How to get Xbox one games for free – Expert Guide (Gaming Expert)

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Playing Xbox one games is a matter of high cost so you won’t be an effort to have them every time.

Even it’ll be so common that you are supposed to play only one or two games for a larger period of your interest. You have the will to have a variation but your purse doesn’t permit you to do so.


If you are in such condition, then I can give you some fantastic information on how to get Xbox one games for free of cost totally. Have you felt doubt? Thought that it’s quite impossible? Then I can gladly inform you that it’s quite possible. To know more just go through the article and start following.

Process of getting Xbox One games for free—In sum

If you ask me to tell you how to get Xbox games for free, then I can say that there are actually three processes in your hand.

  • Get sharing apps

The first process is using some sharing apps. You can use sharing to have Xbox one games one game from your friends. This process is hundred percent free of cost.

  • Get the access to some game builders

Then you can get the access of some worldwide famous game builders organizations like EA sports or others. For this, you need to give them some service on free of cost. For that, they will give you some access to play some of their games without any pay. But the service is actually a loophole found system. You need to find the loophole and unlock the premium guide option.

  • Grab the free offers:

You’ll find many sites which will offer you free Xbox games. Those sites mainly do this actually for their marketing purposes. You can easily grab that opportunity.

Some More effective guidelines on how to get free games on xbox one

Use Xbox one game sharing app

In my verdict, Xbox one game sharing app will be the most reliable way to share Xbox one games. For this, first of all, you need to install this app. Yes, this might take some money to have and install this app. But the amount of installing this app is very little to effort. So, install this app among your friend circle. Then each of your friends will take one or two Xbox one game with usual payment. Then you can easily exchange your games with your friend circle with the Xbox one game sharing app without any cost. While you’re asking me how to get Xbox one games for free within the last time, I’ll definitely suggest it to you at first.

Now come to the process of installing and getting games with the app. Here’s the total process in brief.

  • At first, your friends need to download two games like Rainbow Six Siege or Dark Sous 3
  • Then he had to install the sharing app.
  • You have to install the sharing app also.
  • Suppose, you have Black Ops 3 games.
  • The both you and your friend can share the games with each other.

Step by step guideline for process of sharing the Xbox one games with Xbox one games sharing

  • Get information of the Microsoft account from your friend.
  • Now apply that account In your inbox using the credential of them.
  • Then go to the setting menu.
  • Press the ‘personalization’
  • Press ‘My Home Xbox’ button
  • Then go ‘make this my home Xbox’ button. (accessible for three times in a year)
  • Then you will be able to get the games of your from ‘My Apps and Games’ option.

Now, the very important fact is that game sharing apps are better in one sense that it’ll save your money. But on the other hand, it is quite unsafe as your friend will know your Microsoft access. So, never rely on the person whom you don’t know personally for this process.

Grab the Free offers for getting paid

If you ask me how to get Xbox one games for free but the most legal and safest way, then I’ll suggest you go for this way. You’ll find many websites in online for earning money. These sites will issue you money or the gift card to buy from Amazon. Then you can easily those cards or money to buy Xbox games from Amazon.

Yes, firstly your earnings will be so little and won’t be enough to purchase games for Xbox. But the amount will be higher and even close to 10 dollars when you’ll be an expert enough. The total process is completely legal and you need just a bit survey for earning money to purchase games. Again, you’ll get the opportunity to get raffles to earn more money from these sites.

Get the access of EA Glitch

You know almost all the famous games of Xbox is built by EA sports. Hence, the access of EA Glitch will allow playing most of the famous games without any payment.

For this, you need to get the entry of the site of the games of EA sports. There is a loophole and you need to find that. Then you need to unlock the premium guide of the EA sports. The total process demands only 2 minutes survey from you. You’ll survey for two minutes and complete only two lines. You’ll get then the opportunity of downloading lots of famous games from EA sports.

However, isn’t it good to hear!


In a word, the answer to “How to get Xbox one games for free” is better for saving money but risky a bit. For getting the amazing facility of playing Xbox games without money you may easily take such kind of risk. It’ll save your time also. So, follow the above instructions. Then get and play any Xbox games whatever you want instead of money. Happy gaming.


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