Nikon D3200 for vlogging: This is why Most Vloggers like This for Youtube Videos

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Nikon D3200 for vloggingAs vlogging emerges as a professional endeavor, the Nikon D3200 for vlogging review really comes off as a necessity.

There’s a very good reason for it. And that is the usability and connectivity factors related to vlogging. As a vlogger, you’d want something that matches your vlogging needs.

And to explore these factors, we will now go through the specs and benefits and offer our final judgment at the end. Tag along if you are ready for the ride.

Nikon D3200 for vlogging


  • It comes with 24.2-megapixel APS-C DX-format CMOS sensor with a 4-frames/second continuous shooting capability.
  • 3D tracking does come enabled along with 11-AF point.
  • Features a 3:2 aspect ratio, an RGBG color filter with a fixed anti-aliasing apparatus.
  • The ISO ranges from 100 to 6400, with an extended ISO range up to 12800.
  • 1080p video recording 30 frames/second maximum.
  • 720p video recording at a 60 Hz frame rate.
  • The Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens comes with a zoom ratio of 3.06x. The actual focal length is 55-millimeter at maximum.
  • Optical image stabilization is enabled with Auto-focus and assist.
  • Features a 3-inch LCD display with a 307,200-pixel resolution.
  • The memory types include SD/SDHC/SDXC. Also, RAW capture support is enabled.
  • A microphone jack alongside a USB 2.0 high-speed connection is available as well.
  • Features Wi-Fi connectivity as well.


Features and Benefits

  • Processing and tracking stability

The processing and tracking capabilities of the Nikon D3200 are spot on thanks to the 24.2-megapixel APS-C DX-format CMOS sensor.

The sensor is capable of producing highly crisp and detailed images with very low noise. Also, the EXPEED 3 image-processing enables faster processing speeds while keeping the image quality intact.

Furthermore, thanks to the proper 3D tracking implementation with Optical image stabilization and Auto-focus, vlogging in the streets has never been easier.

  • Video quality and formatting

Thanks to the superior sensory capabilities, as a vlogger, you probably shouldn’t have any complaints with the 1080p video output. Although the 720p videos at 60Hz do seem natural, the 1080p out isn’t lacking in quality in any way.

Furthermore, your vlogging videos can easily be decoded with the popular MPEG-4 and H.264 formats. Also, you cannot forget the support for similar storage devices, which are convenient to use.

  • Convenient Rear Display and battery life

The 3-inch LCD display at the back offers vibrant popped out colors and crisp details overall. Having such a crisp display with a decent battery backup is clearly a nice combination for many.

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi-Fi connectivity is another source of convenience with the D3200 vlogging camera. Thanks to such an option, you can now directly send your vlogs to your smartphone. The app integration is certainly on point.

  • Compactness

The D3200 is certainly a decent choice for a vlogging camera because of its small size. For those who prefer compact devices, the D3200 will certainly not disappoint. And, in reality, a vlogging camera should certainly be compact enough to occupy less space.

It’s Good for Vloggers because

Now comes the time to answer the question, why is the nikon d3200 for youtube videos?

First of all, you will need a small video capturing device. You’d certainly want clean and crispy footage, even in dim lighting. Second, you’d want it to be compatible with the available apparatus for sharing and consumption.

Thankfully, the D3200 vlogging cam does check all these boxes.

When it comes to image quality, the CMOS sensor paired with EXPEED 3 processing offers crisp and staggeringly clear images. Even while doing some casual vlogging, you will find the footage to be clear and precise.

And to get such robust footage, you need to have some robust stabilization methods to back it up. Fortunately, the processing and stabilization work really well in unison in producing some beautiful vlog footage.

And all of it is done in a very compact and rigid shell.

What to watch out for

Having a non-rotating rear display is certainly a bummer when it comes to a vlogging camera for travel. Still, the inconvenience isn’t really that bad.

Another noteworthy con is perhaps the controls.

It is certainly possible to get a better grip on the controls with something less complex. In short, if you are a beginner, then you should probably refrain from buying the D3200 vlog camera.

About the brand

Nikon was founded back in 1917. In 1988 it was rechristened as ‘Nikon Corporation’.

When it comes to camera apparatus, then the Nikon Corporation certainly has a good deal of influence. Today, Nikon is proud to be a leader in movie production, videography and more. And, in the realm of vlogging, it certainly does have a few potential options, the D3200 is one of them.

Bottom Line

So, what did we learn from our review? First of all, the review offers an insight into the specifications, giving all the aspiring vloggers out there a clear indication as to whether it’s suited to their needs.

Second, the usability factor is weighed for the final judgment.

And that’s about it. As a vlogger, the rest is up to you!

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