How to start a vlog channel on YouTube: Step by step process

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How to start a vlog channel on YouTubeRecently you decided that you want to be a vlogger or you want to start vlogging. You are planning on becoming a famous vlogger and youtube. You like filming and want to establish yourself on social media as a famous vlogger.

You want to express yourself and want to show your creativity to the world. Now you want to enter the world of vlogging. Then what to do?

Before becoming a vlogger on YouTube, you need to know everything from creating a YouTube Channel to all the way to make it successful.

This article will give you a detail guideline on how to start a vlog channel on YouTube channel covering everything you need to know to become a good vlogger.

How to start a vlog channel on YouTube: Step by step process

Step 1: Choose a good and unique name for your YouTube channel

Your channel name plays an important role in representing yourself. So choose a name that is unique, visual and easy to remember and also describe the purpose of your channel. If you make your name visual it will become easy for viewers to remember your channel name. So choose your channel name carefully so that it can fulfill your goal.

Step 2: Create and customize your own YouTube channel

Following some simple easy steps you can open your YouTube channel. At first, with your own Google account, log in to YouTube. Then select the option “create a new channel”. Give your personal information accordingly and then verify your account by confirming the code they send to your phone. You can customize your channel by adding channel art, channel icon, and channel description.

Step 3: Practice and learn how to vlog

As you are a beginner, so you can face difficulty to make your first video. But this problem should not discourage you. If you are making a high-quality vlogging channel in that case you have to give more effort.

Firstly see the videos of the famous vloggers and notice carefully how they make their videos interesting and attractive to the viewers. Secondly, try to interact with the audience. Ask them appropriate questions and keep the video interesting. Try to build a relation with the viewers.

Don’t make your video long as the viewers may find it boring or irrelevant. The viewers must understand clearly without any confusion what you are trying to say. Try to practice in front of mirror. While filming you should not be nervous rather you should talk confidently.

Step 4: Film and edit your first vlog

It’s time to film for the first time that you want to upload in your YouTube channel. Make sure that you have necessary equipment like video camera, vlogging camera, good lighting, tripod and microphone. For filming, you should use a good camera that can give High Definition videos. Obviously, the viewers will not like bad quality videos. So start filming with a good camera. Good audio quality and lightning also enable the viewers to enjoy your video.

After making a video you should edit that video to make it more attractive to the viewers. You can cut any part that you don’t want in your video.You can add music to your vlog that many vloggers do to make the video more charming and pleasant. But do not use copyrighted music. Also for editing you can use different editing software.

Step 5: Upload video in your vlog

If you are done with filming and editing then upload the video in your YouTube channel. Pick a relevant title for your video and don’t forget to add description and thumbnail. If the vlog is more than ten minutes then you will have to verify your account.

Step 6: Promote your channel

After uploading videos to your YouTube channel share it via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media so that more people can watch your videos. You can also encourage your viewers to share your videos with others. Try to be original, unique and always keep a positive attitude towards the viewers. You should remain active to your channel and upload quality video regularly. Build a good relationship with other vloggers. Last but not least, you should be dedicated to your video content.


Last of all, cannot help mentioning that It is not so easy to be successful on YouTube. Sometimes, the toughest part is to start. If you are a beginner you will face more difficulty but you need to be patient and idealistic.

Combine your thoughts, create your own idea and represent it in front of the audience in a way so that everyone appreciates your work. Always try to be nice and cheerful to the viewers. If you know and learn how to start a vlog channel on YouTube you can become a good vlogger.

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