How to Use VHS Camcorder: Everything you need to know

How to Use VHS CamcorderDo you want to go back to the days of school when your father used to record videos on your birthdays and chase everyone with that huge camcorder?

Yeah, we all do.

Most of the cameras nowadays can give you pretty high-quality clips, but not that vintage, old style clips. Except for the VHS cameras.

Yeah, VHS cameras are those camcorders who will look your clips like they had been stored in a tape for 30 years. The clips will look so vintage that, you can pretend to bring these clips from past using a time machine.

However, we will learn a few beginner’s steps to start using VHS cameras. Let’s go through the list-

5 Tips on How to Use VHS Camcorder

1. Don’t Get Blown Away with The Apps

There are many mobile applications that are famous to create VHS effects right on the mobile. However, these apps are just a few layers of vintage effects and noise. They are not true VHS cameras.

However, we suggest you not to stick with these apps. Go for a real VHS camera, and feel the true vintage recording experience.

2. Learn How the Distortion and Noise Works

VHS cameras will let you create distortion, static and tracing noises in the videos that you will shoot with it. Before shooting the final version of any video, make sure you know how these effects work. Also, learn which kind of noise and distortion to use for any particular kind of video.

3. Learn to Embedded On Screen Date and Time

Remember how the old school camcorders use to display the date and elapsed time right on the frame of the video? A VHS camera has this as an important feature. Learn how to put that on the screen while you are shooting with one.

A fun trick is to fake the dates and times on the camera. By doing so, you can let people think that you’re younger while the video was shot.

4. Control the Effects While Recording

Some VHS cameras let you control the video effect while you are in between a shot. Some models let you do that by using your fingers. And in some models, you can do that by shaking the camera itself. In both ways, it is fun to play with the effects.

Advantages and Fun Parts of Using A VHS Camera

This is the bonus section of the article, where we are noting down some amazing features and fun acts that you can do with a VHS camera. Here you go-

  1. You can create one of the best throwback videos ever.
  2. You can impress anyone with the trick that you’ve got a time machine to shot videos from the past.
  3. Make your kid’s program and performance at school more watchable.
  4. Create videos for your kids that make them feel like children again.
  5. Bring back the memories and aroma of the ’80s, while you’re in 2019 or 2020.


Bottom Line

Who doesn’t love to be a part of old school videos which look like they were shot in the early ’90s or ’80s? Everyone, right?

Using a VHS camera in a proper manner will let you do that. And frankly speaking, using these cameras isn’t any harder than using a regular camcorder. Just you need a couple of random shots to get used to with the effects and features.

Good luck with shooting with your VHS camera.