Sony FDR AX53 Review 2021 – A Complete buying Guide

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After the invention of 4K resolution, the field of video recording has changed vastly. Many world famous brands are working at full pace to provide handycams with the best video resolution possible. Sony, in this case, is not lagging behind at all.

In this case, the Sony fdr-ax53 is one of the best one they ever came up with. From capturing 4K resolution to providing accurate contrast the Sony fdr-ax53 is keeping a good track in today’s market.
So, here in this Sony fdr-ax53 review, I have talked about all the details you need to know about this device. From this Sony fdr-ax53 4k review you can gather everything you need to know that will make you love this device.
About the Brand

Founded by MR. Masaru Ibuka and Mr. Akio Morita in 1946, Sony is a Japanese electronics company. For more than 70 this brand is providing great services in the field of electronics. Their cameras are not so different in this case. They are contributing some of the best cameras (i.e. handycams) of this generation. From this Sony handycam fdr-ax53 review you can find out more about this particular device.
What Do We Like Most?

Sony FDR AX53 Review

Sony FDR AX53


The Sony fdr-ax53 offers both 4K resolution and FHD resolution for videos and this is what we like the most about this device.
Because with the 4K resolution, you can capture the tiniest details of a particular scenario. You won’t miss a single detail of a moment while recording the video with this amazing handycam.


  • Stabilized graphics quality even with 4K video resolution.
  • The focusing system is reasonably light and fast.
  • Can transfer videos to a wireless medium.
  • With external mics, provides excellent quality of audio.
  • Features a time laps video option.
  • Lightweight makes holding in the palm really comfortable.
  • Provides focus ring to adjust the focus manually.


  • Cannot capture 4K videos if there is an external monitor.
  • 2. On a tripod, the stabilizer will shut off automatically.


Pixels: 16.6 Megapixels

Sensor: Exmor R with B.O.SS Stabilization

Lens: ZEISS Lens with 26.8 mm

Zoom: Optical Zoom (20x)

Screen: 3 Inches LCD Touch

Weight: 20 Pounds

Product Overview

For getting a balanced optical image stabilization you can rely on the Sony fdr-ax53. The Sony fdr-ax53 specs tell us that this stabilization has an intelligent active mode. For such intelligence, you can take the perfect steady shots without having to face any problems.

Perfect for capturing the details of every scenario, the Sony fdr-ax53 provides both 4K and FHD resolutions. With the 4K resolution, you get to capture every little part of a scene clearly. And the full HD resolution is here to let you enjoy a slow motion video if you are interested.
Day or night, darkness or bright light nothing is of any problem for you with such amazing device like the Sony fdr-ax53. You can capture clear videos without any unnecessary noise during day or night with clear visualization because of the pixels that this device provides.

Even for getting the closest the shots possible the Sony fdr-ax53 provides you a lens of 26.8 mm ZEISS. Capturing the small things and that too widely is now just a simple mechanism for you.

Don’t like your camera being automatic? Want to control the details of the capture on your own? Well, the Sony fdr-ax53 even lets you take the control to yourself. With a time control and manual control ring, you can enjoy capturing the details with your own choice.

Managing the contrast level has never been so easier. The Sony fdr-ax53 comes with an intelligent AF capture for accurate contrast detection.
All in all, if you need to capture videos manually with accurate contrast adjustment you can consider the Sony fdr-ax53 manual camera.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Question: How should the lens be of this camera?
Answer: It should be a little loose and should rotate inside. Because it will keep the lens safe while the camera shakes for any reason.
Question: Can I attach a mic on the camera?
Answer: external microphones are compatible with the Sony handycam fdr-ax53.
Question: Can tripods be mounted with this camera?
Answer: Yes. Standard tripods can be mounted. There is a mount for the tripod on the bottom.
Question: Will I be able to extend the viewfinder?
Answer: Though for most cameras the viewfinder is fixed, you can extend the viewfinder of this camera.
Question: Can I record videos with a closed flip screen?
Answer: Yes, you can.

Bottom Line
Although you can see that there are some flaws like auto shutting down of the stabilizer on a tripod, the things that the Sony fdr-ax53 can do beats this flaw by far.
The features or the specifications that you need, to capture the best quality 4K videos, you can get right in this device as you can see in this Sony fdr-ax53 review.
Finally, I hope this sony fdr ax53/b 4k review helps you to know the awesomeness of this camera.

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