Best Panasonic Vlogging Camera in 2021 [Vloggers Choice]

Are you a professional vlogger or a newbie in vlogging? As a professional, you may look for a high-quality vlogging camera. For the newbies choosing the perfect vlogging camera is really very important. For both the professionals and newcomers I have got a list of some cool vlogging camera which might help you in quest of the perfect vlogging camera.

I have made a good research on the existing cameras in the market and picked the top 3 vlogging cameras. I have picked the Panasonic vlogging camera for you considering different functionalities.

Here is the list of our Top 3 best Panasonic Vlogging Camera

1. PANASONIC LUMIX G7 4K Mirrorless Camera Review

Product OverviewPANASONIC LUMIX G7 4K Mirrorless Camera Review

Lumix G7 is one of the best vlogging cameras in the market for its advanced mirrorless design. For this reason, its body is so much compact and lightweight which performs really great as a vlogging camera for more convenient use. In addition, with the design, Lumix G7 brings you cutting-edge video, audio, fabulous exposure technology, creative controls, wireless transfer and intelligent auto-focusing. Moreover, the most special feature of Lumix G7 is that you can pause the Ultra 4K HD video and export it as a 4K HD photo. Let’s get more details below.

Lumix G7 includes a 16-megapixel large sensor and a cool image processor which generates a high-quality image without any degradation in quality due to artifacts. With the amazing ISO of 25600, it can capture a clear image in low light. Moreover, it recovers the quality of the image captured with small lens aperture.

This fabulous camera provides you the facility to record the video in Ultra 4k HD which contains 4 X times number of pixels. For this reason, it’s video features a high definition and more details than others. You may have missed the perfect shot that you want to take due to not pressing the shutter at the right time, slow focusing or slow burst mode in the still photo mode. But time not to worry now. You can simply pause the HD video anytime and extract the perfect moment from the video with high resolution.

Lumix G7 is a perfect vlogging camera with its convenient functional buttons and controls. It contains six buttons on the body and five on the menu. Additionally, the front and rear dial enable you to control the aperture and the shutter settings very easily.

The viewfinder of Panasonic Lumix vlog camera comes with 10000:1 contrast and proper framing. For this reason, you can easily see it even under direct sunlight. Besides, you can tilt/ swivel this touch display for getting more clarity as well.

You will be free from the worry of getting blurry image while shooting for its exclusive intelligent auto-focusing functionality. It tracks the color, motion vector, size of the subject instantly and locks the focus precisely while shooting. Besides, the DFD autofocus calculates the distance between the subject and adjusts the focus on the subject perfectly. The AF speed of Lumix G7 can go up to 0.007 seconds and you will get continuous autofocus experience in burst shooting with 6 frames per second.

Additionally, with the Panasonic image app in collaboration with a WiFi connection, you can control the view, focus, shutter and many other functions of this camera with your smartphone or tablet. So, now you can unwire your creativity for creating more interesting vlog with Panasonic Lumix G7.


1. Compact design and lightweight.

2. Fast autofocusing.

3. Facility to capture high quality still images from video.


1. Complicated WiFi functions.




2. PANASONIC LUMIX LX100 4K Point and Shoot Camera Review

Product Overview

Panasonic Lumix LX100 arrives with direct, intuitive manual control which is designed to inspire your creativity in vlogging. You will get dedicated lens rings and dials for controlling the aperture, zooming and focusing controlling rings and speed and exposure control dials. So, shoot or film your vlog in your own way with this intuitive controlled Lumix LX100 camera. Here are more details below. Keep reading to get more information about this fantastic camera.

Panasonic Lumix LX100 brings you the advanced Micro Four Thirds High Sensitivity MOS sensor which enables you to capture more clear and detailed image. This special MOS sensor with multi-aspect ratio enables it to render smooth, seamless gradation with rich, fuller texture. Also, by maintaining the resolution and light, it improves the S/N ratio which minimizes the noise from the image to capture a clean and detailed image even shooting at ISO of 25600.

