GoPro for Vlogging: Tested and Reviewed

GoPro hero 8GoPro is quite of a famous brand, as long as the arena of action cams are considered. Keeping up with the immersing number of YouTubers and vloggers, they’ve come up with a number of top-notch devices lately.

Upon popular demand, we’ve crafted this roundup post containing all GoPro for vlogging. We’ve talked about which YouTubers are up to using each of these devices, and backed the discussion up with a hands-on review by them.

If vlogging next big thing that you’re doing in near future, this article is a must-to-read for you.


GoPro for Vlogging: Everything You need to know

1. GoPro HERO5


GoPro Hero5 is our #1 ranked pick for today’s list. And famous American Youtuber Casey Neistat uses it as one of his vlogging gears.

If you’ve been up to Youtubing and video content making, there is almost no chance that you don’t know who Casey is. He’s from New York and he is the owner of his channel with more than 10M subscribers.


Casey has two kinds of vlogging setups- the on-the-go setup for shooting instantly. And another one is a DSLR setup for planned, indoor segments. And GoPro 5 lies within the second category.

Watch him talking about the GoPro Hero5.

Product Overview

GoPro cameras are roaming around their 5th generation by now. And the most advanced camera of their 5th generation is GoPro Hero5. Over many other advantages, we think that it’s touch-sensitive screen is the biggest thing that users are falling in love with.

Talking about the display, let’s tell you about the display resolution and shooting capacity. This camera is able to provide 4K resolution in videos, and that is the maximum. While shooting on 4K, you have to shoot at 30 fps. If you want to increase the fps score to 80 or 120, the resolution will decrease for obvious reasons.

Hero5 has good a decent level of screen stabilization, which is pretty much important for vlogging. On top of that, it can deduce unnecessary noises such as wind noise, traffic and so on. You can say, it’s a perfect vlogging kit.

To give superior controllability, it can intake voice commands. While you’re shooting action stuff, you don’t have to engage your hands to control the functions each time.

In case you’re interested in photoshoot instead of video, the 12MP, 30fps photo camera will bring a smile on your face.

The only drawback of this camera is, it is quite larger in size comparing to other vlogging-standard cameras that you can see around from GoPro and other brands. However, we’ve listed a few cameras of smaller sizes as well, in case of size matters the most for you.

No wonder why Casey Neistat uses it as his vlogging gear. What do you say?


2. GoPro HERO6


As the 6th generation video gear from GoPro, GoPro Hero6 had been used for vlogging by many YouTubers. Ben Schmanke is one of them, who runs a tech review channel called AuthenTech.

This is one of the fast-growing channels around video-making platform, YouTube. And Ben had been reviewing smart gears, mobile phones, unicycles, monocycles, electric scooters and so on. ANd as we can see in his videos, the video quality is quite awesome.


Here is a video while Ben came up with an unboxing review of GoPro Hero6.

Product Overview

Everything that you can see in GoPro Hero 5, are way more upgraded and improved in our next model- GoPro Hero6. It’s a 6 generation GoPro camera with mobile compatibility, an awesome performance, next level image stabilization, and superb durability. We will break the feature downs below for further consideration of yours-

The image quality is built through the GP1 chip, along with If you want to capture in low light, it can do that for sure. As per the photos were taken are concerned, we have seen them be clear, crisp and distortion free even in low light conditions.

The best part that impressed us about Hero6 is its quick stories compatibility with the mobile phone. It can send the footage right to your phone app and you can transform it into an awesomely edited video, instantly.

The screen size is kept as small as 2 inches only. Which ensures the size of the camera is kept under a carriable limit. The video resolution that it can capture is 4K at max, and the video performance is 2x faster compared to any other cameras about the same price.

To stabilize the video, they’ve used their advanced video stabilization technology. As a result, the videos that this camera shoots will be super smooth and ready to upload at your vlogging platform instantly.

It can connect with an internet network with a 5GHz wifi connection. So file transferring is made simple through it, and the uploading speed is also 3x faster.

GoPro has taken it for granted that you are going to use Hero6 as an action camera where a lot of situations are going to come through. So, the body is made to be waterproof for shooting underwater as well. Also, it’s ruggedly durable and made of super-strong body material.

An awesome package under such a compact sizing, right?


3. GoPro Fusion

GoPro Fusion

GoPro Fusion is basically a specially built action cam for outdoor Sports shoots. Specially, vloggers or video content creators who have to deal with on-the-go action sports a lot may find it suitable.

We’ve seen youtuber Set to use GoPro Fusion as one of his gears. And his channel Seth’s Bike Hacks is all about extreme sports on bikes. You can check out his review on GoPro Fusion.

Product Overview

GoPro Fusion is the next pick on our podium and it’s has got quite a surprising price tag according to its price. But when we explain to you the insights of its features, you can definitely tell why.

