Saramonic Uwmic9 Review – The Ultimate Guide

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It’s not an accident that the sound you capture through your various devices often records unnecessary noise from the surroundings. Capturing the sound of videos from a little distance can certainly be a little challenging because of the noise.

But, with the help of the Saramonic Uwmic9, you can easily avoid this problem. This is a wireless microphone, designed to perform various tasks depending on your desire. This device can record clear sounds for your videography, can capture field interviews and much more.

So today we have brought you, this Saramonic Uwmic9 review, which will let you know every detail about this device.

What to Look for in a Good Quality Wireless Microphone

A wireless microphone can feature a lot of properties. But there are some certain prominences you should look for while picking one. For example –

  • The range of a microphone to catch signal is very important. The more the range the further a microphone can be operated from. That means if you pick a microphone pair with 100 meters range then you can record sounds from a hundred meters away with a camera.
  • Another important thing to look for in a wireless microphone is the number of channels it has. This can help you to store more channels in your microphone at the same time. And then you can choose your desired channel from a wide variety.
  • The display of the device is, of course, important for you. It not only shows which channel you are on but also shows how clear you are capturing the sounds. So, while picking this device, be sure to check on the display.
  • Finally, you should see which devices and functions are compatible with your microphone when you choose one. A microphone can be compatible for field recording, videography, and many other functions. So, you have to dig up a microphone which will go best with your field of work.

What Do We Like Most?

For the Saramonic Uwmic9, there are some prominences we like the most. These are –

  • The Saramonic Uwmic9 has a wide compatibility option. You can use it for videography, field interviews, audio capturing and much more.
  • This wireless microphone can capture sounds from 100-meter distance in an open environment and from 60 meters distance if there is any obstacle in between. This is a very wide capturing range for a microphone.
  • Another feature we like about the Saramonic Uwmic9 is that it shuts down a channel automatically when the frequency of that channel is not in range. Thus it saves the battery life as well.
Product Specification

1. Number of Selectable Channels: 96 (in 2 groups)

2. The range of UHF Frequency: 514 – 596 MHz

3. Display Type: LCD

4. Operating range: With obstacles – 60 meters, in open space – 100 meters

5. Output Level of Headphones: 16 Ohm (30 MW)

6. Output Level of Audio: 60 DVB

7. Noise to Signal Ratio: 70 dB and above.

8. Sensitivity: 95 dBm

9. The response of Frequency: 40 kz to 18 kHz

10. Voice delay: 12 ms

11. Suppression of Spur: 60dB

12. Distortion: 0.5% or lower

13. Weight: 2.03 Pounds

Product Overview

The Saramonic Uwmic9 Microphone System takes measure to astatic, interference exempt audio in low cost, compact and portable package. This is the right fit for field captures, field interviews, DSLR videography, ENG, and broadcast TVby granting dependable audio recording and broadcasting. The system comprises a wireless transmitter which is body-pack, a wireless receiver that can be mounted on cameras and a lavalierclip-on mic.

This microphone commends a wide varying RF bandwidth and an infrared coordination between receiver and transmitter. Arrayed with an auto-scan operation, the Saramonic Uwmic9can axiomatically search for an obtainable transmission frequency. The included headphone jack qualifies real-time monitoring of the receiver with the help of the headphones.This is obligated for cameras which needs a monitor output.

There is animpenetrable transmitter which provides a PLL synthesizer that is crystal-controlled. It is furnished with a mic input of BMP-type and an aphasic function. The RF potency output can be altered among low, middle and high.With the help of this prominence, this microphone can transmit different levels of output power.

The Saramonic Uwmic9 Microphone offers an aluminum construction mostly. So, it can take on a higher amount of pressure while operating.

