Sony camcorder VS Canon camcorder: Which Is Better for You?

Sony camcorder VS Canon camcorderIn this modern world of video production, buying a new camcorder requires in-depth knowledge of the features, specifications of different models of various brands. Even the professionals take time and carefully decide which one will be best for them.

When you will look over a wide range of cameras, it is natural to get confused for you. Recently, Canon and Sony with their latest models earned huge name and fame. So naturally, you will get confused with which brand will be better for you.

That is why before purchasing a camcorder, you need to know the differences between Sony and Canon camcorders. The aim or objective of this article is to compare between Sony camcorder and Canon camcorder so that you can choose the right camcorder for you.

A comparative analysis between Sony camcorder and Canon camcorder

For your better understanding let us check out the differences of the features between Sony and Canon camcorder.


Sony Camcorder: The first factor that you should consider is the lens of the camera. Currently, CMOS lens of Sony is the best. It is very good for capturing photos in low light. The focal point is also better for Sony camcorder. Lens adapter compatibility is average. It may not be optimal to use lenses of other lens manufacturer on Sony bodies as the quality may decrease.

Canon camcorder: Canon uses EF mount lenses for full frame cameras. If you want to choose or select super telephoto zoom or prime lenses then Canon will be the best for you. Everything works great with EF adaptor of Canon. They have digital lens optimizer for a better performance.

Display and Menu option

Sony camcorder: The menu organization system of Sony is average. Color font of the menu options are of the same color so to find a particular option you have to look throughout the entire menu option. The touchscreen only works for AF areas. It does not work for entering menu options and also during playback.

Canon camcorder: Compared to other brands the menu system and display of Canon is slightly better. The menu options are well organized and it is comparatively easy to navigate. It is easy to hold and find the buttons because the angle is different for every surface. The touchscreen only works for AF areas. The menu options are orderly laid out and the options are color coded. So it becomes easier for the user to find any particular option they need.

Power and Battery life

Sony camcorder: Battery life for Sony camcorder is good. With a single battery charge Sony A7R IIcan get up to 350 images. As mirrorless cameras are smaller, so their batteries are also smaller. Battery charging takes place via USB C or Micro B. External charger needs a cord and this charger is extra for A7 III and included with A9 and A7R3.

Canon camcorder: Battery life for Canon camcorder is excellent. For example, on a single charge battery Canon 5D Mark IV can get up to 900 images. It uses an external charger for charging which includes folding plug charger.

Body size and Weight

Sony camcorder: For many users, size and weight also remain in their top list. Sony bodies are comparatively lighter than other. For instance, the latest Sony A9 body weighs only 676 gram and A7 III weighs 650 gram. If you want to choose a small size and light weight then Sony is the best.

Canon camcorder: Size and weight of Canon bodies is slightly more than Sony bodies. The weight of 6D Mark II is 685 gram and Canon 5D Mark III weighs 860 gram. Canon 5DS weighs 840 gram. So the size and weight of Canon bodies is more than Sony bodies.

Other appearances

Sony camcorder: Sony camcorders are becoming more and more popular due to the addition of innovative features. All Sony camcorders have built-in Wi-Fi. But none of the models have GPS. They have tilting LCD. Articulated LCD is the latest feature of the camcorders. Except mirrorless Sony cameras other models do not have electronic viewfinder (EVF).

Canon camcorder: Only some of the models of Canon such as 6D, 6D Mark II have built-in Wi-Fi and built-in GPS. Canon 6D Mark II is the only model of Canon which has articulated LCD.

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Sony and Canon are both amazing for full frame cameras. With the passage of time, different models of different brands with their latest and innovative features are coming to the market. To choose a particular brand over another is very hard.So we have discussed and made a comparison between Sony camcorder and Canon camcorder. Hopefully, this guide will help you. Enjoy your photography life.