In a sense, GoPro had taken a revolutionary attempt to provide maximum features in minimum size. And that’s no less than a dream comes true for any action vlogger. With GoPro Fusion, you can shoot videos up to 5.2K resolution and can take photos of up to 18MP. No matter it’s indoor or outdoor, that’s going to be a jackpot for sure.

Moving on, you can transfer the videos and photos instantly onto your phone, as the camera is compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Now, let’s reveal another super special feature of this camera. And that’s the ability to shoot spherical photos of 360 degrees. You can shoot literally everything around you and turn it into a VR-compatible photo. Later on, you can enjoy these spherical photos along with your friends in VR.

As it’s is a compact size, you definitely want it to take it outdoor along with you. And that’s what GoPro had thought about this model. That’s the reasons they’ve made it capable of withstanding water pressure up to 16 feet or 5 meters. Definitely, you are not going any deeper than that.

And no need to say, it’s protective against dust, fogs, humid and other similar issues as well.

One little issue is that the 18MP photos or high-resolution videos shot with this camera can turn to be really high in size. But they’ve provided an alternative solution to the problem already. You can crop the photos into any frame and that would decrease the size. The cropping tool is provided right with the camera itself.

On an additional point, the camera is of quite a high price-quality ratio. Which brings it out of the low-price range. But if you ask us, we would call it a lifetime investment to purchase this camera. If you’re really passionate about vlogging and action content creations, we bet that you will fall in love with GoPro Fusion.


4. GoPro HERO 7 Black

GoPro HERO7 BlackOnce again, we’ve come to Casey Neistat, talking about GoPro Hero7 Black. Because he is a tech fanatic, we have seen him using a number of gears to use. But while talking about GoPro Hero7 black, he’d quite admired it.

We guess, he used to like this little jackpot as well, right after he reviewed GoPro Hero7 a few months ago. Check our Casey talking about what’s good and what’s not in GoPro 7.

Product Overview

In this list, we’ve talked about the earlier versions of Hero series from GoPro brand. But this one is the next level action cam named GoPro HERO7 Black.

You can receive insanely smooth footage as the smart camera can predict your movements and correct the frame accordingly. As a result, you will see a minimum level of shaking or vibration in the final videos.

The camera is specially made to be an outdoor companion. The reason we’ve said that is, it is capable of shooting till a water depth of 33 feet or 10 meters. Many cameras can provide sustainability up to 5-6 meters, but that’s not what underwater divers want to have. Also, the body material is rugged enough to sustain extreme outdoor conditions as well.

Now, let’s talk about the video and photo quality. The maximum resolution that it can shoot is 4K60, and that’s what the standard is, right? Moving forward, it can shoot photos up to 12MP. Although, there are cameras that can click photos of 18MP, it would take away a lot more bucks.

Talking about the photos, we would like to show you the SuperPhoto feature of this camera. To get the best quality photos automatically, this feature will intelligently apply HDR, local time mapping and noise reduction on the photos. You don’t have to spend quite some time to edit the photos for final uploads.

As a result, the photos will be as beautiful as the moments themselves are.

Voice command controlled cameras are the new cool. On that same note, you can control the camera actions with voice commands like- “GoPro, take a photo”, or “GoPro, start recording”. And it will right be on actions instantly. No need to use hands to control your camera anymore.

Nowadays, shooting live video is another of the trends. To give you a hand with that, it will let you stream live. Also, you can shoot the live video right into your SD card in pretty high resolution.

Also, if you want to shoot highly happening videos, you may think of shooting slow motion videos(Slow-mo). With the ultra-high frame rate of 1080p, even 8x slower video will turn to be super fine. And your audiences are going to love it for sure.

Let’s wrap up the review for now. In case you’re an action vlogger, you can shoot fast, slow and even time to wrap videos with super ease. All you have to do is basic editing before uploading.


5. GoPro HERO7 Silver

GoPro HERO7 SilverAmong all Hero7 versions, Hero7 silver is may be the most underrated one. Although it’s not that high in terms of specs. But we found it quite okay for a low and mid-range budget.

A few youtuber gave it a try to work with GoPro Hero7 silver, and the end result was satisfactory. See how Ben Schmanke had pulled out the differenced between Hero7 Silver and other versions of the model.

Also, we’ve found an unboxing video of Hero7 Silver.

Product Overview

You might have noticed that the last product that we’ve talked about is also GoPro Hero7. But the color was black. At this point, we are about to discuss GoPro HERO7 Silver.

But don’t get confused about- why we’ve allocated a new slot to the same model with different color only? Well, don’t raise your eyebrow yet. Because among GoPro HERO7 Silver and GoPro HERO7 black, there are some more differences apart from the color. And that’s the reason that driven us to allocate a new spot to GoPro HERO7 Silver.

