How to convert Camcorder Tapes to Computer

How to convert Camcorder Tapes to ComputerWe generally use a camcorder to click pictures or record videos during occasions like birthday party, weddings, or picnics. We always keep the beautiful moments hidden in this camcorder.

The camcorder is also used for professional tasks such as, during any personal interviews, etc.

Whether we use it for personal or professional events, but in the end, we cannot always keep all the files in the camcorder. There is a risk that the camcorder might get stolen or even damaged. The result will be that all the files stored in the camcorder may get lost forever.

But don’t panic, because there is an easy solution to this small problem. You can transfer all the files stored in the camcorder to your computer. It may sound complicated but after following the steps below, you will know how simple and secure process it is. So, let’s get started.

Let’s have a quick look at the equipment that you need to transfer camcorder tapes to your computer.

Things needed for transferring camcorder tapes to computer:

  1. Personal Computer or Laptop
  2. USB or Firewall Cable
  3. SD Card.

Now that we know about the equipment required, lets us quickly go through the steps to connect the sports camcorder to your computer. Follow the steps below.

Steps to connect the camcorder to your computer:

Step-1: Before you connect both the camcorder and computer, see to it that your camcorder is fully charged. If the camcorder is not charged then it may get shut down in the middle of your work which is very irritating. If your camcorder is not charged enough then you can still continue the transferring process with the camcorder in charging mode.

Step-2: Switch on your computer beforehand to save some of your time. It will also save you from lost connection problem.

Step-3: At the backside of your camcorder you will find a USB Port there. You will have to plug in one end of your USB cable in the port. Turn on your camcorder and plug in the other end of the cable in your computer.

Step-4: After you have plugged in the cables, you will see 2 options popping up on the screen of your camcorder. From there you will have to press the option with a disc icon. As soon as you press it, your camcorder will be connected to your computer. It’s easy, right?

Now, move on with the steps to transfer camcorder tapes to your computer. The moment you get familiar with the process it will be like a child’s play to you. Let’s begin.

How to transfer camcorder tapes to computer:

Step-1: Now, you are all set to transfer your video footage to your computer. In case, if your PC supports external memory then what you have to do is take out the SD card from your camcorder. Then insert the card into a micro SD card reader and connect it to your computer. Then click on the SD card option on the computer. Finally, your files will be transferred and saved on your PC.

Step-2: In case of internal memory, you will have to import files from the camcorder. For that, install the application named Play Memories Home from Google and install it.

Step-3: After you are done with the installation process, open the app and as your computer is now connected with the camcorder it’s device name will be visible on the app.

Step-4: On the app, there will be an Import Media Files button. Click it.

Step-5: After you have clicked the button, all the files from your camcorder will load on your computer screen.

Step-6: After your files are loaded, click on the tick option and then click on the import button. It might take some time depending on the memory of the files that you are transferring. And you are done!

Some tips regarding the transferring process:

  1. Whenever you are connecting both the camcorder and your PC, ensure that the camcorder is near the PC. Otherwise, the plugs might get out and there will be a disconnection.
  2. If your device supports external memory, then you better use the SD card option because importing files to your computer might take some hard drive space.
  3. When you are transferring files to your computer, close other running programs as this process will use lots of system resources.


Do all these steps sound any difficult to you? It’s so simple. Just follow these steps and remember the tips and you can save the files on your PC.

You can also edit your videos with any editing software if you want in your PC. Hope this will help you. Have a nice day!