How to get a crown on Tik Tok (Formerly musically)

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How can you get the attention of your friends on social media? Once, a few years ago you might not think about this matter. But now you may hear the term ‘musically’ through which you can make funny videos and images and can show the creativity of yourself and grab attention to your friends.

You can easily download this and make videos. Those will be saved to your gallery and if you want you can share those with your friends and watch later for having fun. And you will happy to know that musically awards the crown to their users.How to get a crown on tik tok

Well, now it may come to your mind if you make one video and download it, you will get a crown. But that’s not right in all the cases, there’s a process and musically only crowns those who are most authentic and influential users; there have some official criteria so if you want a crown then there are some ways that you need to follow.

So here is am discussing on how to get a crown on musically. Stay here with me if you really want a crown for yourself from musically.

How to get a crown on Tik Tok?

Have to follow some steps for having a crown of yours. Here it is described step by step:

Step 1:

First and foremost, the thing is sharing high-quality videos. A good quality camera can fulfill the criteria of this condition. If you have a good resolution camera, then there is no doubt that the video will be awesome. You can add extra effort to it if you can manage a tripod stand. That way you can get more professional. Go to a wonderful place with a well enough camera, take a tripod, invest it so that videos are not shaky. Have an external microphone so that audio quality is also flawless.

You can use any camera for creating a video, there’s no specification. Careful about that you are capturing it vertically so that the viewers of the video have not to crane their necks. And it is a very important criterion. High-quality video may be featured, so it is an advantage for you if you can make one best shot. The question is how you will know if you are featuring or not. If you got featured, then you will get a notification and the notification word is “featured”. The word will appear above the musically option. So don’t have to do extra things.

Step 2:

You are ready for making videos on musically but should you not know what kinds of videos are being watched most in it? It is important for getting a crown from musically. So search for which videos are most popular and their types. Research for the most featured videos to have some idea from those. Suppose you are making videos from the song of your favorite musician but you have to think that if that musician’s songs are on the top of the list. Again it may be about comedy type videos. The consistency of length of the videos is also an important factor in that matter. You should look into if the videos lengths are consistent or not.

Step 3:

One filming technique has gained much popularity for some days. And after that other type comes and takes its place. It is a usual thing. Search for the trending technique of taking videos from the most featured ones. Hashtags always catch the viewers’ eyesight so have a look at it. While you are done with making a video then promoting is a crucial issue. You find it from the promotion of movies that which have different and interesting promotion those take the attention of the viewers. The same thing is applicable for here. Research on owners of featured videos’ promotion and then try to mimic. And then you can apply it in your own way.

You will easily find the featured contents on the musically’s homepage. First, click the home icon and then click ‘for you’ or ‘featured’.

Step 4:

Entertaining videos can bring a good luck to you being featured. Try something making entertaining videos so people can have fun from it. Musers gather crown for their video by creating some funny and comedy videos. Because people want something to laugh and to enjoy. Funny and unique videos attract people of all ages. So you better go with this concept. Liveliness is the tonic that brings charm to anything. So stay lively when creating a video as well as engage with the music. Because if you can’t catch up with the music the video will be nothing but a wastage. For bringing variety and charisma of the video you can enhance the environment of your surroundings. You can add some cute and funny prop and represent those in an exciting way. Your videos are to be such that they keep coming to watch those. Give them the reason to be with you and your videos. With every new video change the props and maintain the appeal. Talent and artistic skill can increase the possibility of being featured and grasp your videos to the limit.

Step 5:

If you are not keeping the regular contact with surrounding people, then you will naturally be out of their mind. So this step is about to be consistent. Deliver videos consistently in the musically and don’t let the followers forget about your existence. With the quality of your video, you have to a regular one in the musically. You make a video with much effort and which caught many viewers. But if you get off for a long period then people will not remember that you made such a great one. So it is necessary to stay in their mind. Make the follower look forward to you with a regular schedule.

Step 6:

Branding is a thing with what you will get popularity. So when you make videos upload those with a certain name and the name should also be in unique style so that people will find interest. And don’t forget to use the same name each time with your video and use the one which is in your other social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.) name with an interesting texture. So people will come to know about you and if they like the name, the username will be established soon.

Step 7:

Going with the trend is the best to be followed by people. People find interest in those topics that they are seeing or hearing frequently. So for getting a crown on musically involves popularity among the followers and that you can get by gripping the trending issues. So in that case hashtags do a great job to reach the realization to the people which type and matter of your video are going to be. So when you are thinking of hashtags try something that will attract you as you are one of them who are Musers. Hashtags highlighting trending word will grab the eyes of the viewers. And that’s how they will decide what kind of video they want to see. Again if you use a hashtag just to go with the trend and there is no relevancy with the video then people will dislike it. Trending hashtag can bring you new viewers and even your videos can go viral!

Step 8:

Connecting with the users will ascend the popularity of your video. So you should try to connect with the other users of the musically and be friends with them. They can help with meeting you with others and thus you can introduce yourself to a huge user. As a number of fans are one of the other factors so you can make your viewer friends to like you. And if they are the top ranking Musers then it will be a great thing. So from this step, it is the moral line that being social is a crucial thing for getting a crown on musically. Again following your favorite user is something from which you can have some idea. And if you send them a message they will know about you and watch your videos to know what are those about and how are those. Don’t forget to send a message to the user whose video you liked. That way you can bring like for yours. And these likes and compliments of the followers will get you noticed by musically.


Musically brings you fun in your daily fine. You do your homework or office work on regular days and this makes you leading monotony life. So when you have scope why won’t you take it and enjoy it! With the fun from the musically if you can get popularity then it is more amazing. So here I have described for you how to get a crown on musically so that you can get yourself to that limit. So enjoy the whole thing and make yourself well satisfied

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