However, let’s dive deep into its features and specs-

As long as it’s about creating 4K videos, nothing can beat the quality GoPro HERO7 Silver gives you. We’ve just gone through a few sample videos on youtube shot by this camera and were overwhelmed with the quality.

The regular features that you expect from a GoPro series, are all there. You can voice control your little camera when your hands are engaged. You can use the touch screen for quick navigation and control. Also, you can get all the location-related features on it, as it has GPS compatibility along with it.

Moving forward, let’s discuss the differences between this GoPro HERO7 Silver and other Hero7 versions-

In Hero7 Silver, you have to deal with a built-in battery which is non-removable. And the battery quality is pretty fine. Comparing to the video quality of this camera, we see no major differences(4K4k30 and 4K60). But when it’s about the photo quality, it’s 10MP with WDR. Where Hero7 Black comes with a photo quality of 12MP(with SuperPhoto).

Everything else like the rugged structure, capacity to sustain water pressure(33 feet), voice control, touch screen, GPS performance, Wifi connection, Bluetooth connection, stabilization- are same as other Hero7 versions.

One tiny drawback is, you can’t shoot live streaming videos and time-lapse shoots with this GoPro HERO7 Silver, which is possible with GoPro HERO7 Black. But that’s also the reason of why the price of Hero7 Black is higher, right?

As a summary line, we would say that, if you are looking for a budget-friendly GoPro for Youtube, we would recommend you to grab this one. It’s super cost-effective, while still serves the purpose of a vlogger.


6. GoPro HERO7 White

GoPro HERO7 WhiteGoPro Hero7 White is just another version of the Hero7 series, and this time, there are some differences in specs as well. It’s made to meet the low-end budget. And if you ask us, we would say that it has done its job quite well.

A YouTuber named Tac Tactical had talked about the camera and broken down its pros and cons. We guess they might have been using the camera for shooting as well. Check out the video for full insight.

Product Overview

It’s not always that you are in need of super high-quality video resolution and have to keep a few spare batteries for that. There are situations when all you need is just a video camera which is easy to mount and carry around.

Keeping that kind of essence in mind, GoPro had brought up GoPro HERO7 White, and that’s the third version of the GoPro Hero7 series.

Before explaining the common features of this camera, let’s talk about what is unique in it. Well, the best part of this camera is it’s the compact size and built-in battery. If you have to capture videos for long hours, you might not expect one with a 4K resolution recorder, which eats up all the battery power within a few hours.

All you need is one 1080p video resolution, a 10MP photo camera, and a built-in battery. And that’s the exact combination that GoPro HERO7 White comes with.

Shooting indoor is what many vlogging and YouTubers are up to. In this regard, this GoPro HERO7 White seems to be a perfect fit. Because the video resolution is a bit lower than the highest you can get from a GoPro camera. As a benefit, the video files will be also smaller in size and easier to transfer even through wifi connections.

Apart from these unique facts, there is all regular feature that a GoPro camera would come with. The list includes super smooth touch screen, rugged and waterproof construction, the vertical shoot capacity, phot timer, easy controllability, and compact size.

In the end, let us note down one drawback that the camera had been complained about a lot. And that’s the stabilization. Where other GoPro models have ultra swift stabilization feature, this one only comes with a regular stabilization feature. So, if you’re intention is to shoot action scenes, we won’t strongly recommend this camera.

However, using it on a trip or selfie stick may help you to cover up the trouble. Also, there are other models from the same inventory that can help you out in this regard. Until then, you can consider it as a low-end vlogging camera for your indoor videos.


7. GoPro Hero Session

GoPro Hero Session

This is the smallest camera in our list, and if you’re looking for a compact size, this is the ultimate one for you. It’s perfect for action shooting, and indoor shooting on a monopod or Gorillapod.

We’ve found a famous YouTuber named Marques Brownlee to use this gear. And in another video, he’d reviewed the product as well. Check out his review on GoPro Hero Session.

Product Overview

At the end of the list, we have got GoPro Hero Session as the smallest version of GoPro cameras for vlogging and video recording. This camera is a certified product which is proven to be good enough in terms of functionality, cleaning, performance, durability and of course the price-quality ratio.

However, we are going to provide a hands-on descriptions on each of ti’s feature below. Stay tuned.

With such a small size, you might take it as a not-so-durable product in outdoor extreme conditions. But the surprise is, it can withstand extreme conditions, and even underwater. Underwater, it can operate safely until a depth of 33 feet or 10 meters. You don’t have to get any extra housing for that.

The best part of this camera is, it’s pretty much small and you can grab it just on your palm. The weight is surprisingly small, just 2.6oz to be exact. You can hold it right on your palm or in the pocket of your backpack.

