How to Transfer Canon Camcorder Video to Computer Using USB

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How to Transfer Canon Camcorder Video to Computer Using USBShooting video on a canon camcorder is preferred by many as it provides the highest quality video and great recording facility. Among all the camcorder brands cannon gets the majority percent users I must say. Usually, making a video however professional or personal is quite easy but the fact becomes complicated when it’s about transferring it to the pc. It seems trouble to most people. Do you feel the same? Though the data transfer process looks difficult, actually it’s pretty easy.


If you have a canon camcorder and done with your video recording and now you want to know the process of how to transfer canon camcorder video to computer you are on the right place. This article will provide you the simple and easy instructions to get the job done just like that.

Let’s get started.

Needed Instruments

Before starting the procedure here what you need to go with the process below. These instruments might be available at your home or some might have to be bought. But all of them are common instruments thought. Here they are.

  • Personal Computer/Laptop: You need a pc or laptop to transfer the file. There’s no rule like the computer has to be owned by you. You may borrow one to get the job done.
  • Canon Camcorder: Canon camcorder has various models you may choose the one you like or go with the one you already have. It’s just to make the video and transfer to the pc.
  • USB Cables: You can use the camcorder charger cable as a USB cable or get a new one. USB cables work as a connector to transfer the data to your pc from the camcorder.
  • External Memory Card: it’s safe to use an external memory card for saving the video from running out of space. It’s totally up to you if you want to use an external memory card or not.

Connecting Process

The big part of this data transfer system is the connection of both the device, the computer and the camcorder. Hope you have gathered all the needed gears already. So, let’s solve the connecting part first. Once you are done with the connection, half of your troublesome work is done. Here is how to connect your device step by step.

  • Step 1: Set the camcorder and your pc close so you can ignore the lost connection problem. It’s better to set them in the computer table.
  • Step 2: Now, open up the LED screen of your camcorder and you will see some ports. According to the port’s size connect one side of the USB cable to the camcorder.
  • Step 3: Connect the charger if there is any chance of low battery because it can turn off the camcorder and ruin the process.
  • Step 4: After that, connect the other end of the cable to the pc/laptop USB port. Make sure both the end of the cable is connected accurately.
  • Step 5: Select the USB mode on your device and they are connected. Avoid shaking them, place them fixed in one position. A slight move can disconnect them.

Data Transfer Process

Once you are done with the connecting process you are all set to start the data transfer system. Here the main data is actually the video. Your device may have other data and once you learn to transfer a single data you can transfer any kind of data easily because all the procedures are exactly the same.

Now, here goes the full process.

    1. So, your devices are already connected. Now it’s the turn to the data transfer finally. To transfer your video from the camcorder to your computer you have to set some options.
    2. Just After connecting the USB cables there will be a beep and to get this you need to switch on the device. After turning the power switch of the camcorder on you have to select the playback mode. Usually, there are 3 modes from which you have to go with the playback mode.
    3. Now, your pc/laptop will show a notification to accept the device to connect with your pc. Select the connection or accept option and click the video import option to go to the next step.
    4. Next, you will get two options, one is the SD card and the other is the internal memory. Go with the one your device support. If it has an external memory card select the SD card option if not go with the internal memory option.
    5. Here you will find the video you wanna import. Import the video to your pc and finish the process. That’s all you have to do.


Wasn’t it too easy? It seems like a kiddish job. It’s just getting the steps clearly and following the proper instructions, nothing else. Many people will confuse you with lot more instruments and difficult ways, forget them all and go with the steps told up. You will know how to transfer canon camcorder video to computer easily.

Hope the article was helpful. Thanks for being with us.

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