Golf Photography Tips for Beginners [step-by-step]

Golf Photography Tips for Beginners Golf may not be quite of a dynamic sport, but as a game, it’s elite and elegant. Besides, it has hundreds of years of glorious past. Maybe that are the reasons why Golf photography had become one of the finest forms of sports photography.

Comparing to other sports, Golf has some pretty unique aspects. You see- the player isn’t moving so fast, and there is nothing but only one player to follow through your lens.

These might make it sound like- golf photography is easier than any other dynamic sports.

But the bitter truth is, you can’t be a golf photographer just after you’re done learning the basics of photography. There are sets of rules on photographing PGA events. Therefore, It needs years of experience and mastered skill set. However, we don’t want you to give up yet. There is always a door open for beginners, and that works for golf photography as well.

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And in this article, we’re going to take you through the very first steps of learning golf photography as a beginner. Give yourself a few moments to read the whole article. We’re sure golf photography will be easier for you than never before-

5 Tips Your Golf Photography

To start with golf photography by all yourself, we’ve noted down the 5 most important and crucial golf photography tips below-

1. Stay Out of The Players Line

Let’s begin with a tip which is not an actual photography trick, but a sports photography 101.

If you can draw a line between you and the golfer and if the hole lies within the line, you are in a wrong position. Stay out of the line as soon as you realize it. Don’t draw the attention of the player onto yourself.

2. Get The Gears Right

Before anything else, let me give you an idea about the required Sports camera settings for golf photography.

When you’re shooting at a golf event, you have to have minimum 2 camera bodies along.

One of them will be of high frame rate per second. a telephoto lens would also do. As of telephoto lenses, you can go for 300mm or 400mm lenses, which are ideal for both zoomed in and wide angle shots.

As the second gear, we recommend having a 70-200mm to shot between focal length shots. This is for the captures which seem to be hard with heavy lenses like telephoto lenses.

In idea cases, we also recommend you to have a third body in order to shot close distant wide-angle golf shots.

3. Capture the Wide Golf Course

There are many golf tournaments which take place in some of the most beautiful golf courses around the world. Take PGA and LPGA as an example.

If you’re in one such tournament, you’re lucky to give a great canvas full of actions.

Use a wide angle lens like 17-40mm to capture the whole perspective. It may include the greens, the golfer himself, the audience, and the surrounding landscape. Set the lens at f/5.6 to get the complete depth of field.

4. Take Close View of The Actions

One of the finest forms of Golf photography is when you zoom in the real action and capture the player’s profile right after the shot.

But golf is kind of a sport where it’s not allowed to distract the player with lens and flashes. A good way is to use a super telephoto lens that works fin from even a distance without distracting the golfer at all.

If you take a 300mm f/2.8L IS lens or a 400mm f/2.8L IS, the super telephoto lends would come quite heavy for you to carry. These lenses use to weigh from 6 to 11 pounds.

In case you use any of these kinds, it’s better to create support with heavy duty monopod.

5. Be A Story Teller

Like every other sport, there are hundreds of moments which are stories themselves. While some of these moments become iconic, you may take the chance to capture these moments and become the storyteller.

When players use to miss a crucial shot or a successful one, that’s the story we’re talking about. Also, golfers talking with fans, signing autographs, volunteers roaming around- everything can be portrait-ed in a beautiful way.

For these kinds of shots, use telephoto lenses like 70-200mm.

Final Thoughts

We know that most photographers may not have the opportunity to cover golf events like LPGA or PGA, as the credentialing requirement is high there. But as long as you master on golf photography tips we’ve mentioned, you’re steps ahead on your journey.

In golf, you can witness high-end athletics and emotions at the same time. Being a part of the moments is certainly done better by none other than a golf photographer.