How To Freeze CCTV Camera

There are times when you may need to extract a certain image from CCTV camera footage. Since CCTV cameras constantly record footage over a given surveillance area, this can be difficult to achieve. As a result, some people opt to freeze the CCTV camera to get the image they want.

If you’re curious, you may ask, how to freeze CCTV cameras? Do not worry, as here we’ll guide you on some of the ways on how to achieve this.

how to freeze CCTV camera

What Do You Need To Freeze A CCTV Camera?

The most important thing you will require to do this is that you need complete administration access to the camera in question. It does not matter what type of access, whether you are sitting near the control panel for the surveillance system or using your wireless connection to operate the camera. Surveillance cameras have built-in defense mechanisms to prevent outside sources from freezing their footage. So, unless you have full administration access, you cannot hope to freeze a CCTV camera.

You can make use of a manual or layout scheme in case there are multiple cameras in a building. The scheme can help you pinpoint which camera you will need to freeze. This can be helpful if you’re on the control panel and have to work with many surveillance cameras. Also, learning about resetting Hikvision IP Camera can also come in handy.

How To Freeze A CCTV Camera | Effective Methods

Next, we’ll look at the ways you can freeze the camera. Some of the methods are described below:

Freezing From Playback

The first thing you can opt to do is simply freeze and extract the image from the playback. Usually, surveillance cameras will save the footage while they are viewing a particular area. If you can access the camera, it is possible to playback the footage you want, pause it, and then save the image you wanted. The live feed from most cameras is recorded into a USB hard drive, so you can watch the playback from there.

For this to work, however, you need to ensure a few things. The footage you want must not be too old. Space on USB drives is not infinite, and users of the camera will delete the old footage to free up space. If the footage does not exist, you cannot freeze and extract the image by this method.

The other thing you need to take note of is that the footage cannot be corrupted. If the feed is corrupted, you will have no way to play it back. It is extremely difficult to recover corrupted video files, and as such, it is impossible to use this method to freeze CCTV cameras.

Locking The Display

You can freeze real-time footage on your CCTV by simply having the display locked on to a certain image. The live feed will simply show that image until you unfreeze it. This can also be done by recording a loop and then having that camera play it back. It will look as if the camera is frozen and replaying that recording. After recording the video that you want to loop, simply set the monitors in the control panel to play that segment for however long you need.

Unintentional Freezing

Although this isn’t a sure-fire method to freeze surveillance cameras, there are times where due to the system configuration, your camera can freeze up. This is especially common in wireless cameras where depending on streaming software used, the video and audio can freeze up.

Similarly, weak Wi-Fi connections can also result in your camera footage freezing up with distorted audio. If, for any reason, your Wi-Fi connection to the camera is jammed, the display will be frozen. So for wireless CCTV cameras, you can jam the wifi signal to make it freeze up.

Any electrical disturbances to the connection can cause the camera to freeze up. If your internet connection is facing issues, you might notice the audio and display being chopped off.


To summarize, if you want to know how to freeze CCTV camera, you will need access to them, or you will need to be able to jam their connection if they happen to be wireless. Many recent camera models do have ways to circumvent poor connection issues, so keep that in mind.

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