Panasonic HC-wxf991k Review – Best Camcorder Ever ? Explained


When you hear about Panasonic you immediately think about their electronic devices. Actually, we can’t blame you for that as we all do the same. This is due to the amazing devices they have been providing us for decades.Panasonic HC-wxf991k Review

Keeping all other devices aside, Panasonic has been manufacturing some of the best camcorders in the market and this is nothing we don’t know about. The Panasonic HC-wxf991k is one of their most amazing creations.

Why you ask? Well, today you are going to find out why this camcorder is keeping its position to the top. Just follow this Panasonic HC-wxf991k review and in the end, you are sure to like this device.

What Do We Like Most?

Panasonic is a trusted brand and there is no doubt. So the devices they made need no particular feature to be liked for. Still, there are some features that never seem to get tired to amaze us.

The Panasonic HC-wxf991k is not so different in this case. Even though it contains a lot of amazing features, we mostly like it because of its ability to swap the modes so quickly.

Quick swap allows you capture videos more creatively. And also it helps to keep the light balanced. So you get a high-end videography done. This is why we like this feature most about this camcorder.


Zoom: 20x Optical Zoom

Pixels: 18.91 Megapixels

Sensor: BSI MOS Sensor

Weight: 14.2 Ounces

Battery: Lithium Ion Battery, 1

Lens: LEICA Decoma Lens

Product Overview

panasonic 4k camera review

While shooting videos, it is often required to change the mode as quickly as possible. By doing so you can get the perfect shot. In the Panasonic HC-wxf991k, you can get an HDR button to swap modes really fast.

Most of the camcorders in the market lack this awesome feature. Which is why this camcorder is now one of the top camcorders in the market.

The Panasonic HC-wxf991k 4k cinema-like camcorderwill capture 4k videos with ultra-sharpness. So, never miss a single detail of the scene you are shooting with this amazing camcorder.

After you have recorded the videos you will see that the Panasonic HC-wxf991k 4k ultra HD camcorder will keep a full HD video ready for you. Moreover, with the Wi-Fi, you can share your videos instantly with everyone.

With an amazing EVF (Electronic Viewfinder) you can focus on the details of your videos. The Panasonic HC-wxf991k helps you to say goodbye to the undetailed videos you have made till now.

Capture a great scene with all the details you need and view them in slow motion or fast motion, however you like, with the Panasonic HC-wxf991k camcorder. Post cropping of a 4k video is also allowed with this amazing camcorder.

Get the best quality zoom for your captures with the Panasonic HC-wxf991k. Zoom into the details with a 20x optical zoom lens of LEICA Decoma lens. Adding the BSI MOS sensor with that helps to create amazing color detail to your videos.

Overall you can see that the Panasonic HC-wxf991k is a complete package for you if you are in need of making the best quality videos with a lot of details easily.


1. The Construction is extremely solid.

2. No cooling for reducing extra noise.

3. Nonstop recording won’t make the camera heat up.

4. Zooms in and out faster and smoothly.

5. Gives excellent performances even in low light.

6. The battery charges surprisingly fast.

7. Provides tripod mounting option on the bottom.

8. Peel style finishing with a solid grip.


1. Larger and heavier for a camcorder.

2. Swapping between options drops battery life quickly.



Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


Is there any option to do videography with night vision?

Answer:There is a mode called night mode but there is no option for night vision.


Is the focus auto or manual?

Answer: Both types of focus is available with this camcorder.


Is volume leveling allowed?

Answer:You can rise up or down the volume while viewing the videos,and you can set the volume level for capturing as well.


Can I use an external mic with this camcorder?

Answer: Yes. External mic is applicable.

Bottom Line

The Panasonic HC-wxf991k is a great camcorder as you can see. Though you will find minor flaws here the features that this camera provides, surely outgrows the flaws.

From this Panasonic HC-wxf991k review you can see that this camcorder provides you all the features you require in a camcorder. From autofocus to intelligent stabilizer, everything is included in this device.

So I am sure now you don’t have to think harder to know why this camcorder is the best one to choose. Finally, I hope that this Panasonic HC-wxf991k 4k ultra HD camcorder review was helpful for you.