It’s an everyday go-to video camera for anyone who wants to shoot videos on the street or while playing games. Also, if you want to record indoor interviews or discussion for your YouTube channel, it will be a perfect fit for that as well.

It can shoot videos of up to 1080p of resolution, and the photo camera is as good as 8MP. Although, an 8MP resolution is not the best kind of photographic camera settings, but as long as short term outdoor photo shoot is concerned, we see no trouble with that. In fact, it’s almost surprising to have such a photo camera inside such a tiny size.

However, let’s move forward to the control ability of the camera, and checks how good it does. Well, to control this camera, there is one button to power it up. Afterward, it will start recording. It is as simple as that. Thanks to GoPro.

To connect it with the GoPro app, mobile or computer, it has wifi connectivity. ANd that also lets you transfer the files that you have shot or recorded. The file transfer process is super fast, as they have embedded the latest technology Wifi inside it.

GoPro Hero Session had set a new milestone in compact sized mini vlogging camera production. And definitely, we will look up for what other brands like Sony, Nikon comes with similar models. Until then, we think that GoPro Hero Session certainly deserves to be given a chance.



A List of GoPro Vlogging Accessories

While you are thinking of shooting videos for your social media profile and YouTube, merely a good camera is not enough. You have to get a handful of experience to make the Video shooting experience great. at this section of the continent, we are going to list down most essential GoPro vlogging accessories that you can Mount with the camera.

A protective case

There are a number of environmental threat that can damage the body of your camera when you are out. To help you with this, there are protective cases available for every brand and models. For the brand we are talking about, you can find a protective case for each of the models.

We know that each of the models is meant to be protected against environmental factors, but having a case to house it is always a good idea.

A windscreen

Some of the cameras come with automatic noise reduction against wind and traffic. But if you want to improve the sound quality even better, we would suggest you have a windscreen instead. Although, you cannot find one for every model out there. As an example, we have found only one for the Hero5 black model.

A Monopod

You have heard about a tripod for quite some time. But there is another version of tripods which comes with only one handle, and we call it a monopod.

If you want to hold your camera steadily while shooting with it, a monopod or a selfie stick is what you need the most.

Every selfie stick out there has compatibility with both camera and mobile smartphone. So if you can manage to get one good quality selfie stick, that will help you to shoot you with your smartphone as well. But be careful about the price-quality ratio, because that is where most of us users get stuck.

A Gorillapod

If you are completely new to making video contents, this one may sound quite new to you. A Gorillapod is a compact and smaller version of tripods which is highly adaptable to different kind of surfaces.

No matter whichever model you use from GoPro, a Gorillapod is going to be well fitted with that. When it is time to shoot outdoor, it will give you a helping hand and save you from the hassle of holding the camera by hand.

What most of the beginners are likely to mistake about is the size and the weight of this compact tripod. There are many models available in the market, and you should get going according to the size and weight of your camera. as an example, if you have to get one GoPro session, the size of the Gorillapod would be quite small.

Gopro Vlogging Camera Buying Guide

All GoPro cameras that we have mentioned are great for videos. But there are some factors that matter and varies from each other. Here is a list of buying factors that you need to keep in mind-

Photo and video quality

Of course, the best thing we care about is the quality of the photo and videos that we take through the camera. but, as long as we are talking about making video content, the quality of the photo camera is not important. What important are the quality and the size of the video content.

In terms of video quality, there are models that can shoot up to 5K videos, and there are models who can shoot as low as 1080p or 720 as well. Based on what environment you are shooting, and what kind of detailing you to want, you should determine the camera.

The Size

Outdoor shooters don’t like their shooting gears to be large and bulky in size. But when it comes to cameras, you can see both medium-sized products, and compactly sized product as well.

However, to reduce your pressure of carrying a moderately sized camera, we would recommend you to get a monopod or Gorillapod for carrying these easily.

The Connectivity

While buying a vlogging camera for yourself, we recommend you to buy one with the latest technology Wifi. Because when you will be up to transfer the videos to your mobile or computer, that’s what will matter the most.

Also, good connectivity can be measured in both Wifi and Bluetooth units. The best idea is to get one with both of them enabled.

The Battery Power

While shooting outdoors, you don’t want to run out of battery and miss a beautiful shot. ANd GoPro cameras are quite long lasting in that case.

But there are basically two types of battery powers- the built-in batteries and the remote batteries. IN case of remote battery power, there is a chance of replacing the battery. But in built-in batteries, you don’t have a chance to do that.

So, if you end up with a GoPro camera with a built-in battery inside, make sure the battery power meets your requirements and don’t let you down while shooting.

Summary Line

So, that was all we have to show you guys about bringing out the insider specs of every GoPro for vlogging. Hopefully, you’ve been sorting out all of them and picking up the right one within budget.