Panasonic ag-dvx200 Review 2021 – Meet The Beast

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Camcorders are generally used for instant videography, especially for the home-made videos.


But from a huge collection of different camcorders, it is often quite hard for a regular user to pick the finest one. Even as a hobbyist, not a professional, you definitely want to have some good quality videos in your video diary.

So, today we bring you the Panasonic ag-dvx200 review which will help you to know everything about this device.

What to Look for in a Good Quality Handheld Camcorder

A camcorder has a lot of prominence’s to give you. But in order to purchase a good quality camcorder, you should focus on some primary features. Before we move on with our Panasonic ag-hvx200 p2 HD camcorder review here are some short notes about those features.

  • You have to see what the resolutions of the video a camcorder is providing you. This is an era of 4K resolutions and so you have to pick a camcorder that can record 4K videos along with other resolutions as well.
  • The shutter speed of a camcorder is very important. Because the shutter speed helps to capture fast moving objects clearly. When you choose a camcorder, make sure it has a good shutter speed otherwise recording moving objects will not be clear for you.
  • If a camera can record farther videos clearly, then it is certainly beneficial for you. This function depends on the zoom range of the camcorder. So, while digging up a camcorder, take the one with more zoom range.
  • One of the most important parts of a camcorder is the lens. The focus of your videography entirely depends on the lens and so, you should always pick a camcorder with the best lens you can find. Without that, focusing in the right place will be difficult for you.

What Do We Like Most?

Everything the Panasonic Ag-dvx200 features are above average if you look in our Panasonic ag-hvx200 dvcpro HD p2 camcorder reviews. But there are some particular features which we like the most about this camcorder. We have shared them right here –

  • First of all, this camcorder has both 4k and HD resolutions to choose. This is a very promising feature for a camcorder. Because with such high resolution, you will never miss a detail while capturing.

Secondly, this camcorder has a great shutter speed. With the Panasonic Ag-dvx200 you can clearly capture speedy objects without blurring them and so slow-motion videos are also possible here.

Product Specification

1. Sensor: 1 into 4/3 type MOS

2. Effective Pixels: 1335 MPUHD, 1289 MPUHD, 871 MPFHC, 1549 MP

3. Resolutions: 4K (3840 x 2160 & 4096 x 2160) and HD (1920 x 1080)

4. Shutter Speed: 59.94 Hz, 50 Hz

5. Shutter Opening Angle: 5° to 360°

6. Focal Length: 12.8 – 167 mm

7. Zoom Range: 20x zoom (for FHD Only), 13x optical zoom

8. Weight: 12.7 lbs. 9. Memory Card Slot: SD, 2x

Product Overview

Recording MP4to 4K or MOV and tendering 1920 x 1080 HD video of AVCHD recording, your flick can be spontaneously integrated into a modern post production if you look in the Panasonic hvx200 manual. The compact Leica zoom lens of 13x zoom contains three lens rings which willgrant manual control over zoom, focus, and iris.

The lens contains optical image compensation, and the sensor eyelet is adjusted to synthesize for X and Y budge, as well as pitch, yaw, and roll from the optics of the lens. Aside from this correction, it won’t work when you are shooting UHD/4k.

Even after using plastic, the DVX200 is put together quite solidly, as well as containing some common Panasonic design clattering. You will precisely be fond of the shutter mode of the lens cover on the ambulatory matte box. So you can say goodbye to losing lens caps. And the stop/run button of the handle has a small sliding cover. Hence, you should be careful not to press it by accident.

The lens of the Panasonic Ag-dvx200 comprises the mechanical zoom ring with both power and manual mode. It also comprises the focus type ofendless encoder and iris rings. This ring is extremely fast and provides a nice feel. Also, it imprecise to find good focus, with the help of the luscious focus aids.