Lamentably, what you have to keep an eye out as the paint is facile to scratch out of the body. Hence, this can leadyou to go to the shop for fixing the paints for a good Saramonic uwmic9 setup.Also, the antennas inclinevery easily, so stocking this microphone requires extra caring. As the antenna contains a gauge wire within, it holds the shape of the antenna when you bend it. So, you have to be sure that the antenna is kept straight when you are about to storethis microphone in a case/bag.

A nice prominence of this microphone is that you canshut down an individual frequency troupe when not in conduction to accumulate battery. This is helpful for the Saramonic uwmic9 troubleshooting.Also, you can control the audio levels through just the receiver, as conversed to the controls on both receiver and transmitter found on other processes. Levels are viewed as a number range from zero to twenty, as conversed to a more ascertained scale in decibels.

Another phenomenon you should be obliged to, from the Saramonic uwmic9 manual, is that all the sockets accommodated by the receiver and transmitter for the headphones, microphones and the recorder/camera contains a screw-lock system. This indicates that when you plug-in any wire in the sockets, you can simply turn a screw and they will become locked and stable. So they cannot at all be tugged out accidentally.

Along with the doublet of the receiver and the transmitters, there arebelt-clips as well. On the receiver,holding a belt-clip can be a nice touch. Because then you can keep this attached to your belt when you are just capturing sound and someone else is recording videos with the camera. A clip-on on the plastic cold-shoe is also available there so you can attach the receiver with a DSLR’s hot-shoe. This can help to send a wire right into the microphone input of the camera.


1. Doubled channel receiver.

2. Immense LCD displays with adjuvant information.

3. Machining quality is solid and viable.

4. Sound proficiency is excellent.

5. A transcendent range of frequency.

6. Consistent with XLR transmitter and handheld mic.

7. Silicone smeared mic leads and cables.


1. The Battery life is not high but average.

2. Deficiency of 3.5mm spiral-lock to XLR cord.

3. The Lav mic capsules are extensive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Question: Can I purchase the receiver unit separately?

Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot purchase it separately.

  • Question:Is it possible to pair this device with an external recorder of zoom h4n?

Answer:If the input of the zoom h4n matches you can pair.

  • Question:Is it usable with rode Smart-lav?

Answer:No, unfortunately, it is not usable for rode Smart-lav.

  • Question:Can I split the receiver output for two XLR?

Answer:There is an option to do that but in this case, you need to purchase a cable separately.

  • Question:Can I use this microphone directly with the SR-VRM1 recorder?

Answer:Yes, this recorder is certainly compatible with the mic.

  • Question: Is there a particular type of head-worn mic for this wireless microphone?

Answer: No, there is no particular type. Any kind of device may work precisely.

  • Question: Is there any difference between this one and the Saramonic Uwmic10?

Answer: The only difference is that the Saramonic Uwmic10 has a larger frequency range.

  • Question: Is there any input gain control on the transmitter?

Answer: There is no such control on the transmitter.

  • Question: Can I record from two sources at the same time?

Answer: Yes you can, with an A and B mode of the device.

Product Alternative

  • Product Alternative 1

The Saramonic Uwmic10 has a higher frequency range compared to the Saramonic uwmic9, which can capture louder sounds easily. So, if you think that the Saramonic Uwmic9 is not providing a good frequency range then choosing the Saramonic Uwmic10 is a good option.

  • Product Alternative 2

As the Saramonic uwmic9 has an average battery life as you can see from the Saramonic uwmic9 review above, it will be a smart decision for you to choose the Saramonic SR-WM4C. This one will provide more battery life with AAA batteries and so you can pick the Saramonic SR-WM4C as an alternative.

Bottom Line

With multiple functions, compatibility with various products, a good range of sound capturing, and so on, the Saramonic Uwmic9 is clearly a wonderful wireless microphone to dig up.

There are definitely more advantages you get from this device than the minor flaws it has, as you can see in our Saramonic uwmic9 review above.

I am sure that, every question you had in mind about this device is answered in our review. So, making the right decision about purchasing this device will not be a problem for you.

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