Swimming Pool Technology: Everything You Need To Know

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It’s the era of technology, and everything is technologically optimized. And so are swimming pools. As an owner, you might want to know all about it.

So, if you came here searching to know about swimming pool tech, you’ve come to the right place. This article covers everything you have to know about swimming pool tech.

The name “Swimming Pool Technology: Everything You Need To Know” itself tells you what we have to offer. We have included bite-sized information on swimming pool tech just for you.


So let’s jump right into it.

5 Popular Swimming Pool Technology in 2020

1 of 5: Pool Management Systems

Pool management systems are usually for smart homes. These are software that helps you manage your pool from anywhere. The best ones typically include support for iOs and Android.

Now, it’s essential that you look up a sound pool management system for reference if you want your swimming pool technology to be smart. Because specific systems are only compatible with particular brands.


These pool management systems will control all of your automated functions from one screen. This benefit can cut down a lot of your work and save time on your part.

Therefore, it’s called a ‘Smart’ solution.

2 of 5: Salt Chlorinators

Testing chlorine levels of your swimming pool can be a very pesky task. You must keep the chlorine levels balanced at all times to maintain the hygiene of your swimming pool.


If the levels are too low, it’ll make the swimming pool unhygienic. However, if the chlorine levels are too high, they might create problems like eye irritation.

This situation is where Salt Chlorinators come in. They automatically choose the optimum level of chlorine for your pool and apply it. A handy swimming pool technology, right?

Well, for a smart pool system, you’ll find smart chlorinators that work at the push of a button on your smartphone screen.

3 of 5: Pool Pumps

Pool pumps are one of the most critical parts of the pool. It circulates water to keep the pool clean, leaving no chance for algae to grow.

Moreover, they also make sure there are no cold spots in your pool. However, they take up a lot of energy (1600 to 2000 watts), which doesn’t let owners keep their pumps on for long.


So, this means that your pool might not be as clean as you think it is. But, a smart pool pump takes up less energy by up to 85 percent. So that might be a viable option.

4 of 5: Self Cleaning Systems

Pool self-cleaning systems save a lot of your time and energy. Nobody likes cleaning their pool because of how difficult it is. But self-cleaning systems take care of the problem for you.

They push the dirt to the drain by circulating water from the pool floor. Moreover, if you have a smart self-cleaning system, it adds an extra advantage of remote control.

5 of 5: Pool Heaters and Lighting

A pool heater is crucial for your pool, especially if you are sensitive to cold temperatures. It makes sure the water is at the right temperature.

And pool lighting adds to the aesthetics of your pool and makes it easier to use it at night.


Smart pool heaters and lighting, on the other hand, can add extra functionality to your pool’s system.

Final Words

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