How to Download Tik Tok Video(100% Working)

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Nowadays there are so many apps that can give fun and you can overflow with craziness with your friends. Tik tok is something like this that can bring fun while creating a funny video with it. It is familiar in the video community and millions of people are using it to show their talent. It helps you performing creative expression and show the talent of yours.

You can make funny videos with your friends playing in it some funny songs and even can upload in the social media. Isn’t it so amazing to have it on your phone or laptop or your mac book! But you can’t get the videos downloaded and updated with new videos just like that. So here I am going to discuss over how to download tik tok video. Stay here with me if you really want those to be saved.

Ways of downloading tik tok videos

There are several ways you can download tik tok in your gadget. Here the ways and steps for how to download tik tok video. These are the very easy ways and you can and you can save your videos to the gallery of your phone or laptop. And later watch those videos too.

1. Download tik tok video via the link

Step 1:

Open the app tik tok on your gadget and there you have the video option. So open the app and go for the video option. You will easily find the video option there.

Step 2:

In this stage, you have to have the link of tik tok. For that, after selecting the video option, look there for the sharing options so that you can copy the link of tik tok. And then you will see the copy link. After seeing the copy link, copy it so that you can use it in the next step.

Step 3:

The link you copied in the previous step, paste it to the browser you are browsing in. once you paste the link to the browser then you are able to open it.

Step 4:

Now you are in the link and can play any video whatever you want. So play a video as you like, it can be of anything as your heart content, some funny, childish, crazy, sweet and cute, whichever you want just play it. While playing, tap a little longer over video. After finishing the video there will be ‘download now’ option. Click the option and the video will be downloaded in your gallery. And you can watch it any time and have fun.

2. Download tik tok via its viewer

As tik tok videos are very much famous for the new generation, you will find web viewer. It is the site where you can enjoy tik tok videos from a different genre. Suppose you like sweet and cute videos more than others, and then you look for hashtags of sweet and cute videos and the download whichever you like. When you are searching, there are so many options you will see like looping and others. Just select your most favorite one among so many of those and download it.

Step 1:

Definitely, there is some kind of videos you like the most and download it. Then go to that one and download it.

Step 2:

The video that you have downloaded, make right click on it you are using your personal computer or laptop. If you are using a smartphone, then tap it for a little longer.

Step 3:

After clicking on the option on personal computer or laptop or your phone, there is a ‘save video’ option on the screen you will witness. As you are downloading the video, then tap the option of the screen. The video will be saved in the gallery of your PC, laptop or smartphone.

Step 4:

It is saved now and you can enjoy the video whenever you would like to watch.

3. Download tik tok video via mail

Step 1:

Like the above steps, first, you need to choose which type of video you want to download. So choose any of the hundreds from the options on the screen.

Step 2:

There are social media sharing options you will see on your screen. Right below those options, you will see other options for choosing. There you look for ‘other sharing’. After you find the option, click on your screen on the option.

Step 3:

After clicking on the ‘other sharing’ option there will be mail sending options. It is in your gadget’s app, so for that one. Send to mail is the option you have to look for.

Step 4:

So you have already sent it mail to the recipient. Now as you send it there is a link for the tik tok app. From there you can download the link. Even the recipient can also download the link from the mail. Then it will be saved to your gallery from where you can easily enjoy the funny videos.

4. Tik tok video downloader for android

Sometimes there are watermarks on the tik tok videos that you won’t like it to have there. Or it may interrupt with the props of the video. There is also a solution to it if you want. You can save videos from tik tok without watermarks and these will be in your gallery without watermarks. ‘Downloader for tik tok’ will let you download not only videos but also thumbnail images, profile pictures. All you need to do is the following three steps. The steps are here:

Step 1:

When you go and search for the video download you will see many of the videos. Choose one of your favorite ones and copy the URL. With the copy link, you can go through the video so that you need to copy it.

Step 2:

As you are already in the app, so the URL you copied earlier, just paste it in the app.

Step 3:

After pasting it, there will be a download option on the screen you will see. Tap on the download button and the work is done!

5. Video downloader for tik tok

Tik tok is a well-known video sharing platform where you can show your creativity and can be yourself as you wish. So if you really want to download it easily and fetch images and videos only you need to have the URL. When you search for one, then definitely there is a link. As before, paste the copied in the right place. Then you will get ‘download now’ option. By tapping on it, you can easily save it to your gallery of PC, laptop or smartphone.

All you download videos will be safe in the gallery so you need not worry about the fact that whether it is saving there when you tap the ‘download now’ button. So the thought is out of the question.

Other issues

  1. If your laptop’s camera quality is not that good, then it is usual that the tik tok videos will not be clear. For this, you can use an external USB camera and you will have perfect tik tok video.
  2. Sometimes people install tik tok on bluestacks. It is a website where you can install tik tok. Some people may find it insecure to install it there and others may have questions about the safety of the website. It’s a viable Android Emulator. So it is perfectly fine you install tik tok in the blue stacks. So feel safe using the website.
  3. If you have a tablet which does not have a good quality camera and also there is tik tok in your tablet, what will you do? Well, suddenly you cannot change or buy a brand new tablet. So the best you can do is making videos when you are in the good light. It is the best filming during golden hour in that case. Golden hours mean the time of 6 to 8 in the evening. Or you may film it near your window to get much sunlight.
  4. Sometimes the videos will not open in the player that you are using. Then change the setting option of the default player. The VLC player may do it better in that case.

So these are some issues that you can face while downloading, filming or watching the videos or images. You can follow the instructions that are given here so that you can get rid of the problems.

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Summary Line

Finally, you have come to know how to download tik tok video. Our daily life has monotonous because of our daily fixed routine. Life needs some different things for bringing joyous and recreating moments. Tik tok is something that helps to make some fun with your sibling or friends.

Moreover, you can show your creativity by developing new funny or sweet videos. Not only this, you can also show these videos to your friends or share those via social networks. That’s how you can connect with people. So download tik tok video now in your gadget and tremendous fun!

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