There are a regular set of controls of Panasonic, behind the rings of the lens, with exposures of 1/64, 1/16 and 1/4, auto/manual iris, auto/manual focus, servo/manual zoom and so on. There are four buttons assignableby the user as well as an assist button for the focus. This is also software configurable. But, the most adjuvant setting enhances the middle portion of the display of viewfinder and turns the peaking on.

You can plod the enlarged portion of the frame, with the use of an on-screen control or simply dragging the icon on the screen with the touch of a finger. If you are in the mode of focus assist, the frame-edge swill turn red. To sum it up, it is the ideal focus assist embodiment that you will get.

There are doubled viewfinders, a precisely average eye-level acquirer, and an admirable touch-screen LCD. TheLCD slips nicely in the front of your camera handle when it is not in use. Also, it has 2.76 million dots of resolution and a 4.3 inches diagonal. Response to the touch is also quite good.

There are some flaws you may find as well. It is available to view the on-screen waveform monitor. But this function will turn off other on-screen data. So you can pursue it to adjust the iris, but you won’t be able to see the f-stop that you are setting. What good is, that there is a function called histogram, found in the menus. This function doesn’t contain such problem.

Also, there is a sensor that shuts the LCD down when you keep your eye on the EVF. It’s really sensitive. So, holding the camera in front may frequently turn on and off the LCD.For that, you should swing the LCD up as far as you can to avoid this problem.


1. The inward recording provides up to 120fps.

2. Perfectly-balanced and easy to carry.

3. Collateral card slots grant more capacity of the storage.

4. A good proficiency with a lower price.

5. Scanning mode is very fast.

6. Consolidated and yet very subtle in weight.


1. The lens is not interchangeable.

2. No Wi-Fi in the camera control.

3. Overly sensitiveOLED light cap.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can I record 4K videos with an FPS of 60?

Answer:Actually you can record 60 FPS with 3840×2160 resolution which is near to 4K.


Should I use a regular tripod for this camcorder?

Answer:It is better to choose a strong and sturdy tripod for this camcorder to operate steadily.


How good it works with low light?

Answer:It is not a very productive camera to work with in low light but you can get an average quality by this camcorder in low light.


Can I get an included microphone with this camera?

Answer:Sorry to say, but you will not get a mic. You have to purchase separately.


Can I record slow-motion videos with 120 FPS with this camcorder?

Answer:No, with this camcorder, you can only record slow-motion with 60 FPS.


Is the battery included or do I have to purchase separately?

Answer: You don’t need to purchase separately, the batteries are included.

Product Alternative

  • Product Alternative 1

If you are not satisfied with the 13x zoom provided by this camcorder as shown in this Panasonic hvx200 review then you should go for the Panasonic Ag-UX180. It has an optical zoom of 20x and can clearly record videos farther compared to the Panasonic Ag-dvx200. Other than this, there are some minor differences, which you don’t need to be concerned of, between these two camcorders.

  • Product Alternative 2

The optical sensor technology of the Panasonic Ag-dvx200 is MOS as you can see in our Panasonic ag-dvx200 review. This technology helps to capture light more clearly. But CMOS is better than MOS and so if you want have CMOS rather than MOS then you can pick the Panasonic HC-X1. Be aware as the zoom of the Panasonic Ag-dvx200 is 13x but the zoom of the Panasonic HC-X1 is only 3x. But as it has CMOS it will process the light better for your image.

Bottom Line

Conclusively, the Panasonic Ag-dvx200 is a high-end camcorder which is nearly ideal for most documentary programs, news, and nonfiction, as you can see in the Panasonic ag-dvx200 review above.

It is not actually designed for professional sports, wildlife applications, or digital cinema, for which you will need some longer interchangeable lenses and smaller sensor with more depth of field.

Still, with the proficiency of frame, focus, and operate speedily even at a resolution of 4K, the PanasonicAg-dvx200 is a high-quality camcorder undoubtedly as per our Panasonic ag hvx200 camcorder review. It is surely one of the best 4K camcorders you can ask for.

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