How to Film Basketball Games: Step-by-Step Guide

How to Film Basketball GamesAre you attending the next basketball game by your favorite team? How about some moments of memory recorded on your own camera?

Yeah, that’s what we are going to talk about in this article. Find five superb tips below that will turn your basketball recording skills into master class. You can share them on your social accounts, with friends or just can keep them as memories.

5 Tips to Film Basketball Games

We’re not going to give you a step by step guide. Instead, we’re going to list down 5 tips that work individually to make your basketball clips great.

Tips 1: Don’t Take A DSLR

The first tip starts with what sort of camera you should take out with you to record basketball games. And on that note, don’t even think about DSLRs or SLRs. Take camcorders instead. Cause, camcorders don’t have that many limitations in action sports recording, unline DSLRs.

Most DSLRs are able to record not more than 20-25 minutes of clips. And when recording basketball match, you don’t want to stay within such a limitation.

Tips 2: Set the Frame Rate and Shutter Speed Right

The frame rate is a fact that’s pre-determined in most of the cases. Photographers love to keep it as 24fps. But for games like basketball, this may seem quite low. We would recommend you to go for higher frame rates.

The next, and even more important factor is the shutter speed. It’s the amount of time your lens will allow the film to receive lights. Slow shutter speeds are good for deep photographs. But when you’re recording dynamic sports like basketball, it’s best to keep the shutter speed hight.60fps and 1/29th are the recommended frame rate and shutter speed for basketball filming.

Tips 3: Go for Wide Shots Instead of Close-Ups

Close up shots are great to watch. But when it’s filming, it’s not possible to take close-ups until or unless you have a profession tele-lens camera. With a camcorder, we recommend sticking to wide shots only.

Moreover, in sports like basketball, you want your audience to have the full scenario in vision. So, wide-angle shots are preferred from that viewpoint as well. As you can’t explain the whole game with close shots.

Tips 4: Record from A High Ground

You know that it’s fun to watch the game as a spectator as closely as possible. We are talking about the distance here, and it matters when you’re filming the sports instead of just being a spectator.

When you’re high and distant from the field, you’ll have a wider view and focus on filming exactly where the actions are happening. Also, it’s easy to move your directions with the camera when you are far from the crowd.

Tips 5: Keep A Good Depth of Filed

The depth of field matters when you are shooting a dynamic sport like basketball. Achieving a high depth of field is something that we could see only in DSLRs, even a few years ago. But now, these features are being available in mid-budget camcorders as well.

If you have one such Basketball camcorder, you should keep the level of field depth high. This will give you a better quality of the video.

Bottom Line

Wow! We’re at the bottom of the article. So, these were 5 primary tips to hone up your basketball filming skills. Hopefully, you will have expected results from these, and master up your skill to an even greater extent.