Pet Technology – Assurance of Enhanced Comfort and Security For Your Pets

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Pet Technology If you read this article, it’s pretty sure that you love pets or have a great interest in pets and related issues. At the same time, you tend to make life more comfortable with the help of technology for both – you and your pets. Sounds interesting, right? Think again, you will find us right! Don’t be surprised listening to me! There are lots like you out there!

According to the American Express, a pet owner spends more than $1700 (last of 2017) per year for their pets.

The point that we want to emphasize is that a large portion of that money is spent for facilitating the pet with a substantial number of high-tech pet technologies like wireless dog fence, GPS fencing, tracking collar, activity monitor, harness, automatic feeder, ball launcher, smart bed, tech-toys, etcetera. Here we will focus a few pet technology that we consider much necessary among all.

Wireless Dog Fence

Fencing is a must for the comfort and safety of your beloved pet, whatever it is- dog, cat, or even any other pet. It’s much necessary for a dog compared to most other pets. There are different types of fencing- conventional, wired, wireless, etc. A wireless dog fence is utterly different from other, especially for the reason of creating no physical barrier.

How does it work?

There are two main parts in a wireless dog fence- transmitter and collar. Although it comes with some other components like a surge protector, boundary identifying flags, battery charger/replaceable battery to be used accordingly (as per types and necessities).

The transmitter produces a certain amount of radio signal and throws it across all directions up to a certain amount of area when switched on or electrified. The other part ‘collar’ used to catch the signal from the air.

Interestingly, the collar has a quality (as programmed) to offer correction when a pet wears it. A correction means ‘shock.’ But before offering the shock, the collar used to make the pet alert by providing an alarm or/and vibration. When the dog approaches the pre-fixed boundary (the last travel/arrival point of the signal sent by the transmitter), the collar gives an alarming beep or vibration.

If the pet ignores, the collar starts to offer static shock by interval unless the pet gets back within the certain boundary. In this way, the transmitter stays at the core of the entire boundary.

Interestingly, only the pets wearing specific collar get bound to stay within the boundary for the shock, no other pets or human those are wearing no collar.

Overall, it’s great automatic protection for the pet that ensures comfort as well. It costs something around $500 (more or less)

Activity Monitor

A pet activity monitor device is also vital for the pet owners. The activity monitor gadget works on all time and everywhere, e.g., cold weather, night, pet’s walk, pet’s exercise, resting time, and so on. It monitors every possible fact (programmed in it) of the pet.

How does it work? You have to clip it on to the pet’s collar; the setup might need a few minutes only. It requires no charging. It starts working immediately after installation. The device monitors the walk, run, heartbeat, amount of exercise, play time, rest time, and every other activity.

As well, it the monitor device keeps the data every day. You can easily monitor your pet’s health condition if you continuously check the data as the data will help you realize your pet’s condition.

High-Tech Toys (Ball Launcher)

Pet owners invest a significant amount of money for different toys. Nowadays, there are good numbers of high-tech toys available out there for your pets besides the traditional pet toys. These technologically advanced toys can give amusement to your pet by itself as some of them are automatic. For example, the Ball Launcher, one of the best pet gadgets.

The launcher launches several balls one after one to your pet when the pet wants to play with it. It saves the pet owner from sending a ball to his pet continuously. This way it saves the time and energy of the owner.

Other Pet Gadgets

There are some other best pet gadgets which are the perfect examples of advancement of pet technology as follows

  • Self-Cleaning Litter Box
  • Indoor Bark Control
  • Automatic Pet Feeder
  • Pet Harness

Last Words

It’s not possible to describe all of the pet technologies in a single article. For every tech or gadget, there is enough to discuss and write. However, we will bring them toward you step by step.

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