviewMXL 990 review

Along with MXL 990, you can experience superb quality recording as well as outstanding durability. Having versatile reproducing ability, this one comes with quality assurance and incredible appearance. Still being a ground-breaking mic in the industry, you will find very few mics that can match its quality. Although it has commercial and heavy-duty aluminum construction, this best condenser mic under for youtube is very comfortable to hold due to its lightweight. Apart from that, the rugged construction encourages ts ability to withstand rough usage. The unique feature of this great one is its efficiency of recording in both analog and digital system. Through a perfect combination of existing feature, it is ready to deliver you a rather crystal clear sound.

The vintage style for the frame having champagne finishing, this is indeed a stylish and fitting choice for a young generation. Along with custom shock mount feature, you can take care all disturbing and unclear background sounds. The mounted cardioid polar pattern offers easy separation of sound from different sources. Apart from that, you will get sufficient frequency responding range from 30 Hz up to 20 kHz. It also delivers superior quality and advanced XLR connectivity which offers rather a fast recording. Again, you will get a maximum value Sound Pressure Level of about 130 dB.


1. Comes with faster frequency response through a wider range of 30 Hz to 20 kHz.

2. Resists sound recording from sides using efficient, built-in cardioid polar pattern.

3. Prevents frequency distortion through FET preamp without low-noise transformation.

4. Offers durable plastic storage case for easy carriage along with shock mount.

5. Requires phantom power and advanced as well as smooth connectivity for the mic.

6. Features facility for both analog and digital recording with maximum SPL of 130 dB.


1. The mic may become quite warm for closing up vocal up.

2. It provides a bit harsh at the high end without specific mid-range.


5. Samson C01 Condenser Microphone Review

Product OverviewSamson C01 review

Regarding quality microphone, this Samson condenser microphone comes with almost all essential features. Along with superior quality and advanced features, you will get an excellent performance. In fact, it can meet all your demand that you want from a large studio diaphragm microphone. And there comes a comparatively larger 19 mm diaphragm which has a dual layer at a time. In addition, this best condenser mic for podcast works over a suitable cardioid pickup pattern. Through the provided pattern, you can get a rather smooth as well as a fast flat response for frequency. Therefore, it is indeed a perfect tool to record acoustic instruments and vocals or as an overhead drum mic.

Almost all major sound recording or mike situations cardioid or unidirectional microphones. The unidirectional facility allows better separation for instrument audio in the studio. Also, it offers further customization for live performing sound over its feedback. Through hyper cardioid pickup pattern, the microphone delivers side-to-side rejection. You can take care of some specific sound which you want having more or less volume. Moreover, there are gold-plated XLR connector and LED monitor along with heavy gauge mesh grill. The super monitor observes the 48V of phantom power. Additional swivel mount which you can attach to any standard microphone stand. You will experience increased sound quality with higher stabilization through the optional spider shock mount.


1. Offers frequency response, dual-layer diaphragm having cardioid pick-up pattern.

2. Records accurate and detailed sound through double ultra-thin sensor membranes.

3. Features quality XLR connector with gold-plating and heavy-duty gauge mesh grill.

4. Offers swivel mount for greater usage and spider shock mount for sound stability.

5. Includes unidirectional recording and an LED indicating a 48V phantom power.

6. Suitable for controlling sound quality and volume with living recording performance.


1. This mic doesn’t include any shock mount.

2. Not very suitable for recording guitar amp.



Final Verdict

Finally, here you got the complete idea about a condenser mic which you can buy for your studio application and also, for live performance. We have enlisted only the best condenser mic  which maintains quality as described and will provide you the best recording experience.