Top 5 Best Condenser Mic for Vocals Review in 2021

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If you are looking for the best sound investment for having a clear recording experience and getting a precise clarity there is no second option rather than condenser microphone. This microphone will create a full-bodied sound maintaining high detailed melody. To acquaintance with you with this high-tech recording tool we have listed 5 best condenser mic for vocals with a complete buyer’s guide from our experts. This info will surely lead you to a recording master today!

 What is Condenser Mic?

 A condenser mic or microphone is a special but popular type of microphone which is often seen using in stages and also preferred for studio recording for professionals. The uniqueness of this  is this mic comes with a capsule having sputtered mylar diaphragm which is made of gold. This condenser mic more clear, smooth and warm sound than the dynamic microphone. It is widely used for recording vocals, guitar tunes, pianos and other voice work.

Top 5 Best Condenser Mic for Vocals – Buyer’s Guide

Buying the best condenser mic from market without having the proper knowledge or instruction is always difficult. That’s why our experts have provided a complete and effective guideline for you.

Firstly, the microphone should have a wide range of frequency response. Having 20-20k can be considered great.

Secondly, microphones should have quick transient response facility.

Thirdly, to provide clear and warm sound the mics should have super noise- cancellation facility for producing a natural recording.

Finally, the mics should have a phantom power facility.

Best One[Most Popular]

1. MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

 MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone has listed at the very top of our top 5 best microphone for live vocals 2018. With its solid bass and incredible performance, it has won many customer’s hearts. This wired microphone provides warm sound with outstanding clarity. This condenser mic is great for recording vocals and acoustic guitars. Also, it is greatly suitable for piano, strings and other voice –work recordings.

This condenser mic comes with pressure gradient facility with high pass filter. The 6-micron diaphragm of this mic is made of gold. This mic offers you a dynamic range of frequency response of 30-20k Hz. Moreover, this cardioid polar pattern allows you to separate each sound individually. Also, you can reduce any unwanted sound with the help of this microphone. It has high SPL handlings with super sensitivity.

Finally, this metal finish condenser mic has become one of the best for vocals because of it’s noise cancellation facility along with a high quality audio recording. It is a great gear for newbie musicians. Also, it works great in studios. So this MXL mics can be considered great for professionals too.


1. Sturdy design with metal finish body ensures long life.

2. Small-diaphragm provides extra clarity to your recording.

3. High-frequency response.

4. Unwanted noise cancellation facility.

5. It comes with balanced output for better recording experience.


1. While recording you can face little reverb problem but it can be easily fixed.


 BEHRINGER  B-1 is a premium quality microphone which provides unsurpassed audio quality. This professional microphone comes with 1 inch sized dual diaphragm which is made of gold. The cardioid pickup pattern will provide you outstanding separation of sounds. Also, it provides feedback rejection. Moreover, this microphone having rugged construction and nickel body made it one of the best microphone for live vocals and acoustic guitar. Because of this rugged construction, the mic can ensure you a long life. Also, all the components of this mic have premium grade materials.

This essential studio gear is empowered with a 1-inch capsule which can capture incredible sounds with its high sensitivity. It has a dynamic frequency response rate. It can response from 20 hertz to 20k hertz frequency. The XLR output ensures the quality of the recording even for vocal or for acoustic guitar. It will provide noise-free transmission for both.

This condenser mic comes with suspension mount and widescreen facility. Additionally, for the highest signal integrity, you can find XLR output which is also gold-plated. Also, it is equipped with a pressure-gradient transducer. The dual diaphragm capsule will surely provide you a best quality recording experience.Moreover, this condenser mic comes with ultra-low noise reduction facility. That is why it has also the ability to reduce even low-frequency distribution. From the above features and benefits, it can be easily realized why our experts consider this one of the microphone for recording vocals on computer.


