How to Clean Camera Body | A Step-By-Step Process

Pictures are something that most of us take on daily, the magical device called the camera freezes our moments in a frame so we can treasure our memories for a lifetime. However, this magical device can also collect dust and dirt throughout its time of usage which can cause problems.

After thoroughly reading our article on how to clean a camera body you should be good to go on your way to take crisp pictures again! The process is nothing too complicated so you will be easily able to follow all the steps.

How to Clean a Camera Body

What You Will Need

The items needed to clean a camera are not too hard to find, so if you own a camera, you should definitely have them around.

  • A lens brush.
  • Non-abrasive lint-free wipes. The wipes you are using must be lint-free, or else lint might get jammed in the body or the sensor of the camera which will definitely cause issues.
  • A small blower bulb.
  • Lens cleaning spray.

Besides these items, you will need a few basic items that we guarantee you have lying around your house.

How to Clean a Camera Body

If your camera is a DSLR camera you have a bit more work to do since the lens most probably comes off. We will be breaking down the cleaning process by each component of the camera: the camera body exterior, the sensor, the screen, and the lens.

Step 1: Dust the Entire Exterior of the Camera Body, and Remove the Stains

If you have any gross-looking stubborn stains on your hd camcorder for sports, one unconventional hack that you may find useful is that take a toothbrush and dip it in denatured alcohol then very lightly scrub the spot and ensure the toothbrush is not too wet. For lighter marks on the body, you could dampen a soft microfiber cloth with distilled water and go over the spot properly.

To dust off the entire body, take the soft microfiber cloth but make sure it is completely dry. Then, go over the entire body taking out any grime, removing dust, and of course, getting rid of the annoying fingerprints.

Step 2: Wipe the Screen Clean

The screen of the camcorder for self-hunting is most prone to be crowded with fingerprints, and if you own a camera with a touch screen you probably know how much oil and sweat sticks on to the screen at times. To clean the screen, you will just have to take a slightly damp and soft microfiber cloth and wipe it with small circular motions.

Step 3: Make the Lens as Clear as Crystal

We know that the light enters the camera through the lens so if it has dirt in it, it can very well affect the images you will get from your camera. So to start off, take your lens out from the camera. If you have a lot of dust or dirt in your lens, you will have to remove them using a lens brush and a small blower bulb. We must explicitly mention that this step is mandatory, and if it is not done you might scratch your expensive glass.

After taking out the dust, take a clean and dry microfiber cloth or lint-free wipes to go over the lens in a circular motion starting from the middle.

Step 4: Pick up any dirt from the Lens Mount and Sensor

The image sensor of the camera is very fragile and one of the most important parts of the camera so you have to clean this part very delicately. When dust gets into the sensor blurry spots are seen after images are taken. Take a swab and very lightly go over the sensor to pick up any dirt. If you are too scared to do this step and think you can potentially damage your sensor, don’t take the risk and just take your camera down to your nearest camera shop.

When cleaning their camera people often forget about the lens mount, but this part should be kept free of dust and sand so the electrical connections between the lens and the camera body work properly.

Step 5: Getting Dust and Sand off the Mirror

For all the DSLR owners here, you must know that there is a mirror mechanism in your camera. Take your lens brush and take any dust collected over the mirror and push it out of the camera. It is imperative for you to be careful here and not brush the dust into the depths of the camera body.

Precautions You Need to Take

There are many things you can do when you are using your camera that will save it from getting all dirty, and we are going to be mentioning some of these things you can do below. Additionally, there are some common mistakes people make while cleaning their camera that we want you to prevent them from making, which is why we will also be mentioning them below.

Keep your Lens Covered When You Are Not Using Your Camera

Always keep your lens cap on when you are not using your camera. This prevents it from getting scratches and keeps its exposure to dust to a minimum. Your device can get scratches even if it’s the best prosumer video camera.

Moreover, when you open your lens from the camera body put a cap on it or else there are high chances that dust particles will travel into the camera.

Be Careful with Your Camera Around Water

Although many companies are coming out with cameras that are water-resistant, still most cameras lack this feature so you must keep your camera away from water. It is very difficult to fix moisture damage at times so be careful with your camera around water.

Tissues or Paper Towels Should Not be Used to Clean Your Camera

Do not use tissues or paper towels to clean your camera, because small bits of tissue might get inside the camera body.

Never Use Solvents with Harsh Chemicals

Using harsh chemicals to clean your camera is not a good idea as some of these solvents can easily damage parts of your camera.

Be delicate with Your Camera Body

Do not exert too much pressure while cleaning your camera or else you might break a component. For the same reason, we highly discourage using canned air, and instead, we have suggested a small bulb blower earlier.


We believe that cleanliness is next to godliness, and when it comes to cameras we stand by this statement! Although the question of how to clean a camera body is very common, people make mistakes quite often which ends up costing them a lot of money. However, after such a detailed explanation of how to clean each part of the camera body, you should be completely fine.

If you are still not at all confident with your cleaning skills you might get the clean-up done by a professional at a camera shop. Read through the instructions clearly, and try to have steady hands while cleaning the camera. We hope you take the best shots with your shiny, and clean camera!

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