How to Film Action Sports?

How to Film Action SportsPeople who love action sports, want to see the athlete’s every single move in details. But shooting such films is almost a mammoth task for any videographer.

Therefore, filming action sports is harder than most of the other sports filming.

But don’t give up yet, we’ve got a quick list of some impactful tips, which might give you some solid ideas.

Let’s jump right in-

How to Film Action Sports

In terms of photography or videography, a lot matters on the subject you’re pointing your camera at. When it comes to action sports, the major issue seems to be capturing the target athlete all alone. We mean, there won’t be any other crew other than the filmmaker himself [check these filmmaking camcorders]

Here are the main threats when you’re filming action sports-

  1. A lot of happenings take place within a short span of time.
  2. The track/field the game is going on, isn’t friendly for static shooting at all.
  3. Taking close shots is a bit of hard luck, as long as action sports are concerned.
  4. You’ve to keep your gear light, where you can’t sacrifice with the quality either.

>>Keep The Gear Light

While filming action sports, you may need to climb the mountain sometimes or to stand on a terrain edge. So, if your gears are unnecessarily bulky, that might lead you to severe frustration.

Therefore, take gears of as micro level as possible. Starting from action cameras, MFT systems, and lightweight, collapsible tripod- these can be your companions.

>>Pay Equal Attention to the Sound

When it’s about action sports, good audio is equally important as videos. Take racing games as an example. If you can patch up the roar of the engine with the moving racer, that would create a complete sense for the audiences.

>>Go for High Frame Rate

In action sports, a high happening rate takes place in such tiny moments. So, you’ve to make sure that you can shoot those tiny details of the moments. And the only way to do that is to maintain a high frame rate in the camera.

Even a few years back, this was quite impossible to do without larger shooting cameras. But in 2019, you will have many compact cameras that will allow you to record videos at high frame rates.

>>Go Slow When You Need

A very relevant factor with high framing rate is the slow-mo recording. Because there are a lot of actions in a very tiny span of time, you can go slow with the playback speed.

And that takes us back to the point of high frame rate. Without ensuring a shoot at a high frame rate, you can’t really break it down as slow-motion moments.

>>Don’t Zoom and Get Close to The Action

Zooming with the digital zoom feature is complete nonsense, as they really ruin the video quality. If you think that optical zoom is a good alternative, you’ve to give up, as there is no optical zooming in actional cameras.

So, to get the details of the action sports moments, you can’t help getting close to the event itself. You have to put yourself on the front line. And trust us, if you dare to take the risk, you’ll be there with some cool films of sports.

>>Shot From Different Angles

When it comes to sports, no-one loves to watch clips from two straight minutes from the same angle. So, you’ve to place a number of cameras at a number of points of views.If you are looking for cheap camcorder then go for sony or canon.


That might ask for a crew or stuff, who will hold the cameras for you. Doing it with a team might not be an easy chore all the time, but at least give it a shot.