1. Nickel-plated body ensures long life.

2. Super-cardioid pickup pattern ensures outstanding sound source separation.

3. Large capsule provides noise free transmission.

4. Phantom powered the microphone.

5. It comes with a pressure-gradient transducer.

6. It has the ability to reduce low-frequency distortion.


1. If you want the best quality recording from this microphone you need to turn on your amp every time.

3. Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone

 Looking for a mic which is ideal for project and home or studio applications? Then Audio- Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone is here for you.

This custom engineered mic comes with a low-mass diaphragm. This microphone helps to reduce unwanted sounds. The improving isolation feature will surely amaze you. Moreover, the cardioid pickup pattern allows you to record sounds from sides and rear. It is enhanced with a wide dynamic frequency range. Also, the high SPL handling will provide additional facility while using the microphone. This microphone not only provides a high-frequency response but also has the ability for a superior transient response.

This mic comes with a stand mic, threaded adapter and also equipped with soft protective pouch. For the perfect placement of the mic for recording where you can find this 5/8″-27 threaded stand. Because of its affordable price and superior quality it has become one of the best mics for vocals under 100 nowadays.


1. It comes with rugged construction.

2. Provides extended frequency response.

3. It can handle high SPLs.

4. Custom and well-engineered low-mass diaphragm.

5. Provides superior transient response.

6. Isolate unwanted sound.


1. As the mic provides thin sound so it can record male voices more clearly.

4. MXL 990 Condenser Microphone with Shockmount

With attractive vintage body and amazing sound recording facility, MXL 990 Condenser Microphone with Shockmout has become popular nowadays. The champagne finish adds additional beauty and elegance to it. This microphone is equipped with ¾ inches diaphragm which is gold-sputtered. Moreover, with a higher sensitivity rate of 15MV/pa.

This USB powered condenser mic comes with XLR output and you need 48v phantom power to run the device. Also, this mic has a great frequency response to maximum 130 dB. Moreover, this recording system produces little but no noise figuring 20dB. The low-noise ensures you a clear and smooth recording.


1. Well-engineered design with a beautiful finish body.

2. USB powered microphone.

3. Dynamic frequency response.

4. High sensitivity.

5. Produces low-noise.


1. Every time while recording you need to wiggle the cable.

5. Samson C01 Condenser Microphone Review

 If you are looking for a studio condenser microphone having a large diaphragm with smooth flat frequency rate then Samson C01 Condenser Microphone is perfectly suited to your need. This condenser mic provides detailed sound than any other dynamic coil as it is equipped with two ultra-thin membranes. Not only it’s accuracy and sharpness but also for clear bass tones with enlarged top end it is considered one of the microphone for recording vocals on computer in the recent market.

This mic will provide you an insane clarity- you can feel the resonance of the singer, also you can hear him breathing while playing guitar you can hear clear sounds of the strings. For its crystal clarity, it is considered the best solution for recording songs aka vocals or sound of any solo instruments. Also, it is one of the best overhead drum mics. Moreover, this omni and bi-directional condenser mic will give you wide variety of applications. You can record live sounds and also able to record individual sounds with this condenser mic because of its hyper-cardioid pickup. This allows you to record the sound as your choice, if you don’t want a sound you can omit that sound easily while recording.

Finally, this Samson C01 Condenser Microphone can be the coolest gear in your vocal recording because of it’s swivel mounting facility. Not only swivel mounting but also spider shock mounting is also available. Additionally, the heavy mesh grilling gauge will provide extra benefit to your usage.


1. Solid and sturdy construction.

2. Dual layered diaphragm for better recording.

3. Gauge mesh grill will help you to reduce unwanted sound.

4. This mic provides smooth and detailed sound.

5. It comes with LED for monitoring.

6. Empowered with a gold-plated connector.


1.Because of the large diaphragm, the microphone seems heavier to some people.

Final Verdict

 Finally, if you are up for buying the microphone for recording vocals on computer this list will surely help you to buy one. We have featured only the best one highlighting the essential features you will be needing for home or studio recording. The aforementioned top fives are quite similar to each other according to their quality and long lasting. But every mic has uniqueness. We have also mentioned the unique feature of each mic for your comfort. Hope you have an outstanding recording experience from now on!

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