For inspiring the innovative imaging in vlogging this camera comes with the sophisticated LEICA lens system which captures in F 1.7-2.8 brightness and high speed as well as extraordinary details corner to corner. This lens unit contains 11 elements in eight groups having five aspherical lenses as well as two ED lens. These lenses work combinedly with the Panasonic’s original centering technology to enhance the alignment sharpness of the camera.

LX100 features the exclusive DFD technology in this camera which calculates the distance of the subject instantly. For this reason, you get two different images with different sharpness level.

Lumix LX100 is integrated with 2764 dot equivalent high-resolution LFV which delivers outstanding color reproduction in the display. Even in ultra-strong sunlight, you can see the display clearly. For this reason, it ensures stable framing every time you shoot with this camera.

LX100 gives you the facility to record video with ultra 4K HD quality for up to 15 minutes. For providing you the opportunity to grab every precious moment while shooting, you can take the photo from the paused video. There is no compromise with the quality of the image as well. The quality of the image is equivalent to the 3840 X 2160 MP equivalent still images.

Moreover, this fabulous camera delivers you faster shutter speed, highlight, and shadow control, 11 fps burst shooting, time-lapse shooting, focus peaking, stop motion animation as well as level gauge. Also, LX100 introduces 22 different cool image effects for enhancing your creativity. As a whole, you can consider it one of the best vlogging cameras in 2018.


1. Superior light capturing with the sensor for a quality image.

2. Great stable framing.

3. Removes any kind of unwanted blurry effect from the image immediately.


1. Catches dust easily if not used



3. PANASONIC HC-V770 Full HD Camcorder Review

Product Overview

Panasonic HC-V770 is a lightweight compact design camera from Panasonic which performs really great a vlogging camera. The interesting thing about this camera is that you can drive the lens group of this camera separately. As a result, the driving range of HC-V770 is reduced relatively. For this reason, it delivers high image-quality as well as powerful zooming. Even in 20X optical zoom, the body remains compact.

Panasonic HC-V770 bring the High Dynamic Range(HDR) functionality which enables you to capture a clear and detailed movie in both bright and low light condition. It combines two images with different exposure time and suppresses blown highlights and blocks the shadow. As a result, you get clearer and crispier image every time. Where in difficult shooting conditions such as backlighting, it may harder for you to shoot with other ones, but with Panasonic HC-V770 it will be very easier for you to record true-to-life of videos with fantastic gradations.

With the wifi connection of your camera, you can easily connect it to the camera and shoot from a distance or bring variety in capturing an image by using the picture-in-picture. Besides, the BSI sensor of this camera enables it to remove the noise due to low light and get extraordinary indoor shots or nights capes.

Panasonic introduces its unique crystal engine in this camera which enables you to shoot the slow-motion video in full HD and play it smoothly. Also, it includes many creative controls which are the filter effects, miniature effect, silent movie, time-lapse recording and so on. In addition, with the quality video, this camera features wind shield zoom microphone which records clean and noise-free sound all the time.

The IA mode of this camera senses the shooting conditions automatically and adjust the settings and activate the required functionality instantly. Moreover, you can compensate the white balance and the exposure with a single tap on the button of the LCD. Besides, the level shot function of this camera detects the tilting in the image instantly and corrects it for a perfect capture. Additionally, the 5- Axis Hybrid O.I.S + suppresses the blurring and delivers crystal clear image in any condition. You can adjust the Focus, white balance, shutter speed, sharpness, color saturation, iris, brightness and other function by pushing or rotating the manual dial conveniently.

In summary, you are seeing that Panasonic HC-V770 has got all types of convenient functionality that vlogging camera should have. So, I have picked Panasonic HC-V770 on the list of the best vlogging camera in 2020. You can check these 8 awesome camcorder too


1. Professional looking photo with HDR function.

2. Wirelessly connectable to the smartphone for getting the picture-picture effect.

3. Versatile control and effects.


1. No HDMI output.

2. No infrared(IR) remote control.




Final Verdict

In fine, I can say that this review of the best vlogging camera will be much helpful for you to find the best product from the market considering your type of vlogging and other facts. Here you will get to know about all the features and functions of the camera which will help you to judge them and make a comparison to pick the suitable one for you.