How to Market Your Video Production Company

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How to Market Your Video Production CompanyThanks to advances in technology and a growing network of creatives, video production is now seen as a necessary, viable part of modern society. Professional video producers and editors can work on practically anything— film, TV, commercials, and even online video content.


Previously, we wrote about ‘How to Start a Video Production Company, covering all the steps from inception to promotion. But what does promotion mean, exactly? Today, we’ll talk about the process of marketing your company with a little more depth, and discuss tools and strategy to make sure your studio stands out from the rest.

Show Off Your Portfolio

One of the most important things that any creative has in their arsenal is their portfolio. That is especially true for video production, where the quality of your work is your best shot at netting clients and projects. Still, there’s a right and wrong way to build a portfolio website, so make sure you do a little bit of research first.


Web designer and developer Andrew Couldwell recommends keeping your portfolio website simple and straight to the point. Your work should speak for itself, and you should be selecting the most impressive pieces in your oeuvre. You should also try to show part of your process, so your clients have a better understanding of how you work. Keep it short and to the point— the easier your website and portfolio are to understand, the better.

Think Out of the Box

Think Out of the Box

The next thing you can do to market your company is to think out of the box. A lot of studios will make the mistake of going for standard marketing practices like email marketing and the like. While those are always good to have, there needs to be something that helps your company stand out.


Even in a field as digitized as video production, going analog can do wonders. Direct mail marketing isn’t the most popular option when it comes to marketing video, but it does pull in results. Triadex Services advises taking it further with plastic postcards, which are easily customizable and incredibly impactful. You can use your plastic postcards to offer discount coupons for your services, advertise your portfolio site, or even link to a sample of your work via QR code. Plastic postcards can even be die-cut to your specifications. If you’re looking for impact and creativity, this option can do that for you and more.

Go Interactive

Sometimes the best marketing is to simply show what you can do. Interactive video is a great way to help clients become familiar with your work, while increasing the shareability and virality of your content. As a video production company, you’ll be more well-equipped than most when it comes to pushing the boundaries of the medium. has a list of tips for making your interactive video content truly special. Among these tips include personalization, like allowing customers to choose what characters in your video or film can do. Another option is to simply include clickable CTAs in your video, which could lead to the rest of your portfolio or a contact page. As a creative, your imagination is your best friend, and this might be the best opportunity to let it run wild.

Forge Networks

Finally, if you’re serious about marketing your company, then you need to look at building networks with other studios in the field. Competition isn’t always bad, and learning from your peers can be a great way to push your limits and expand your horizons. Plus, if you’re able to forge positive relationships with other companies, the chances of being referred for projects climbs higher and higher.


The New York Film Academy encourages network-building  through a variety of means, including social media, events, and personal linkages. A good reputation and a solid network can do more for your marketing strategy than a thousand emails, so make sure you invest the time and effort into your connections.

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