How to Play hi8 tapes without Camcorder

How to Play hi8 tapes without CamcorderYou may have a video recording which was shot with one of those old school Hi8 video recorders. But you don’t want it to stay in the same format anymore.

In fact, a Hi8 tape isn’t even supposed to be played without a hi8 camcorder either. And for obvious reasons, we don’t have a Hi8 camcorder in 2020.

So, what to do? Shall you let your old memory go? Or is there any way to play and restore the video in any DVD or digital format?

We are with the answer of this most asked question- how to play Hi8 videotapes without a camcorder. And in this post, we will take you through the answers. Stay with the post.

Do I Need A Camcorder to Play A Hi8 Video Recording?

First of all, Hi8 or all 8mm video recordings are supposed to be played with a camcorder only. That’s a property which has to be there because of lackings in technology.

But in 2019, there are a few alternatives that you can follow. Here are a number of ways through which you can play a Hi8 video without a camcorder-

  1. Play it with a Hi8 Deck
  2. Play it with a VCR.
  3. Play it in a Hi8 to DVD transferring device.

We will give you a brief on each of these methods in the following sections below-

Playing Hi8 Vidoes with A Hi8 Deck

Hi8 decks are the nickname of what we call VCR decks. They are able to record and play pretty well when it comes to old school 8mm tape recorded videos. And if you’re willing to play a hi8 video without a camcorder, this can be your go-to tool.

However, there are two kinds of them- one who can play Hi8 cassettes, and one who can’t play Hi8 cassette(only NTSC). We highly recommend you to purchase the first kind.

They are available online at Amazon and eBay.

Playing Hi8 Vidoes with VCR

Right before DVD players, the earlier technology that we used to use is the VCRs. Although they are not industrially manufactured anymore, you can find tons of families with an old school VCR model anyways.

As long as we are concerned about play8ing Hi8 videotapes without a camcorder, this can be a good option.

For playing 8mm Hi8 tapes with VCR, there is no built-in option to slot a Hi8 tape. You have to purchase a Hi8 to VCR adapter for that.

And there are some VCR models who come with compatibility with built-in Hi8-VCR combo. That’s of course, a better way out for our situation.

Playing Hi8 Videos to Hi8 to DVD Transferring Device

Technology has come up a long way and there are tools available who can convert Hi8 videos into DVD format without any distortion or interruption.

They are available in the market, and in vintage electronics shops. If you don’t have one such store nearby, you can order than in Amazon.

Bottom Line

There can be tons of reasons behind why your old hi8 isn’t working anymore. But as long as you have the cassette in hand, you don’t have to let your sweet memory go. Follow any of the three steps we’ve given above, and hopefully, you’ll come over the situation.

Best of luck!