How to Improve Your Gaming PC Experience

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How to Improve Your Gaming PC ExperienceIf you are a gaming enthusiast and use a gaming PC rather than a separate gaming console, you know that sometimes a game might not run as smoothly as you want it to. All games come with a minimum requirement in hardware and software that you must have on your PC. If this minimum requirement is not met, there is hardly anything that you could do. However, if you have everything that the gaming experience needs, or even exceeds the minimum recommended requirement, your PC might still do with some optimization to enhance the gaming experience. This article is all about optimizing your gaming PC to get the most out of it.

Below are the tips to improve your gaming PC experience.

Know your PC

If you use a PC that you have built yourself, selecting the hardware and the operating system, then you probably know the configuration of your system in and out. You know if your PC is capable of running a particular game on it. But if you have just bought a gaming PC from the store, know how capable it is to run a particular game on it.

There are tools available that help you find out everything about the hardware and operating system on your PC. Also, some online tools help you determine whether your PC is compatible with the requirements for a particular game. Once you know what is missing in your PC to give you the best gaming experience, you can add on to improve it.

Overclock your GPU

PC gaming relies heavily on the graphics card being used. A good gaming experience is all about being able to see the best game visuals on your monitor. A graphics card with a GPU that is compatible with your PC and meets the requirements for the games you wish to play is ideal. However, to even further enhance the gaming experience, you can overclock your GPU.

Overclocking the GPU is nothing but making it run at a speed higher than the factory settings. While overclocking too much might result in damaging the hardware at some point, a slight overclocking of about 10-15% can be safe and at the same time improve your graphics. In any case, today the PC hardware is sophisticated enough to shut down on its own before any serious damage can be caused due to overclocking.

Get your RAM up

Does your game stutter? This is an indication of your RAM being just below the required standards for the game. Improving RAM can help run games faster on your PC. Some games might not work well or some might not run at all if you don’t have enough RAM.

With most PCs coming with motherboards with multiple slots, upgrading your RAM is easy. While an 8GB RAM is usually the minimum requirement for gaming, a 16GB RAM is optimum. Go for 32GB or higher if you are an avid gamer. For motherboards with multiple slots, using multiple RAM sticks is always better. For example, if you have two slots, and want a Ram of 16GB, two sticks of 8GB each are better than one of 16GB.

Keep your gaming PC clean

For optimum gaming experience, a clean, dust-free gaming PC is more important than you’d think. Accumulated dirt and dust can be a dampener for the overall performance by causing the PC to heat more. This can result in poor performance for the processor as well as the GPU resulting, thus impacting the gaming experience.

Physical maintenance to clean out the vents, the keyboard, and of course the screen is very important.

Update your hardware

Are you using the best hardware to support your PC gaming? From the monitor screen to the microphone, if you use devices that are more suited for the games you run, the gaming experience will climb up a notch. Your mouse, keyboard, headsets, etc. all matter in the larger scheme of things and having the best you possibly can make a significant difference.

Apart from this, you should also consider upgrading your hard drive to an SSD (solid-state disk). SSDs are more efficient than hard disks and can significantly bring down load times when you run a game on your PC. Research an SSD which is compatible with your PC and whose specifications are compatible with the games you want to run.

Similarly, updating the graphics card and having multiple graphics cards can significantly improve the animations and visuals during gaming. Also remember that older graphics cards can impact performance negatively.

Basic Hygiene for your PC

If you have owned the PC you use for gaming for quite some time, chances are it has a lot of applications installed. Some applications that run in the background can take up critical system resources and the gaming performance can go down. Some tips to take care of this situation:

  • Uninstall applications you no longer use.
  • If any programs are running, close them before you begin the game. Even better, start the game after a fresh reboot.
  • Open Task Manager and sort the applications by the CPU and memory they are using. Close any applications running in the background that are not required.
  • There are applications available that free CPU and memory for a better gaming experience. You could check out which application suits you.
  • Running regular scans to detect the presence of malware and take appropriate actions can help keep your PC healthy and provide better performance.

 Defrag your hard drive

While an SSD (solid state drive) is a better alternative to a hard disk drive, if you are using a HDD, you might as well ensure it is optimized for good performance. With time the hard disk drive’s performance can go down with disk fragmentation. The virtual memory on the HDD also needs to be cleaned up to get the most out of it. Defragging optimizes the space on the HDD improving processing speed. The default defrag tool on Windows is good enough for a quick defrag. There are online tools available which could help too.


With these methods, you can get the best possible gaming experience on your PC. While upgrading and improvement in performance is a continuous process, some of these tips can give your gaming experience a boost and help you squeeze out the most out of what you have, without having to pay a bomb for it! Happy Gaming!!

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